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Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan

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Paper 1.20.4


The minecraft player to award votifier votes to.

Super Vote

Get awarded with 5 votifier votes instead of 1! Here's how it works:
  • Submit a piece of content for the server (TikTok video, YouTube video, etc).
  • Content will be reviewed by the server owner.
  • Votifier votes are awarded when they accept it!
  • This server does not have super votes enabled. Notify the server owner to get it added!
    ---->>[ ζ–°η”Ÿ Nanjyasorya Ver 1.21 ]<<----β™ β™ β™ β™  あγͺγŸγ€ε‘ͺγ‚γ‚Œγ¦γΎγ™γ‚ˆοΌŸ シーズン 4 β™ β™ β™ β™ 

    REBORN NANJYASORYA Server DescriptionWelcome to the Japanese server! Dynmap http://15.jpn.gg:4352/ βœ… No Fast Travel: Wander and Explore! Say goodbye to teleporting on this semi-vanilla server. The only teleport command that can be used is /tpa /tpahere /home bed. From subways to glaciers to railways, discover new and exciting ways to traverse the map. Teleports are unexpected, enhancing the exploration experience and maintaining the essence of the game. βœ… Defeating the Ender Dragon is the key This server gives you rewards for defeating the Ender Dragon. Furthermore, there are four difficulty levels: normal, medium, hard, and hell. By defeating them regularly, you can get further rewards, which can also be exchanged. How many hours can you defeat the Ender Dragon? Please try the challenge βœ… A Peaceful Place to Unwind The server operates in hard mode. Live with your friends near your spawn, or use random teleport to live a quiet life in a faraway land. it's the player's freedom

    What is the Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan Java IP?

    The Java IP for Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan is 15.jpn.gg:4346

    What is the Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan Bedrock IP?

    The Bedorck IP for Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan is 15.jpn.gg with port 4346

    How do I vote for Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan?

    Just click the green "Vote" button on this page! You can vote once every 24 hours.

    What is the Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan Discord server?

    Join the Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan Discord server here: https://discord.gg/FnVsr8HcB5

    How do I join Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan?

    Java players

    1. On the main screen, go to "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
    2. For "Server Address, enter 15.jpn.gg:4346, then click "Done".
    3. Double click the newly added server to join!

    Bedrock players

    If you are on the mobile or Windows version of Minecraft Bedrock:
    1. On the main screen, hit "Play", then switch to the "Servers" tab.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the server list and hit "Add Server".
    3. Enter whatever server name you'd like. For the server address, enter 15.jpn.gg. For the port, enter 4346.