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    A Friendly and Welcoming Community. (1.21) Vanilla, Creative & More.

    Location: North America, but we welcome players from all over. Version: Running 1.2, but clients running 1.18.2 and older are supported Platform: Java and bedrock players are supported! Discord: https://discord.gg/eXPtYdkuFb Server IP: crystalcove.mcserver.us We are a new server with a fresh new world. We are primarily a vanilla server but we do have minimal QOL plugins as well as some fun plugins such as mob and player drop heads. We host various types of events such as - PVP Battles, Build Competitions, Hide & Seek, with many more to come! We have no age requirement, we just ask that you behave in a mature manner. We are a friendly and welcoming server. Toxic people will be removed from the community with little or no warning. If you're looking for somewhere fresh to put your roots down where you can help shape the server. This is the one for you! We currently only have a survival world with plans for parkour and creative dedicated worlds. Our current economy is via diamonds, with a dedicated shopping district. We have a points system that can be rewarded through participating in events and voting. [1] Be nice. [2] Common curses are allowed but no racism, bigotry, homophobia or other hate speech will be tolerated here. [3] No spamming. [4] No hacking or client modifications. Optifine, Litematica, and Hud mods are allowed. Printers for Litematica/Schematics mods are not allowed. Anything that creates an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. If you are unsure about a mod, just ask. [5] No Stealing from others or using their farms/amenities without their permission. [6] No duping apart from tnt dupers on farms. [7] Be mindful of creating server lag - use good judgement with farms, trading halls, etc. [8] No PVP unless agreed upon by all parties. [9] Advertising, discussing or inviting our players to other Discords or s/Realms is not permitted. [10] No blatant destruction of the economy - if shops are wildly underpriced you will be asked to modify them, all items/services should be properly worked for. [11] Be nice & Have fun.

    What is the CrystalCoveSMP Java IP?

    The Java IP for CrystalCoveSMP is crystalcove.mcserver.us

    What is the CrystalCoveSMP Bedrock IP?

    CrystalCoveSMP does not appear to support Bedrock players.

    How do I vote for CrystalCoveSMP?

    Just click the green "Vote" button on this page! You can vote once every 24 hours.

    What is the CrystalCoveSMP Discord server?

    Join the CrystalCoveSMP Discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/Zp4Kq4Sb

    How do I join CrystalCoveSMP?

    Java players

    1. On the main screen, go to "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
    2. For "Server Address, enter crystalcove.mcserver.us, then click "Done".
    3. Double click the newly added server to join!

    Bedrock players

    This server doesn't seem to explicitly support Bedrock players, but there are some ways to join a Java server as a Bedrock player. Use these methods at your own risk; if you connect to a Java server with strong anti-cheat, you could inadvertently get banned.

    Is this server owned by you? Please contact us on Discord and we'll help you reclaim this listing.