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Explorer's Sanctum

online 1.16.5
Explorer's Sanctum
Votes: 3 Uptime: 100%

Core Features:
  - Classes:
    - Thief - Cleric - Necromancer - Ranger - Scholar - Fighter:
      - Travel the planes and attempt to regain your former power.
    - Several different quest types from exploring, to killing, to crafting and more!
      - Earn Daily or weekly rewards as you progress through the seasons battle pass.
    - Premium battle passes are earned just by playing the game! No purchase necessary
   Passive Skill Tree:
    - Become stronger just by doing things in the world!
      - Take damage - Become more durable
      - Do damage - Become stronger
      - Expend stamina - Increase your endurance
   World Bosses:
    - Many planes of existence have world bosses. These are daily fights that can take several players to take down.
   Custom Crafting:
    - New recipes to compliment custom items.
    - Crafting takes time.
    - Some craft recipes are locked behind quest progression.

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