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Minecraft Adventure Servers

Rank Server Players Types

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Tkcraft # 1

# 1 Tkcraft 23/100


online tkcraft.com.br

23/100 SurvivalMCMMOAdventure
Advancius Network # 2

# 2 Advancius Network 11/80

Advancius Network

online mc.Advancius.net

11/80 PremiumMCMMOFactionsAdventureMini GamesSurvival
SurvivalMania ~ Fun and unique Survival # 3
9/370 SurvivalPvEAdventureNetworkDiscord
LunityMC Pixelmon # 4

# 4 LunityMC Pixelmon 9/1000

LunityMC Pixelmon

online play.lunitymc.com

9/1000 PokemonModdedAdventureSurvivalEconomy
TravelLands # 5

# 5 TravelLands 0/2000


online play.travellands.net

0/2000 PremiumSurvivalPvPMini GamesEconomyAdventure
Clilkx Lounge # 6

# 6 Clilkx Lounge 0/500

Clilkx Lounge

offline play.clilkxlounge.tk

0/500 PremiumMini GamesAdventureSurvival
Kelentyr - Fantasy Kingdoms Roleplay # 7
5/1337 TownySurvivalRoleplayPvEAdventure
TinyEarth # 8

# 8 TinyEarth 1/50


online play.tiny-earth.com

1/50 TownyPvPAdventure
MC Politica # 9

# 9 MC Politica 0/0

MC Politica

online MCPolitica.aternos.me

0/0 FactionsPvPSurvivalAdventureDiscord
AnarchyNuke # 10

# 10 AnarchyNuke 0/25


online anarchynuke.net

0/25 AnarchySurvivalVanillaAdventureDiscord
SpaceCraft # 11

# 11 SpaceCraft 0/2021


online spacecraftmc.net

0/2021 SurvivalAdventureNetworkPvPPvE
Pwing.net # 12

# 12 Pwing.net 0/-1


online pwing.net

0/-1 RoleplaySkyblockNetworkAdventureTowny
Nations # 13

# 13 Nations 0/2000


online Nation.sparked.network

0/2000 EconomyTownyPvPSurvivalAdventure
The Known Rift # 14

# 14 The Known Rift 0/128

The Known Rift

online world.theknownrift.com

0/128 CreativeSurvivalAdventure
 CubeMania # 15

# 15 CubeMania 0/250


online play.cubemania.net

0/250 SurvivalMCMMOEconomyRoleplayAdventure
:3 # 16

# 16 :3 0/0


offline hi

0/0 AdventureRoleplayVanilla
AbsoluteZero # 17

# 17 AbsoluteZero 0/0


online www.McAZero.com

0/0 SurvivalSurvival GamesAdventure
AnarchyCraft # 18

# 18 AnarchyCraft 0/20


offline anarchycraft.skynode.host

0/20 AnarchySurvivalPvPAdventure
Ancestral Craft # 19

# 19 Ancestral Craft 0/100

Ancestral Craft

offline play.ancestral-craft.net

0/100 SurvivalTownyAdventure
Anonymous Server # 20

# 20 Anonymous Server 10/20

Anonymous Server

online amssv.club

10/20 SurvivalDiscordVanillaAdventure
Arcmania # 21

# 21 Arcmania 0/0


offline play.Arcmania.net

0/0 SurvivalEconomyAdventure
Astera Network # 22

# 22 Astera Network 0/100

Astera Network

online play.asteranetwork.vip

0/100 SkywarsSurvivalNetworkBedwarsAdventure
AugmentedMC # 23

# 23 AugmentedMC 0/50


online play.augmentedmc.net

0/50 VanillaSurvivalPvEPvPAdventure
Averstymc Survival 1.16.4 # 24

# 24 Averstymc Survival 1.16.4 0/100

Averstymc Survival 1.16.4

offline play.averstymc.com

0/100 EconomyPvEPvPSurvivalAdventure

# 25 BCRAFT 0/75


online jugar.bcraft.cl

0/75 SurvivalEconomyPvPAdventure

Minecraft Servers | Details

Survival / MCMMO / Adventure

======= Tkcraft Survival =======
- Eventos diários: Frog, spleef, Cores Malditas, parkour e muito mais!
- Eventos semanais: Minerar, Quiz, Corrida de Barco e Gladiador(em breve)
- Um servidor para a família inteira jogar
- Economia aquecida
- Recompensas por votar diariamente
- Warps diferenciados como /warp mansão, /warp madeira e /warp mina
- /loja para visitar a loja dos vips

