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Minecraft Pixelmon Servers

Minecraft Pixelmon is a game mode that completely recreates Nintendo’s Pokemon. In this gamemode, you travel around a world collecting pokemon. The main difference, is Minecraft allows you the opportunity to play alongside your friends, which adds to the Pokemon experience. We love to see games that allow people to play together, like Pokemon GO!

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Rank Server Players Types
PokeClash - Pixelmon # 1

# 1 PokeClash - Pixelmon 17/100

online play.pokeclash.com

Join us today for an awesome, unique Pixelmon experience! Custom Form Pixelmon! Professionally created Custom Skins! Custom Rankup system with Prestige! Gifts menu to store and customize your Pixelmon! Diverse Casino with INSANE Rewards! Raid Bosses with CRAZY Drops. Mini Games - Spleef.

17/100 PixelmonSurvivalMCMMOEconomyPokemon
PixelAdventureCraft Network Pixelmon # 2

# 2 PixelAdventureCraft Network Pixelmon 4/150

online Play.PAC-Network.com

Pixel Adventure Craft is an all new server that wants to offer you the most fun pixelmon experience you could ask for. After a couple re vamps we have finally perfected what the strived for and we are glad to welcome you here with open arms. What's keeping you? Join Now ! and start your Adventure on PixelAdventureCraft trainer !

4/150 PremiumPixelmonMini GamesNetworkPokemonAdventureModdedSquid Game
Oasis Network # 3

# 3 Oasis Network 22/1000

online play.mc-oasis.com

Welcome to Oasis Network, The world's most unique gaming experience. We offer Pixelmon, Demon Slayer (Quest/RPG/SMP), and SpaceBlock (SkyBlock)! Pixelmon has: - Raids - High Legendary Spawn - Custom Rewards - Crates. Spaceblock is a soon-to-be custom SkyBlock server with space ships, laser pistols,

22/1000 PixelmonSMPEconomyPvESkyblockPokemon
APOC Gaming Modpack Network # 4

# 4 APOC Gaming Modpack Network 35/150


35/150 FTBPixelmonTekkitModdedSky Factory
MC Adventures Minecraft Pixelmon server # 5

# 5 MC Adventures Minecraft Pixelmon server 0/1000

online play.mc-adventures.com

0/1000 SurvivalMini GamesSkyblockPixelmonMCMMO
PokeX # 6

# 6 PokeX 1/1000

online play.pokexmc.xyz

A Pixelmon Reforged SMP server, Legend or Shiny Pokemon are not obtainable through wonder trade or our Donation store to keep every Pokemon legit. Wonder Trade. PokeX is a Pixelmon Reforged server that aims to create a experience similar to single player.

1/1000 PixelmonSurvivalPokemon
Complex Gaming # 7

# 7 Complex Gaming 1346/3000

online hub.mc-complex.com

1346/3000 PokemonPixelmonCreativeFactionsPrisonSkyblockSurvival
SmashMC Pixelmon server # 8

# 8 SmashMC Pixelmon server 160/1000

online play.smashmc.co

160/1000 PixelmonEconomySurvivalVanillaPokemon
DestinyMC # 9

# 9 DestinyMC 18/1000

online play.thedestinymc.com

18/1000 PrisonSurvivalSkyblockPixelmonPokemonTownyEconomy
Poke Meadows # 10

# 10 Poke Meadows 26/100

Poke Meadows

online play.pokemeadows.com

❖ POKE MEADOWS ❖ #1 PIXELMON EXPERIENCE ❖|!! JUST RESET !! | FREE RANKS | CUSTOM POKEMON |TOURNAMENTS | DUNGEONS ❖ Server IP: play.pokemeadows.com Discord: https://discord.gg/pokemeadows Technic Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/poke-meadows-pixelmon.1207659

