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offline 1.9
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List of features on Skyland:
⚡Leveling System (Mining, Foraging, Farming, Combat, Fishing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Taming)
⚡Attributes (Health, Defense, Strength, Speed, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Intelligence)
⚡Working Minions
⚡Fairy Souls
⚡20+ Unlockable Trades
⚡300+ Unlockable Collections
⚡200+ Unlockable Recipes
⚡800+ Quests
⚡Discoverable Zones
⚡Bank System with Interest
⚡Auction System
⚡Dark Auction
⚡Custom Mobs
⚡Player Profile on Right-Click
⚡Player Trades
⚡Custom Enchants
⚡Report System
⚡Custom Items
⚡Arrow, Potion, and Talisman Bag
⚡Custom Ender Chest
⚡Player Skyland Menu
⚡Gambling Drinks
and more exclusive features that aren't listed up here!
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