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Anarchy Creative Economy Factions FTB Hardcore KitPvP MCMMO Mini Games Parkour Pixelmon Prison PvE PvP Roleplay Skyblock Skywars Survival Towny Vanilla Raiding Network Bedwars Survival Games Pokemon Spigot Drug Adventure Discord Modded Sky Factory Among Us SMP Cracked Bedrock Squid Game One Block 1.7 1.8 1.12 1.15 1.16 1.16.5 1.17 1.17.1 1.18 Indonesia United Kingdom United States

Minecraft PvP Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!)

Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!) 5/50

Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!)

online DezeGames.net

Welcome to DezeGames The important thing is our server is currently in beta, we will do a lot because we have good devs with years of experience Preface We are a nice new skyblock server and we are happy about every user. SkyBlock Skyblock is a very popular game mode that is about survival

5/50 SkyblockPvPPvESurvivalEconomyDiscordSky Factory

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Rank Server Players Types
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 # 1

# 1 Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 91/200

Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟

online mc.advancius.net

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network! Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

91/200 PremiumMini GamesFactionsSurvivalSkyblockPrisonParkourKitPvP
Toxigon Op Anarchy PvP # 2

# 2 Toxigon Op Anarchy PvP 53/1500

Toxigon Op Anarchy PvP

online play.toxigon.com

Toxigon is an OG server featuring semi-vanilla anarchy, no rules, everything goes, illegal items and more. Rules are non existent! Join today for the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy conquering our world today. We cannot wait to see you online at play.toxigon.com

53/1500 AnarchyEconomySurvivalPvPCracked
BattleWar # 3

# 3 BattleWar 0/1337


online play.battlewar.net

BattleWar is a Trending Minecraft network that has been established in 2021. Our main focus is MMO RPG Factions, but we are working on expanding to include Prison, Towny, Skyblock, Kitpvp, and Much More. Join our community today to prove your role on the server!

0/1337 PremiumMCMMOFactionsPvPRoleplayRaidingSquid GameAdventure
Silly smp {towerdefense}  {bedrock disc} # 4

# 4 Silly smp {towerdefense} {bedrock disc} 0/26

Silly smp {towerdefense}  {bedrock disc}

online sillysmp.apexmc.co

This is an SMP but with a lot of features to get your team up and fighting! Also, people in the server are non-toxic besides in war. You can create land and fight other lands after you go in war you get a shield-like clash of clans that make it so you do not get in wars after a war.

0/26 PremiumSMPEconomyMini GamesRaidingMCMMOFactionsKitPvP
SGCraft Minecraft PvP server # 5

# 5 SGCraft Minecraft PvP server 11/420

SGCraft Minecraft PvP server

online play.sgcraft.net

Fancy a nice community for lots of exicting game modes? SGCraft is the place to be. Features of the server: Custom Monsters/Weapons/Dungeons Survival Skyblock with Minions Vanilla Survival Factions on Earth Map PGM UHC Bedwars KitPVP Prison Creative

11/420 SurvivalSkyblockVanillaKitPvPCreative
Lure Network # 6

# 6 Lure Network 4/69

Lure Network

online lurenetwork.com

Lure Network! JUST RELEASED SEASON 10! Lure Network is a new OP prison server with a lot of features, with one of the best ones being the ability to join using any version between 1.8-1.16! Go trough all the mines, rankup and prestige, max out your pickaxe, compete to be number 1!

4/69 PrisonEconomyKitPvPParkourMini GamesDiscord
DipCraft # 7

# 7 DipCraft 0/300


online play.DipCraft.ro

Join and play chill in our community. Enjoy a relaxing custom survival with custom enchants and a unique fishing experience. Play some slots or coinflip games for fun from time to time, enjoy a drink at our in-game Bar! We cannot wait to see you, Play today at play.dipcraft.ro

0/300 SurvivalKitPvPSkyblockEconomyCracked
Senshicraft [Survival OP] PvP server # 8
5/100 EconomyPvEPvPVanillaDiscord
Shocky NETWORK # 9

# 9 Shocky NETWORK 0/1



Shocky NETWORK is (of course) a network of servers. We have survival and Skyblock will be coming to our server soon. We hope you guys can enjoy the server! There is so much to do, and we are growing every single day to bring you the best content directly to you.

0/1 PremiumPvPSurvivalSkyblock
Lifesteal SMP+ # 10

# 10 Lifesteal SMP+ 19/36

Lifesteal SMP+


19/36 PremiumSurvivalPvPFactionsPvEVanillaModdedSMP
WickedPrison PvP # 11

# 11 WickedPrison PvP 5/200

WickedPrison PvP

online play.wickedprison.org


5/200 PvEPrisonPvPSquid Game
Kingscraft Network # 12

# 12 Kingscraft Network 8/2021

Kingscraft Network

online mc.kingscraft.co.uk

8/2021 SurvivalCreativeDiscordEconomyPvPMini Games
heroboss survival # 13

# 13 heroboss survival 0/50

heroboss survival

online play.herobossnet.ga

WELCOME TO HEROBOSS SURVIVAL We have procosmetics , shopkeeper , custom currency , ranks and much more. MC Version : 1.18.1 » Player Wraps » Chest shop » Custom Spawners » Custom enhancements » Custom Armors » Custom Heads » Custom Drops » Custom Crafting » Custom Scripts » Custom Ranks » Custom Cosmetics » Custom PvE » Custom Quests » Custom Ticket System » Custom Crates » Custom Party » Custom Skills » Custom Sleeping » Custom Auctions » Balanced Economy » Custom Server Shop » Custom world generator » Custom chunks loader to boost your FPS » Custom Authentication » BUG FREE

