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Rank Server Players Types
BlockRoadPH # 1

# 1 BlockRoadPH 0/0


offline CodexProhibitum:25790

0/0 SurvivalCreativePvP
CubzCraft # 2

# 2 CubzCraft 1/50


online play.cubz.online

1/50 SurvivalVanillaCracked
Ecstatic MC # 3

# 3 Ecstatic MC 0/500

Ecstatic MC

online play.ecstaticmc.xyz

0/500 SurvivalEconomyMCMMOPvPVanillaTowny
GosslyCraft # 4

# 4 GosslyCraft 0/0


offline play.gosslymc.xyz

0/0 SkyblockSurvivalPvPCreativeFactions
MercHub PH # 5

# 5 MercHub PH 0/0

MercHub PH


0/0 EconomyMCMMOPvEPvPSurvival
Xyperserver # 6

# 6 Xyperserver 0/0



0/0 SurvivalEconomySkywarsSkyblockBedwars
ZeeCraft # 7

# 7 ZeeCraft 0/0


offline minecraft.zeegod.com

0/0 FactionsEconomyVanilla
krispaul # 8

# 8 krispaul 0/0


offline Play.krispaulmc.com

0/0 SkywarsBedwarsSurvival

Minecraft Servers | Details

Survival / Creative / PvP

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip CodexProhibitum:25790

Server Details
Survival / Vanilla / Cracked

Cubzcraft is a family-friendly, Stream friendly server. It consists of a Survival server, seasonal battlepass with custom weapons rewards and every Saturday Gmt+8 we hold community events.

Join our discord channel for more info: https://discord.gg/cubzph
Forum: https://mc.cubz.online
Site: https://cubz.online

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.cubz.online

Server Details
Ecstatic MC
Survival / Economy / MCMMO / PvP / Vanilla / Towny

Ecstatic MC is the perfect Minecraft survival server, offered by the CraftPlay Network since 2018.

The server provides the players with a unique and engaging game mode, including many interesting plugins and features such as Custom Enchantments, Playtime based ranking system, RPG Quests and titles, auction houses, and much more.

Ecstatic has a friendly, active and diverse player-base, and to ensure optimal playing experience, we have a capable team of staff, and the developers work diligently to make sure that the experience is lag-free, take regular feedback from the player-base and take their suggestions into consideration.

The server focuses on providing the players with the best possible Minecraft survival experience, and also allows players to join using Cracked MC Clients.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.ecstaticmc.xyz

Server Details
Skyblock / Survival / PvP / Creative / Factions

[NEW] GosslyMC | Multi Game-mode Server

Here at GosslyMC there are countless of things you can do!

There are many things you can do here in our server! Such as:

Chat Events | Daily Voting | Free Rewards | Skyblock | Sruvival | Claim Daily Rewards | AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Come join our friendly community! Lets Play Together

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.gosslymc.xyz

Server Details
MercHub PH
Economy / MCMMO / PvE / PvP / Survival

Welcome to MercHub, a 1.16.1 Philippine server that all different languages are welcome, made by our Owner KledHyper and Kaeskie26, a developing survival server which has different kind of events, from bosses to cool customized items, we have daily crate and dont forget, staffs are always on your side, server is always on 24/7 online no matter what, join the server and you will have a great adventure with us! Always read the rules for safety regulations.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip

Server Details
Survival / Economy / Skywars / Skyblock / Bedwars

We are looking for a Server who will be responsible for taking orders from and serving food to customers. Duties will mostly include taking food and drink orders and writing them down on order slips, and ensuring that tables are served properly and that all payments are collected.

To succeed in this role, you will need to have a positive attitude and ability work well under pressure with bussers, cooks and other staff. Previous work experience involving customer service in a fast-paced environment is greatly desired.

Server Responsibilities:
Take food and drink orders from customers accurately and with a positive attitude.
Write patrons' food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.
Engage with customers in a friendly manner.
Knowledge of the menu, with the ability to make suggestions.
Ensure tables are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.
Collect payments from tables.
Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes.
Help food preparation staff when necessary.
Server Requirements:
Experience providing excellent customer service in a fast-paced environment.
A positive attitude and ability work well under pressure with bussers, cooks and other staff.
Able to perform high-quality work while unsupervised.
Able to handle money accurately and operate a point-of-sale system.
High school diploma.
Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment and deliver orders in a timely ma

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip

Server Details
Factions / Economy / Vanilla

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip minecraft.zeegod.com

Server Details
Skywars / Bedwars / Survival

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Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Play.krispaulmc.com

Server Details