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Explorer's Sanctum

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Explorer's Sanctum
Votes: 427 Uptime: 100%

Welcome to the Last MMORPG in Minecraft you'll ever play!

Explorer's Sanctum:

Notable Features:
  -Near infinite progression! Ascend to battle World Ending Monsters!
  -Create a unique character by customizing your gear, allocating attributes, and investing in your classes diverse skillset.
  -Conquer worthwhile Dungeons with others, or risk it all by taking it on alone.
  -Craft powerful game changing gear by cooking the literal heck out of special dust.
  -Bedazzle your gear with a myriad of stat specific Gems that you can also Tier up!
  -Rest easy as your claimed home is under absolute protection.
  -Experience generosity as players are showered with constant giveaways
  -Make the most of your time with every profession working towards something.
  -Have your extra support rewarded with Streamer rewards, Engaging Contest, and Powerful Voting Rewards.

Our staff is focused on your game enjoyment! We are a 0-P2W server with lots of activities! There's always something to do. On our server, you get out what you put in!

Overall if you are looking for an MMORPG type MineCraft experience, I hope you are willing to at least give us a shot!

Discord: discord.gg/fNd6UQS
Server: play.esanctum.org

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