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offline 1.16
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Have an amazing variety of gamemodes and minigames on our server. We have multiple currencies you can use to buy gadgets, ranks and more buy purchasing them from our website or with the in-game currencies. We support in-game voice chat with a Discord integration allowing you to speak with players within 20 blocks when your Discord account is linked by typing /discordsrv link in the Minecraft chat and PMing TableReader Discord Bot with the 4 digit doe you receive. and you are in the channel Lobby on the discord server under Minecraft. We are proud of our RPG Survival with many plugins that allow you to have a minimap, over 50 weapons, power levels, in-game voice chat, advanced quests, dungeons and more! We also have Skyblock, Mini-games, etc! Join with and make sure to check the discord at and the website at! Hope you stop by the server and say hi! Even if you message in the Minecraft chat when no one is there, people in the Discord will be able to reply! 1.7-1.16.3
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