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offline 1.16
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What is yakcraft ? Yakcraft is a new server open from July 12th 2020 that is looking for a fun player community. Our server is completely up to date with the latest minecraft version and best version of every plugin.

We also have crates and ranks that are balanced so no pay to win can be done.

I hear you think what plugins do we have to offer ?

We have several skills you can train with the plugin MCMMO. So if you mine you get mining level and through those levels you get extra boosts for that skill such as multiple ores for only 1 ore to be mined. We don't only have mining but a lot more skills and there will be more coming soon.

Yakcraft also has a town plugn. With this you can make your own town and even your own kingdom. You can also go to war with other cities and kingdoms. Are you going to make the biggest and most beautiful city from the server or would you rather go to war with other cities?

Aren't you really for towns and kingdoms? Then of course you can claim your country with an anti-grief plugin so you don't have to stress to be grieved.

We also try to incorporate some more roleplay features like your own gender and you can marry people and unlock some handy couple features.

You can also choose your own job and use it to earn money to run your city and never be in money trouble. I would often check the server's update log because it could be that there are more and more jobs coming into the server.

Of course we also have a vote plugin with w

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