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Anarchy Creative Economy Factions FTB Hardcore KitPvP MCMMO Mini Games Parkour Pixelmon Prison PvE PvP Roleplay Skyblock Skywars Survival Towny Vanilla Raiding Network Bedwars Survival Games Pokemon Spigot Drug Adventure Discord Modded Sky Factory Among Us SMP Cracked Bedrock Squid Game One Block 1.7 1.8 1.12 1.15 1.16 1.16.5 1.17 1.17.1 1.18 1.18.2 1.19 Indonesia United Kingdom United States SMC

Minecraft Skyblock Servers

What is a Minecraft Skyblock Server? Minecraft Skyblock was a gamemode designed by NoobCrew, which quickly became the most popular. Players spawn in on an island and build up the world they live in. Starting with only the basic necessities, such as water, lava, and a tree for supplies, you manage to build up your world from the bare minimum making your own food, and shelter to survive.

Learn more about how to play with Minecraft Skyblock Server Tutorials at LevelSkips Blog!

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Rank Server Players Types
ExtremeCraft # 1

# 1 ExtremeCraft 67/5000

online play.extremecraft.net

Servers: Acidisland, Anarchy, Bedwars, Creative, Eggwars, Factions, Hideandseek, Lobby, Opfactions, Opskyblock, Opsurvival, Prison, Pvp, Rpg, Skyblock, Skygrid, Skywars, Survival, Survivalgames! Join ExtremeCraft.net for new and classic entertaining game modes!

67/5000 Mini GamesPrisonSkyblockSurvivalSkywars
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Skyblock # 2

# 2 Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Skyblock 106/300

offline mc.advancius.net

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network! Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

106/300 PremiumFactionsSkyblockPrisonSMPRaidingAdventureBedrock
Oasis Network # 3

# 3 Oasis Network 19/1000

online play.mc-oasis.com

Welcome to Oasis Network, The world's most unique gaming experience. We offer Pixelmon, Demon Slayer (Quest/RPG/SMP), and SpaceBlock (SkyBlock)! Pixelmon has: - Raids - High Legendary Spawn - Custom Rewards - Crates. Spaceblock is a soon-to-be custom SkyBlock server with space ships, laser pistols,

19/1000 PixelmonSMPEconomyPvESkyblockPokemon
OreoMc # 4

# 4 OreoMc 21/500

online play.oreo.gg

🍪OreoMC🍪 is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience someth

21/500 SurvivalSMPVanillaSkyblockSquid GameBedrock
Skylyfe Minecraft Skyblock server # 5

# 5 Skylyfe Minecraft Skyblock server 3/1000

online play.skylyfe.net

Fun unique Skyblock server. We have a ton of plugins including custom ones. We aim not to profit but to give all our players the most out of their time by offering a server based on the community and with high quality. Like other Skyblock servers, our staff team isnt rigged but fair, and we have put

3/1000 PremiumSkyblockEconomyMCMMOPvEDiscord
StrongCraft # 6

# 6 StrongCraft 10/1000

online play.strongcraft.org

Survival with GriefPrevention and McMMO, SkyBlock with IS TOP, Factions McMMO, raiding, FTOP, Generators and more, Creative huge plots and more - 24/7, LAG-FREE! There is no better server to join. Experience the adventure when you join today at play.strongcraft.org!

10/1000 CreativePrisonSkyblockSurvivalFactionsRoleplayNetwork
Free Rank | VagueMC | PayPal Payouts # 7

# 7 Free Rank | VagueMC | PayPal Payouts 0/2000

offline play.vaguemc.net

We offer Competitive Factions, Cannoning test server, Competitive Prisons, Competitive SkyBlock, The Pit, Creative Plots, and Survival Factions, Prisons and SkyBlock all are competitive with PayPal rewards! 1.8.X - 1.18.X Support for Both Java and Bedrock Edition

0/2000 PremiumFactionsPrisonSkyblockBedrockSurvivalNetwork
Void Realms Skyblock server # 8

# 8 Void Realms Skyblock server 32/200

online play.voidrealms.net

Slimefun, Pyro Fishing, Tinkers Construct, Pyro Mining, Custom Mobs, Safari Nets Player Shops, McMMO, Jobs, Custom Mobs, Custom Worlds, Quests, Player Ranks, Liquid Tanks, Machines, Kingdoms, PVP, PVE, Custom Chests, and constant updates coming soon!

