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Server Info for SkyTopia SkyBlock Survival No Lag Mob-Arena

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SkyTopia SkyBlock Survival No Lag Mob-Arena


About Us This server started in November of 2012. My cousin and I decided to start a SkyBlock Server when the SkyBlock Server we played on was getting run by abusive admins. We already had experience with running servers before as we have already run a Hunger Games Server and also a PvP Server. So we decided to create A SkyBlock Server. Our Goal is to bring the best SkyBlock Survival experience out there. If you ever get bored, We have a Mob Arena and Challenges to keep you playing. We will have the best staff that will deal with stuff like obsidian. So put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride! IP - Commands /Island Create = Lets you start your own Island /Island = Lists ALL the Commands for SkyBlock /Buy = Lists the Small Perks we offer to you! /Rules = Read This and Follow Them Mob Arena We have a Mob Arena. You can play Mob Arena by typing in /Ma Join. Rewards are given to you. The more you last in the Arena, the more rewards you get!

Server Info

Votes: 354
Players: 70/100
Uptime: 93.02%

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