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Hello fellow members! I am the owner of a small community starting called CursedMC! You may have heard of the server before, but we are now back after a short break, and definitely don't plan on leaving! I can assure you that you will love CursedMC, with all the information below, you really are looking at an awesome server! I hope to see you on there as I am very friendly and outgoing! Join our adventure and make great memories together with the new CursedMC community!Why A small community server?We believe that smaller communities bring people together more, so we get to know each other more, and it is more interesting.Does this server need staff?Hell yes we do need staff, That does not mean come on begging for it, please enjoy yourself first, chances of getting staff are very high.What is the top monthly voter reward?A total of $15 will be added straight to your bank account for supporting the server, that's how much we appreciate you! Good luck.What makes us different from other servers?We use mostly custom and premium plugins. Our server is vanilla with a twist that everyone enjoys. Instead of using essentials eco like every survival server does, we are based solely upon trading with other players which makes the game more interesting.Are your builds professional?Of course! even if you aren't interested in playing, come have a look at our amazing build spawn! They were all built over the course of 2 weeks. They were first hand drawn on a sketch pad by our artist Nemi.Com
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