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BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP

BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP
online 1.8 0/1000
Votes: 0 Uptime: 100%

Server Description

Welcome to BattlePVP!
BattlePVP is an OG Faction PVP Server running on Minecraft Version 1.8 (with 1.7 compatibility).

Remember the way Factions was from 2012-2015? That is the premise of BattlePVP; 3 month maps, 60 max sand stack per shot, 20 chunk max buffer, cannoning rules, printer not allowed.

We basically took everything that made OG Factions good, and added plenty of quality of life improvements. Example; Lava flow speed is 30 normally, our server has it set at 1, for a nice balance between gen-buckets and manual wall genning.

Faction Top was also implemented. Faction Top rewards the Top 3 Factions each month with half PayPal & half BuyCraft rewards:
#1. $250
#2. $150
#3. $100
General Information
- Insanely optimized 1.8 PVP/Cannoning Jar
- Balanced mcMMO Skills
- Tough Economy
- Constant PVP
- Vote Rewards
- Mob Arena
- Active Staff Members
- King of the Hill every day @ 3:00 PM EST
- Warzone Loot AirDrop every day @ 8:00 PM EST
- 7,500 x 7,500 WorldBorder
- and so much more..
Server Details
MineCraft Version: 1.8 (with 1.7 compatibility).
Server IP:
Server Store:
Server/Website Rules:
Voting Links:

What is IP for Minecraft server BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP?

The server IP address for BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP is

What version BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP supports?

BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP supports Minecraft version: 1.8, .

What is BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP minecraft server location?

BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP server is located in United States.

What gamemodes BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP supports?

BattlePVP - OG Faction PVP Minecraft server supports Factions, MCMMO, PvP, gamemodes.

IP Address
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