32/200 CreativePrisonSkyblockSurvivalTownyNetworkPvE
VoidMines # 9

# 9 VoidMines 2/1000


online voidmines.com

- 29 New OP Enchants - 3 Currencies (Money, Tokens, Gems) - Mine Bombs - Dust Bank / Tinker - Scrolls (Enchants) - Socket Gems (Used to Modify Pickaxe) - Autominer - Vouchers (XP Boosters, Autominer Token Multipliers, Autominer Key Multiplier, Sell Multiplier, Auto Sell Time) - Keyvaults - 27 (A - ✧) Mines, 9 (Prestige) Mines, 7 (Ranked) Mines - Treasure Hunts (Server wide treasure hunt mining events) [OP!] - And a whole lot more! IP - voidmines.com Store - store.voidmines.com Discord - https://discord.gg/voidmines

2/1000 PrisonSkyblockPvP
Dolmist Skyblocks # 10

# 10 Dolmist Skyblocks 1/190


Come check out one of the newest RPG Skyblock servers around! We are here to make friends and have all kinds of fun together. Custom resources galore with custom recipes! PVE is primary factor of the server where we can all work together to have fun and enjoy ourselves having a good time. Small server with big goals!

1/190 PremiumMCMMOPvESkyblockDiscordEconomySurvivalSMP
TeaMC *Click for FREE VIP* Skyblock # 11

# 11 TeaMC *Click for FREE VIP* Skyblock 13/250

online play.tea-mc.com

TeaMC is Minecraft's #1 Cracked Network featuring original and custom developed servers. We currently offer Skyblock, OP-Factions KitPVP & Survival. Ran by individuals with many years of development experience, You'll not find a better Minecraft experience than TeaMC!

13/250 NetworkSkyblockSurvivalKitPvPFactionsEconomyMini Games
ExodusMC # 12

# 12 ExodusMC 5/500

online ExodusMC.org

ExodusMC is a competitive yet casual Skyblock Server. We are reborning the Skyblock community and offering a unique experience once again. With an amazing community come join us on your next adventure. We offer minions, custom enchants, custom mob drops and much more!

5/500 SkyblockPvPEconomyMCMMOSpigot
ClubMC # 13

# 13 ClubMC 0/1

online clubmc.org

Welcome to ClubMC, we provide your Skyblock experience. We provide custom mobs & custom skills. Build your island and dominate over the economy! End of season cash bonus for the top island's. We provide free player ranks, earnable via our economy.

0/1 SkyblockNetworkPvPPvEEconomy
Salty Universe Minecraft Skyblock server # 14

# 14 Salty Universe Minecraft Skyblock server 3/100

online saltyuniverse.net

Salty Universe is a 1.18 minecraft network, currently featuring skyblock, but with plans to expand in the future! We have many custom features, such as dimensions, and custom enchants. We aim to provide all of our players with the best possible user experience!

3/100 PremiumSkyblockNetworkSpigot
ICE SMP # 15

# 15 ICE SMP 0/50

online mc.icemc.club

ICE SMP is a 1.18.2 SMP that is always updating to the newer version We have cool features like a economy were you can earn money from your crops and livestock and mob drops. We have a variety of quests you can complete for a prize! You can claim land and invite your team onto your claim. We have a auction house you can sell other goods to players. We have active and great working staff!

0/50 PremiumSurvivalSMPEconomyHardcoreVanillaSkyblockSky Factory
Vital MC # 16

# 16 Vital MC 161/200

online play.vitalmc.net

Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best! SKYBLOCK - SURVIVAL - DUNGEONS CUSTOM PLUGINS - DUNGEONS - TOKENS - LAND CLAIMS! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 10 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGULAR EVENTS

161/200 PremiumSurvivalSkyblockDiscordEconomy
Minecraft B-Zone Skyblock server # 17

# 17 Minecraft B-Zone Skyblock server 1/500

online mc.b-zone.ro

Serverul de Survival are diverse sisteme care iti va face jocul mult mai placut si neplictisitor, spre exemplu: 3 tipuri de pacanele, un meniu cu abilitati speciale care iti vor usura jocul, joburi unice pentru care trebuie sa te deplasezi si sa faci chiar si misiuni ca sa iti castigi banutii, te poti casatorii cu prietenul/prietena ta ca sa beneficiezi de o casa in plus si sa va puteti da teleport unul la altul fara probleme

1/500 SurvivalCreativeSkyblockFactionsMini Games
AfriCraft Network # 18

# 18 AfriCraft Network 0/2022

online play.AfriCraft.net

We are a South African Minecraft community based around a locally hosted Minecraft server that offers a wide range of Gamemodes for players to enjoy. We hope to provide players with a great experience to remember and enjoy with friends. Join now and experience it for yourself!

