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Minecraft Factions Servers

Minecraft Factions is a gamemode designed based around Player versus Player (PVP). The goal is to create a base, and work to become the top faction on the server by gaining the largest amount of wealth. Sometimes servers reward the winner with a cash prize.

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Rank Server Players Types

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Rank Server Players Types
StrongCraft # 1

# 1 StrongCraft 3/1000


online play.strongcraft.org

Survival with GriefPrevention and McMMO, SkyBlock with IS TOP, Factions McMMO, raiding, FTOP, Generators and more, Creative huge plots and more - 24/7, LAG-FREE! There is no better server to join. Experience the adventure when you join today at play.strongcraft.org!

3/1000 CreativePrisonSkyblockSurvivalFactionsRoleplayNetwork
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Factions # 2

# 2 Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Factions 91/200

Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Factions

online mc.advancius.net

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network! Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

91/200 PremiumMini GamesFactionsSurvivalSkyblockPrisonParkourKitPvP
ExtremeCraft # 3

# 3 ExtremeCraft 249/5000


online play.extremecraft.net

Servers: Acidisland, Anarchy, Bedwars, Creative, Eggwars, Factions, Hideandseek, Lobby, Opfactions, Opskyblock, Opsurvival, Prison, Pvp, Rpg, Skyblock, Skygrid, Skywars, Survival, Survivalgames! Join ExtremeCraft.net for new and classic entertaining game modes!

249/5000 Mini GamesPrisonSkyblockSurvivalFactionsRoleplaySkywars
KikkerCraft # 4

# 4 KikkerCraft 65/100


online play.kikkercraft.nl

KikkerCraft is een Nederlandse en Belgische Minecraft server met een fantastische spawn en heel erg veel aardige spelers die samen met jou dag en nacht willen bouwen aan de vetste bouwwerken die je maar kan bedenken. KikkerCraft beschikt over een grote survival wereld met Factions (= beschermde gebi

65/100 CreativeFactionsMini GamesSkyblockSurvival
BattleWar Minecraft Factions server # 5

# 5 BattleWar Minecraft Factions server 0/1337

BattleWar Minecraft Factions server

online play.battlewar.net

BattleWar is a Trending Minecraft network that has been established in 2021. Our main focus is MMO RPG Factions, but we are working on expanding to include Prison, Towny, Skyblock, Kitpvp, and Much More. Join our community today to prove your role on the server!

0/1337 PremiumMCMMOFactionsPvPRoleplayRaidingSquid GameAdventure
Silly smp {towerdefense}  {bedrock disc} # 6

# 6 Silly smp {towerdefense} {bedrock disc} 0/26

Silly smp {towerdefense}  {bedrock disc}

online sillysmp.apexmc.co

This is an SMP but with a lot of features to get your team up and fighting! Also, people in the server are non-toxic besides in war. You can create land and fight other lands after you go in war you get a shield-like clash of clans that make it so you do not get in wars after a war.

0/26 PremiumSMPEconomyMini GamesRaidingMCMMOFactionsKitPvP
Minecraft B-Zone # 7

# 7 Minecraft B-Zone 17/500

Minecraft B-Zone

online mc.b-zone.ro

Serverul de Survival are diverse sisteme care iti va face jocul mult mai placut si neplictisitor, spre exemplu: 3 tipuri de pacanele, un meniu cu abilitati speciale care iti vor usura jocul, joburi unice pentru care trebuie sa te deplasezi si sa faci chiar si misiuni ca sa iti castigi banutii, te poti casatorii cu prietenul/prietena ta ca sa beneficiezi de o casa in plus si sa va puteti da teleport unul la altul fara probleme

17/500 SurvivalCreativeSkyblockFactionsMini Games
Terranova Craft Factions server # 8

# 8 Terranova Craft Factions server 4/1000

Terranova Craft Factions server

online play.terranovacraft.net

Starting out as a small duo making Minecraft servers for fun, TerranovaCraft over time has developed into an amazing big bungee network, featuring original games such as Factions, Survival, Skyblock, and many. many more! Right now we even feature the insanely popular squid games game which can be pl

4/1000 PremiumDiscordNetworkSurvivalSkyblockMini GamesFactions
VividMC # 9

# 9 VividMC 8/200


online Play.VividMC.Net

Welcome to VividMC, One of Australias best Minecraft servers! If you're looking for a wild survival experience. come join us now at play.vividmc.net! We can't wait to meet you! We currently support versions 1.8 - 1.18 but we recommend you use 1.18 for our survival server.

