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DRG Survival

DRG Survival
online 1.18 0/100
Votes: 0 Uptime: 100%

Server Description

We are a survival server with "Normal" difficulty. We provide grief protection to our players through the form of a command; /chunk claim. You can add friends to your claims with /chunk access . We also have ranks that you can grind and gain new perks, kits and commands as rewards for ranking up. Anyone can use SilkTouch to mine spawners. There are several events that we have listed below that run regularly.

When you spawn in, you will be greeted by our tutorial area, please read all of the information there so that you are not confused later on.

Reactions; chat events that win you gold, diamonds, emeralds or money for winning.
KoTH; Daily KoTH at 4PM PST beginning Saturday, January 22nd, 2022.
VoteParties: everyone gets special rewards every time we reach 90 votes.
OutPosts; special zones that can be captured once every 30 minutes to gain an EXP boost, permanent potion effects and money.
MobBosses; MobBosses will spawn in the wild and defeating one with give you special items, extra EXP and possibly more... ? :)

What is IP for Minecraft server DRG Survival?

The server IP address for DRG Survival is drgsurvival.com.

What version DRG Survival supports?

DRG Survival supports Minecraft version: 1.18, .

What is DRG Survival minecraft server location?

DRG Survival server is located in United States.

What gamemodes DRG Survival supports?

DRG Survival Minecraft server supports SMP, Discord, Survival, PvP, gamemodes.

IP Address

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