0/2022 SkyblockSurvivalVanillaBedwarsAmong Us
SGCraft # 19

# 19 SGCraft 2/420

online play.sgcraft.net

Fancy a nice community for lots of exicting game modes? SGCraft is the place to be. Features of the server: Custom Monsters/Weapons/Dungeons Survival Skyblock with Minions Vanilla Survival Factions on Earth Map PGM UHC Bedwars KitPVP Prison Creative

2/420 SurvivalSkyblockVanillaKitPvPCreative
Skytale Skyblock # 20

# 20 Skytale Skyblock 0/64

online play.skytale.online

Skytale is a new [1.18.2]community oriented Skyblock server that aims to provide a brand new and unique skyblock experience. Our plugins are mostly custom and specific for skyblock; they therefore create a new and enjoyable experience in skyblock. Built upon the feedback of players to help ensure the best possible experience, we're certain you'll enjoy your time with us! INFO Version: 1.18.2 IP: play.skytale.online Website: https://www.skytale.online Discord: https://dsc.gg/skytale FEATURES Balanced Economy Skills Bedrock Crossplay Custom Enchants AuctionHouse ChatGames PlayerWarps Trade Custom Fishing Minions Pets

0/64 SkyblockEconomyDiscord
Raze Empire # 21

# 21 Raze Empire 3/2021

online play.razeempire.net

3/2021 PvPSkyblockSurvivalNetwork
MC Adventures # 22

# 22 MC Adventures 0/1000

online play.mc-adventures.com

0/1000 SurvivalMini GamesSkyblockPixelmonMCMMO
ManifestMC Minecraft Skyblock server # 23

# 23 ManifestMC Minecraft Skyblock server 1/1000

online play.manifestmc.net

ManifestMC Prisons, SkyBlock and factions Welcome to ManifestMC! ManifestMC is a OpPrison, OpSkyblock AND OpFactions server where we have many unique features Features (Full list coming soon) Booster / Invite rewards Social links Discord: https://discord.gg/rkK8abby IP: play.manifestmc.net Store: Store.manifestmc.net

1/1000 PrisonPvEPvPSkyblock
CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce! # 24

# 24 CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce! 258/2000

online craftmc.pl

CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy Serwer Minecraft w Polsce! Wiele trybów gry OneBlock, Survivale, MegaDrop, SkyBlock, PvP, KitPvP i najnowsze wersje gry. Znajdziesz u nas wiele serwerów i trybów gry. Wspierane wersję: 1.18, 1.17, 1.16, 1.15, 1,14, 1.13, 1.12.2, 1.9, 1.8.8, 1.7.2

258/2000 CreativeKitPvPOne BlockBedwarsSurvivalSkyblockPrison
CubeCraft Games # 25

# 25 CubeCraft Games 430/30000

online play.cubecraft.net

430/30000 Squid GameMini GamesSkywarsSkyblockParkourPvP

What is a Minecraft Skyblock Server?

Skyblock is a gamemode where users start with nothing and try to become the richest player in the server by all sorts of economical activities. Think about farming, mining, pvping or creating mob farms that generate money. Skyblock servers come in all different forms, think about competitive servers with payouts or fun little community servers with incredibly cool features.

How to play Minecraft Skyblock Servers?

Search between lots of Minecraft Skyblock Servers to find the most popular servers on this Minecraft Server List. When you find the Skyblock Server you want to try, copy the IP Address to your Minecraft Client and begin your journey.

Choose from the Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

If you’re looking for something competitive to do and you know how minecraft works then Skyblock would be the perfect gamemode for you. The competitive aspect of the gamemode does come with some form of toxicity, this also depends on how big the payouts are and if the staff team is well-organized.

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