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PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP

PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP
online 1.18 0/40
Votes: 0 Uptime: 100%

Server Description

New world as of December 2. I've had a few players come and go but looking for more long-term players.

Server is semi-vanilla style, running on the latest Paper server.
Some plugins include EssentialsX, LevelledMobs, AngelChest, Dynmap, Claims and more.
The spawn area is a harbor in the middle of the ocean.
Mobs are randomly leveled between 1 and the level of the player nearest by. Be extra careful at night or in caves!
Player shops will be created upon request. Currency can be diamonds, emeralds or any other material using iShop plugin.

What is IP for Minecraft server PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP?

The server IP address for PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP is

What version PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP supports?

PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP supports Minecraft version: 1.18, .

What is PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP minecraft server location?

PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP server is located in United States.

What gamemodes PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP supports?

PenalBuffalo's 1.18 SMP Minecraft server supports Survival, SMP, Discord, gamemodes.

IP Address
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