26/100 PokemonPixelmonSurvivalRoleplayAdventureModded
PokeLand Pixelmon # 11

# 11 PokeLand Pixelmon 84/85

online mc.pokeland.world

84/85 PixelmonSurvivalPokemon
ARAGO # 12

# 12 ARAGO 13/100

online srv2.arago.games

We are glad to see you at the ARAGO project, which consists of eight servers: MagicTech, DraconicTech, MagicRPG, GregTech, SkyBlock, HiTech, Minigames, Pixelmon. Here everyone will find their own world for survival, their own element. After logging in just once and starting to survive on one of the servers– it won't be long before you want to look for something new, because all the mods, and there are more than 100 of them, are the latest build. The creators of "ARAGO" are adult, responsive, fair guys who will not only help you, but also play with you together, complement the worlds with quests and events… Link to the launcher: https://arago.games/download Server in Discord: https://discord.gg/bf7Ma4P We wish you a successful game and a good mood!

13/100 ModdedFTBSkyblockPixelmonAdventure
Anarmon # 13

# 13 Anarmon 0/100

offline anarmon.com

0/100 PixelmonVanillaDiscord
AusPixelmon Minecraft Pixelmon server # 14

# 14 AusPixelmon Minecraft Pixelmon server 0/150

online play.auspixelmon.net

We're an Australian Hosted server committed to giving the players the best experience in pixelmon. We have regular events with a dedicated events team that most players get around. We have a custom adventure map created by players in our build-team for the players to enjoy. If that's not enough we deliver on our promise to ensure that players come before money on the server and will do anything to make the server's experience better for everyone. So why are you still here? Go join the server!

0/150 PixelmonPvEPokemonModdedAdventure
CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1] # 15

# 15 CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1] 77/250

online topmc.craftyourtown.com

77/250 TownySurvivalAdventureSMPSkyblockPixelmonPokemon
DDS Gaming # 16

# 16 DDS Gaming 0/0

offline dds.nodecraft.gg

0/0 PixelmonPokemonSurvivalMCMMOBedwars
HexicPrison Pixelmon server # 17

# 17 HexicPrison Pixelmon server 10/500

online HexicPrison.net

10/500 PrisonParkourPokemonPixelmonSkyblockFactionsEconomy
JujuCraft # 18

# 18 JujuCraft 24/150

online mc.jujucraft.net

24/150 FactionsEconomyMCMMOPixelmonSurvivalPokemonParkour
NINEHASSD2245 # 19

# 19 NINEHASSD2245 0/0


offline play.lanvinger776.net


0/0 EconomyKitPvPMini GamesPixelmonFTBHardcore
Nowhere Pixelmon # 20

# 20 Nowhere Pixelmon 0/0

Nowhere Pixelmon

offline Nowhere.Net

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0/0 PixelmonSurvivalPokemonSpigotModdedSMPCracked
Phantom Pixelmon # 21

# 21 Phantom Pixelmon 0/0

offline mc.phantom-pixel.com

0/0 PixelmonSurvivalPokemonCreativeKitPvP
PixelSquad # 22

# 22 PixelSquad 0/100

offline pixelsquad.fun

0/100 PixelmonDiscordPokemon
Pixelmon Reforged Server Minecraft Pixelmon server # 23
1348/3000 PixelmonMCMMOSurvivalTownyPokemon
PixelmonSMP # 24

# 24 PixelmonSMP 0/0

offline PixelmonSMP.net

0/0 PixelmonPokemonAdventureSurvivalEconomy
PokeAegis # 25

# 25 PokeAegis 0/0

offline mc.pokeaegis.com

0/0 MCMMOPixelmonPvPSurvivalAdventure

What is a Minecraft Pixelmon Server?

Pixelmon servers are all about the combined Minecraft and Pokemon vibe! If you’re a real Pokemon fan you’re going to love Pixelmon servers. Buy, upgrade, collect, feed, and train your Pokemon to become the best Pokemon master on the server.

How to play Minecraft Pixelmon Servers?

Search between lots of Minecraft Pixelmon Servers to find the most popular servers on this Minecraft Server List. When you find the Pixelmon Server you want to try, copy the IP Address to your Minecraft Client and begin your journey.

Choose from the Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers

The community feeling on some Pixelmon servers is awesome, you can play for hours on amazing open world servers and explore endless worlds with or without your friends.

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