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Crispy's Survival World

online 1.16.5
Crispy's Survival World
Votes: 1 Uptime: 100%

Crispy Legumes Is One Cool Bean! Come join him on a 1.16.5 Survival Minecraft Server that just started in late April 2021 so there is plenty of land to claim, grand items to build, and places to explore!

- Grief Protection with easy land claiming. Start with 2,000 claim blocks allowing you to easily protect your base and earn more with time on server.

- McMMO offers a RPG aspect. (Level up sounds disabled)

- Vote on server changes! For example: when to reset The End, or what new plugin to support.

- PvP all areas outside of your claim

- Difficulty is set to Hard and mobs have not be limited in number

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