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    SimpleMP is a server I made dedicated to improving the regular vanilla experience in the least intrusive way possible. List of changes from vanilla: Beautifully overhauled world gen with additional structures to explore in all 3 dimensions (World Border is at 10k blocks). Removed increasing XP requirement to repair items at an anvil 30 minute despawn timer for items. No rocket boosting (Elytra still works). VClaims, a custom land claim system that balances risk and reward. It costs diamonds or netherite to claim 3D volumes of land, where you are protected against griefing but must still make a secure base. Have fun!

    What is the SimpleMP Java IP?

    The Java IP for SimpleMP is play.simplemp.me

    What is the SimpleMP Bedrock IP?

    SimpleMP does not appear to support Bedrock players.

    How do I vote for SimpleMP?

    Just click the green "Vote" button on this page! You can vote once every 24 hours.

    What is the SimpleMP Discord server?

    Join the SimpleMP Discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/S67dQv8BFA

    How do I join SimpleMP?

    Java players

    1. On the main screen, go to "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
    2. For "Server Address, enter play.simplemp.me, then click "Done".
    3. Double click the newly added server to join!

    Bedrock players

    This server doesn't seem to explicitly support Bedrock players, but there are some ways to join a Java server as a Bedrock player. Use these methods at your own risk; if you connect to a Java server with strong anti-cheat, you could inadvertently get banned.