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    A Minecraft Server

    Fairhaven is a new laid-back PvE enhanced server with an rpg-like theme. When gathering resources, please refer to our resource world, dedicated to gathering resources. No mobs can spawn in the resource world, so you won't have to worry while mining.(With the exception of spawners) The resource world will reset every so often to refresh materials. You can teleport to the Resource world using the command /resource You rank up automatically by playing on the server. You can check your progress any time with the command /ar check Do note that permissions are still being set up. If anything is broken, please do tell :) --- Features --- Resource World - A world dedicated to gathering resources. Custom Enchants - We have over 80 unique custom enchant for you to enjoy. Shops - Players can create shops using in-game currency. Graves - A grave will spawn when you die, containing your items and experience. After 3 hours, this grave will expire. HavenElytra - With our custom plugin, you can combine your elytra with any chestplate, gaining it's enchants and armor. Bags - You can obtain shulker-like player bound bags from sizes 9 slots, all the way to 54 slots. - Only the owner of a bound bag can open it. Land Claiming - Claim your base so no one but yourself and trusted players can access it.* Crates - Our crates in spawn can award you a variety of items, from custom enchants, to titles, to regular items. - To open the crates you require a key, obtained by various means. Titles - By completing milestones or other tasks, you can obtain a title which you can attack to your name in chat. Interactive Chat - Link your items and inventory in chat using [item] & [inv], or view a player's info by simply putting your mouse over their name in chat. We have much more, but this list would get too long.. --- Website --- Main: https://haven.netherrain.net/ Server Ranks: https://haven.netherrain.net/ranks Custom Enchants: https://haven.netherrain.net/enchants How to Claim: https://haven.netherrain.net/claiming Discord: https://discord.gg/hk6ukjsy2j

    What is the Fairhaven Java IP?

    The Java IP for Fairhaven is fairhaven.netherrain.net

    What is the Fairhaven Bedrock IP?

    Fairhaven does not appear to support Bedrock players.

    How do I vote for Fairhaven?

    Just click the green "Vote" button on this page! You can vote once every 24 hours.

    What is the Fairhaven Discord server?

    Join the Fairhaven Discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/hk6ukjsy2j

    How do I join Fairhaven?

    Java players

    1. On the main screen, go to "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
    2. For "Server Address, enter fairhaven.netherrain.net, then click "Done".
    3. Double click the newly added server to join!

    Bedrock players

    This server doesn't seem to explicitly support Bedrock players, but there are some ways to join a Java server as a Bedrock player. Use these methods at your own risk; if you connect to a Java server with strong anti-cheat, you could inadvertently get banned.

    Is this server owned by you? Please contact us on Discord and we'll help you reclaim this listing.