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offline 1.15
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GitGud MC is officially going into OPEN BETA! We are an up coming server that is dedicated to its players. We are offering an experience that is determined to satisfy the players wishes and needs. Currently, we offer a Towny server with a multitude of options. We have 300+ Unique Quests, Player Shops, Admin Shops, Spawners, Jobs, Voting, Crates, Random Teleport, Nations, and Donations Perks such as Pets, E-Glowing, and soon a UNIQUE 3D RESOURCE PACK with hats and all sorts of fun objects and tools to use at your own expense! We are here to give you what you want. Drop a suggestion for us to see and we will be sure to get back to you on it and attempt to implement it into our server.

As the server is in early development, there are things still being added.

We are looking for staff!

Players who join during Open Beta will get special prizes once server goes into full release!
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