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip tkcraft.com.br

Server Details
Advancius Network
MCMMO / Factions / Adventure / Mini Games / Survival

Server IP: mc.Advancius.net
Discord: http://discord.advancius.net/

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network!

Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

We offer a 100% free rank and prestige system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: Factions, Creative Plots, Prison, Skyblock, Kingdoms, Semi-Vanilla Survival, several custom Minigames, and multiple events per month hosted by our staff!

Join Advancius today to find yourself immersed in addictive game-modes with a warm community ready to play, compete, and just have a good time. Be it fun, friends, or both, you are sure to find them in this ever-growing server!

Apply for Staff: https://www.advancius.net/apply

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.Advancius.net

Server Details
SurvivalMania ~ Fun and unique Survival
Survival / PvE / Adventure / Network / Discord

Fresh, Chill and friendly survival server !

Some of the things we offer:
- Player Economy (jobs,auctions,sell menu)
- Player Warps (Restaurants, parks...)
- Player Shops
- Cool Crates
- Unique Cosmetics
- Free rankups
- And much much more! View with /guide in-game.

What can I do on here?
Survive! We offer semi-vanilla experience with bunch of features
that just happen to enhance your stay! You can play with your friends,
build anything you wish and share it with others,
enjoy player economy system- and most importantly, have fun!

➡️Discord: discord.SurvivalMania.net
➡️IP: SurvivalMania.net
➡️Store: store.SurvivalMania.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip SurvivalMania.net

Server Details
LunityMC Pixelmon
Pokemon / Modded / Adventure / Survival / Economy

LunityMC is a friendly Pixelmon community that provides a modern and authentic Pokémon world to explore and begin your adventure as a Pokémon master. Your destiny is in your hands….
The easiest way to get started is by installing our Technic Pack here:
Server IP: play.lunitymc.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/3Q3yNBva
Website: www.lunitymc.com
- Friendly Community
- Naturally-spawning Shiny and Boss Pokémon
- A multitude of shiny and normal starters
- Level Up Tower Training Zone
- Pokemon Boss Raids [Solo and Team-based battles]
- Defeat Gym Leaders to get exclusive badges and rewards
- Type based Gym Leaders [NPCs Leaders/Bosses]
- Trivia [Answer Pokémon related questions for amazing rewards]
- Galarian area with boosted boss spawn rates and exclusive privileges!
- Pokédex Rewards
- Purchasable in-game Ranks, Cosmetics and Currency
- Sell Pokemon & Items to other players on a GTS system
- Buy Pokémon modifications with in-game Lunarites!
- Boosted EV Training Arenas

LunityMC offers all of these features and more!
Begin your adventure now with the IP: play.lunitymc.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.lunitymc.com

Server Details
Survival / PvP / Mini Games / Economy / Adventure

Here at TravelLands, we offer a fun and friendly community on our survival server. Stick around to see what new features our team is constantly adding. Some of our fun features include MCMMO, boss games, MobCoins, teams, and free ranks!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.travellands.net

Server Details
Clilkx Lounge
Mini Games / Adventure / Survival

Hello! Clilkx Lounge is a fun and friendly server that offers a fine array of mini-games and survival. Our server is very very new and is still being developed. We'd appreciate if you dropped in and said hi!
[1.8 - 1.16]

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.clilkxlounge.tk

Server Details
Kelentyr - Fantasy Kingdoms Roleplay
Towny / Survival / Roleplay / PvE / Adventure

Join at kelentyr.apexmc.co

Kelentyr is a casual roleplay server with a fantasy theme and a relaxed atmosphere. There are several worlds, including towny, green and resource, Towny and Green use different land claiming plugins so it is possible to live alone in the green world.