8/200 PremiumSurvivalEconomyPvESpigotNetworkAnarchyFactions
Utopiverse Network # 10

# 10 Utopiverse Network 68/500

Utopiverse Network

online play.utopiverse.net

68/500 FactionsSurvivalMCMMOParkourMini Games
Lifesteal SMP+ Factions # 11

# 11 Lifesteal SMP+ Factions 19/36

Lifesteal SMP+ Factions


19/36 PremiumSurvivalPvPFactionsPvEVanillaModdedSMP
AbstractPvP # 12

# 12 AbstractPvP 20/500


online Play.AbstractPvP.net

AbstractPvP is a classic factions server with great experience and memory's, the server is slowly getting larger and has big plans in the future for its self to expand into other game modes with high quality. The server has many features like a custom timber axe to gain money for factions top with a custom shop design and a levelup system.

20/500 FactionsVanillaEconomy
OrbitPvP # 13

# 13 OrbitPvP 1/2021


online play.orbitpvp.org

We Currently are an OG Factions server. we plan on expanding to skyblock aswell in the near future. Current features: - custom plugins - f top prize - Voting rewards - Custom Ranks - Crate KeysWe Currently are an OG Factions server. we plan on expanding to skyblock aswell in the near future. Current features: - custom plugins - f top prize - Voting rewards - Custom Ranks - Crate Keys

1/2021 SkyblockFactionsPvP
ArkaniaZ Minecraft Factions server # 14
1/50 PvPModdedCrackedFactions
StellarMC # 15

# 15 StellarMC 0/500


offline play.stellarmcnow.com

0/500 FactionsSkyblockSurvivalVanilla
Rijks & Co # 16

# 16 Rijks & Co 2/1200

Rijks & Co

online mc.rijksnco.net

2/1200 FactionsSkyblockNetwork
EBITDA Network Factions server # 17

# 17 EBITDA Network Factions server 10/100

EBITDA Network Factions server


➤ IP: ➤ Discord: https://discord.gg/RtjfzQpD ➤ Website/Store: LINKHERE ➤ABOUT: Starting out as a small server for fun, EBITDA over time has developed into an amazing Factions server! DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONDESCR

10/100 FactionsPvPRaiding
PrimeCraft # 18

# 18 PrimeCraft 8/80


online play.primecraft.us

Welcome to PrimeCraft, a Java 1.18 Factions PvP Server with 40+ plugins, 50+ NPC Vendors, massive multi-biome PvP arena, creative plot world, and tournaments with IRL prizes like Steam games, gift cards, free ranks, store codes, and so much more!

8/80 FactionsPvPMCMMOEconomyPvE
LifeStealMC | The #1 LifeSteal SMP # 19
110/250 FactionsMCMMOPvPVanillaSMPBedrock
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.18 Factions # 20

# 20 TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.18 Factions 27/1

TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.18 Factions

online play.thenrk.net

27/1 CreativeFactionsMini GamesSkyblockTowny
Bananarine # 21

# 21 Bananarine 0/300


online mc.bananarine.net

0/300 FactionsMini GamesSurvivalDiscordNetwork
Paradox Isle - Network # 22

# 22 Paradox Isle - Network 0/250

Paradox Isle - Network

online mc.paradoxisle.com

0/250 SurvivalMini GamesCreativeFactionsPrison
Complex Gaming Minecraft Factions server # 23
1438/3000 PokemonPixelmonCreativeFactionsPrisonSkyblockSurvival
Vanilla Edge # 24

# 24 Vanilla Edge 11/420

Vanilla Edge

offline vanillaedge.cf

11/420 VanillaSurvivalAnarchyFactionsCreative
realmikeminecraft # 25

# 25 realmikeminecraft 1/1000


offline realmikeminecraft.ddns.net

1/1000 DiscordCreativeEconomyFactionsSkyblock

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