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Final Slimefun 1.16

offline 1.16
Final Slimefun 1.16
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We are a server where everything revolves around Slimefun. All quests, jobs, Mcmmo and all shops ensure a better experience.
There is also Towny, with which every player can found his own city or nation
The existing bosses provide a corresponding challenge, which is often required to complete certain quests.
What is Slimefun? : Basically it's like a huge mod pack. Only as a plugin. No mod client is required.
Slimefun offers, among other things:
- New weapons and new equipment
- New machines
- Extremely many new recipes
- Electrical devices, as well as GPS and cargo management
- Improved spawners
- Catch mobs and get their spawn egg
- Talismans
- Luckyblocks
- Lots of new plants and foods
- Improved chests
- and much more
Whether you are a newcomer or experienced: everyone is welcome and will get any help that is needed.
Explore an open world and create your own city and nation. Likes to wage wars against other players
Complete various quests to advance faster in progress.
Start up to 4 jobs to earn money quickly.
Improve your level in all activities.
Create a party, invite people, and fight tough bosses.
Join the regular events and wait for the loot rain
Enter mob farms that have already been set up or live freely.
You will not be restricted in your freedom of action on this server
A friendly and helpful admin and server team will be happy to assist you

Join us on the Discord server and talk to other players there.

Just take a look and explore the server a bit.
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