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AstroCraft [Need Staff]
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Welcome to AstroCraft, "The RPG Prison". There are two server modes you can choose: Prison and Survival

PRISON SEASON 8 FULL RESET! COMPLETE REDESIGN! The AstroCraft Server is a RPG Prison Progression Server with OP Pick Upgrades, Easy Rankups, CELLS, Custom Enchants, Custom Achievements, Auction House, Mineable Spawners, 25+ ranks, 99+ Prestiges, 14+ Prestige Challenges with REWARDS, 10 Reset Challenges with rewards. and 134+ extra challenges with rewards and minions!

Enjoy friendly competitive rivalry to become the best player and have the best cell in the server. It comes with minions, mcmmo, epic spawners, cell upgrades, auction house, chest shops, and sell chests. Lastly, there are seasonal and monthly payout rewards to PayPal and Buycraft.

Survival is protected with land claim, and you gain more as you play. It has shopkeepers for trading with other players. Use player warps to get to players shops. Great community. Economy. It solely based on trading and interacting with other players.


Great server. Helpful staff.


Would Gladly we staff :)


Actuall Great Server And Friendly Commuity


i like this server


its very good and detailed

What is the IP Address to connect to AstroCraft [Need Staff]?

The server IP address for AstroCraft [Need Staff] is To join the AstroCraft [Need Staff] minecraft server, simply click the COPY IP button on the left section of the page, and then follow the instructions below.

How do I play on AstroCraft [Need Staff] Minecraft Server?

To play on AstroCraft [Need Staff], once you have copied the server IP Address you must proceed to opening your minecraft client on version 1.19, navigate to minecraft multiplayer servers and then enter the ip address and continue to Play Now!

What versions does AstroCraft [Need Staff] supports?

The AstroCraft [Need Staff] Server supports a variety Minecraft versions, however, the suggested version to connect with is 1.19 to enable the best playing experience on the version the server was built on.

Where is AstroCraft [Need Staff] hosting located?

AstroCraft [Need Staff] server is hosted within , and offers a great connection allowing for 100% uptime so you can enjoy the server anytime day and night.

What gamemodes AstroCraft [Need Staff] supports?

Minecraft Servers offer a variety of server types and categories. AstroCraft [Need Staff] supports Economy, Prison, Survival, Network, SMP, PvP, PvE, gamemodes. This grouping of types and categories offers a unique playing experience only found within the unique playing experience found on AstroCraft [Need Staff].

What is the website for AstroCraft [Need Staff] Minecraft Server?

The website link for AstroCraft [Need Staff] is On this website you can find links to the servers forums, store, news, and much more!

What is the discord server for AstroCraft [Need Staff]?

The AstroCraft [Need Staff] discord server can be found by clicking the following link: click here. On this discord you can find more information about server updates and chat with the community!

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