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Hey there! My name is MajorHoots.

I am part owner of the Survival Hereos-like server called Exodus Realms! We are a community driven server that was started by two friends that just wanted to play Minecraft their way. So we started a survival server with better combat and dungeons. Over the months Exodus has evolved into the amazing server that it is today, and I'm here to invite you to give us a try!

Minecraft is so much more than just Break, Craft, and Place. Inspired by classic Factions and Heroes gameplay, we have developed a unique and fun player experience, and a mix of fresh spicy custom content, without all the fuss. Exodus Realms offers many Dungeons, Events, Professions, Items, and more to add to the overall experience of Minecraft and give players a fully engaging feel to gameplay. In combination with Survival, Farming, and Guilds, you can create your own adventure!

We are a small dev team, but we are very dedicated to our player base and always try to create the content that our players enjoy. At the end of the day, we are just a couple of dudes with a passion for server and plugin development, so come hang out :)

We Hope To See You Online :
IP: Play.ExdsRealms.com

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What is the IP Address to connect to ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival?

The server IP address for ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival is Play.ExdsRealms.com. To join the ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival minecraft server, simply click the COPY IP button on the left section of the page, and then follow the instructions below.

How do I play on ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival Minecraft Server?

To play on ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival, once you have copied the server IP Address you must proceed to opening your minecraft client on version 1.17, navigate to minecraft multiplayer servers and then enter the ip address and continue to Play Now!

What versions does ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival supports?

The ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival Server supports a variety Minecraft versions, however, the suggested version to connect with is 1.17 to enable the best playing experience on the version the server was built on.

Where is ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival hosting located?

⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival server is hosted within United States, and offers a great connection allowing for 100% uptime so you can enjoy the server anytime day and night.

What gamemodes ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival supports?

Minecraft Servers offer a variety of server types and categories. ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival supports Towny, Survival, PvE, Roleplay, Discord, gamemodes. This grouping of types and categories offers a unique playing experience only found within the unique playing experience found on ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival.

What is the website for ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival Minecraft Server?

The website link for ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival is https://exodusrealms.tebex.io. On this website you can find links to the servers forums, store, news, and much more!

What is the discord server for ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival?

The ⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival discord server can be found by clicking the following link: click here. On this discord you can find more information about server updates and chat with the community!

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