0/50 PremiumSurvivalSurvival GamesCrackedPvPPvEEconomySpigot
ClashMC Survival MMO Minecraft PvP server # 14

# 14 ClashMC Survival MMO Minecraft PvP server 3/100

ClashMC Survival MMO Minecraft PvP server

online clash-mc.com

ClashMC Survival MMO is a Minecraft server that offers the following features and so much more: ★ Jobs ★ Skills ★ MythicMobs ★ Trades ★ Upgrades ★ Awesome Enchants ★ Rewards ★ Player Levels ★ Skills ★ Traveling Merchant ★ Enhanced Mobs All of this rolled into one! All plugins are integrated with ea

3/100 PvPSurvivalEconomyRaidingSpigotDiscord
SurvivalServer # 15

# 15 SurvivalServer 1/100


online play.survivalserver.org

SurvivalServer is a community driven server with a wide variety of features for members to enjoy and grind out! Accessible on version 1.18.1 we offer something for all players whether that be pvp, building or just wanting to meet new people and chill out on the server.

1/100 PremiumSurvivalSMPMCMMOEconomyPvPSpigotAdventure
IllusiveMC Survival # 16

# 16 IllusiveMC Survival 12/35

IllusiveMC Survival

online IllusiveMC.com

IllusiveMC is a Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival Server. Our Server has features like MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more. We are a community server, meaning that we take our member's feedback to help improve the Server.

12/35 PremiumSurvivalSMPMCMMOEconomyVanillaDiscordPvP
ObiCraft Survival  PvP server # 17

# 17 ObiCraft Survival PvP server 7/200

ObiCraft Survival  PvP server

online MC.playobicraft.com

7/200 EconomyPvPVanillaTownySurvival
Dragon Shield 1.18.1 # 18

# 18 Dragon Shield 1.18.1 1/1337

Dragon Shield 1.18.1

online mcdragonshield.com

Welcome to the Dragon Shield, a Minecraft 1.18 server. We offer a premium Survival experience like no other out there. We have Custom Mobs, McMMO, Quests, Boss Fights, Free ranks, Crates, Custom Enchants, and the friendliest community out there. There's no griefing and the community is very welcoming, so why don't you join and spend your time right; spend it on the Dragon Shield Server!

1/1337 PremiumDiscordPvPPvERoleplayMCMMOSurvival
Omniverse Network # 19

# 19 Omniverse Network 14/15

Omniverse Network

online play.omni-verse.us

14/15 PremiumSkyblockPvPPvEMini GamesEconomyMCMMOKitPvP
NamaiCraft Vanilla Plus PvP # 20

# 20 NamaiCraft Vanilla Plus PvP 1/20

NamaiCraft Vanilla Plus PvP

online play.namaicraft.com

1/20 EconomyPvEPvPRoleplaySurvivalVanillaAdventure
OsmosisMC # 21

# 21 OsmosisMC 2/2021


online osmosismc.net

2/2021 SurvivalSMPVanillaPvEPvPMCMMOEconomy
AmbrosialCraft # 22

# 22 AmbrosialCraft 0/2000


online Play.AmbrosialCraft.net

0/2000 EconomyParkourPvPPrisonSMP
KNIGHTWORLD Minecraft PvP server # 23

# 23 KNIGHTWORLD Minecraft PvP server 2/150

KNIGHTWORLD Minecraft PvP server

online play.knightworld.fr

2/150 EconomySurvivalDiscordPvPVanilla
ManifestMC # 24

# 24 ManifestMC 19/1000


online play.manifestmc.net

19/1000 PrisonPvEPvPSkyblock
Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!) # 25

# 25 Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!) 5/50

Deze Games (monthly 50$ payouts!!)

online DezeGames.net

Welcome to DezeGames The important thing is our server is currently in beta, we will do a lot because we have good devs with years of experience Preface We are a nice new skyblock server and we are happy about every user. SkyBlock Skyblock is a very popular game mode that is about survival

5/50 SkyblockPvPPvESurvivalEconomyDiscordSky Factory

What is a Minecraft PvP Server?

PvP Servers are probably the most traditional form of fighting in games. On PvP servers you fight against other players or teams to gain wealth, statistics or have a fun time killing others.

How to play Minecraft PvP Servers?

Search between lots of Minecraft PvP Servers to find the most popular servers on this Minecraft Server List. When you find the PvP Server you want to try, copy the IP Address to your Minecraft Client and begin your journey.

Choose from the Best Minecraft PvP Servers

The PvP category is also a collective category used by factions, survival games, minigame servers and more. You might not be surprised with this but the most PvP servers are available on 1.8. No one really bothers to play PvP on 1.16.

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