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    The first Border SMP server

    MomentumMc Factions - 6 Hour Map done a little different now! We've moved to 30 day maps! Grinding as if it was 6hr Maps! **-**We use wine for everything here!**-** Cannon Server Now Open! We will be hosting 30 Day Faction Maps! Release Days will always be at 1pm EST! For exact day releases please join our Discord and stay up to date! We use WineSpigot and FactionsKore! Map Information Map Length: 30 Days 5 Days Grace/25 TNT Economy: Rpost/Darkzone/Koth/Cane (Prebuilt Cane Farms) Buffer Size: 15 Chunk Buffers Cannon Speed: 3 Second Cannoning Shield Length: 6 Hours Roster Size: 3 Man Fac Bases: Prebuilt bases, you add counter cannons! Payouts FTOP #1 $100 Paypal Buycraft for Ftop 2! Factions Practice NOW OPEN! Practice anything factions related just like a real map on our server! Building, Siding, Countering, PVP, Patch testing everything available to you to practice for before the map! Plots added! Must be a supporter! Give us a try and join our Factions Server Today! Discord: https://discord.gg/5mt9da6D88 IP: play.momentummc.com Store: buy.momentummc.com

    What is the MomentumMC Java IP?

    The Java IP for MomentumMC is play.momentummc.com:19132

    What is the MomentumMC Bedrock IP?

    The Bedorck IP for MomentumMC is play.momentummc.com with port 19132

    How do I vote for MomentumMC?

    Just click the green "Vote" button on this page! You can vote once every 24 hours.

    What is the MomentumMC Discord server?

    Join the MomentumMC Discord server here: https://discord.gg/YNtuFEKm9Z

    How do I join MomentumMC?

    Java players

    1. On the main screen, go to "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
    2. For "Server Address, enter play.momentummc.com:19132, then click "Done".
    3. Double click the newly added server to join!

    Bedrock players

    If you are on the mobile or Windows version of Minecraft Bedrock:
    1. On the main screen, hit "Play", then switch to the "Servers" tab.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the server list and hit "Add Server".
    3. Enter whatever server name you'd like. For the server address, enter play.momentummc.com. For the port, enter 19132.

    Is this server owned by you? Please contact us on Discord and we'll help you reclaim this listing.