There is also an adventure world, full of exciting content, dungeons, quests, boss fights. We use a unique relic system for upgrading gear, these relics are found in the adventure world and by completing daily objectives.

Forums https://kelentyr.enjin.com/

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/TayYg9eUBe

Dynmap http://kelentyr.apexmc.co:8123/

Join at kelentyr.apexmc.co

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip kelentyr.apexmc.co

Server Details
Towny / PvP / Adventure

We've got jobs, a custom coded Rocket Ship plugin, missions, rank system, guns vehicles, moon & mars as playable maps where you can defeat 100% custom bosses

Our Player base is a tightly knit community that's known eachother from previous servers and are extremely accepting and welcoming of new players.
TinyEarth is not very old, and when I released it it really exceeded my expectations as to how many enjoy playing, so I do hope you will enjoy aswell!

The only downside, is that TinyEarth does have a slight learning curve to get to know the ropes of the server. You can read more about us here:

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.tiny-earth.com

Server Details
MC Politica
Factions / PvP / Survival / Adventure / Discord

Welcome to MC Politica!This is geopol and survival server in one! if you have questions join discord and ask us.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip MCPolitica.aternos.me

Server Details
Anarchy / Survival / Vanilla / Adventure / Discord

AnarchyNuke is a pure Anarchy Server with no /tpa and /sethome.
The server will have no resets in the future.
On AnarchyNuke you can:
- Hack
- Cheat
- Lie
- Steal
and more!
AnarchyNuke is a server that does not take any vanilla feature out of the game. We allow elytra's, dupes (ones not patched by nocheatplus) and other features of the game that do not work on some other anarchy servers.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip anarchynuke.net

Server Details
Survival / Adventure / Network / PvP / PvE

Les damos la bienvenida a este nuevo proyecto del equipo de Flare Company , SpaceCraft Network, el cual será un servidor de Minecraft y se encontrará en línea (fase beta) a inicios de abril del 2021.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip spacecraftmc.net

Server Details
Roleplay / Skyblock / Network / Adventure / Towny

Pwing offers a unique dungeoning and RPG adventure featuring over 300 bosses and thousands of items to obtain. Choose a race, obtain wands, cast magical spells, collect unique loot with custom attributes and work your way up to the top! Kill Bandits, slay menacing Harpies, defeat the horrid Skeleton King and become a hero!
What all do we offer?
➥ Magic Spells and Wands
➥ Epic Bosses
➥ Unique Dungeon Storylines
➥ Custom Loot and Armor
➥ Levelable and Upgradable Races
➥ Pets to Assist You in Battle
➥ Towny World to Store Your Loot
➥ mcMMO
➥ Events and Prizes
➥ ... and a whole lot more!
IP: http://pwing.net
Store: http://pwing.net/store
Discord: https://discord.gg/VXuray7
Become a Legend today!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip pwing.net

Server Details
Economy / Towny / PvP / Survival / Adventure

This server Has
- Custom Weapons
- Custom Enchants
- Towny wars
- Mysticmobs

- Mcmmo
- server shop
- server arena
- Economy system!
- playershops!

-Custom armor & weapons

-Quests & so much more!- playershops!

-Elite mobs

-Duel system & Duel points shop!
-Custom Biomes!!!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip Nation.sparked.network

Server Details
The Known Rift
Creative / Survival / Adventure

KnownRift is an awe-inspiring Minecraft world that caters for both Survival and creative players , our website also has player portals , Live map and more

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip world.theknownrift.com

Server Details
Survival / MCMMO / Economy / Roleplay / Adventure

If you are looking for a survival server that is out of the ordinary, CubeMania has got your back! We are a really
fun and friendly community.

We Offer:
- 200+ Enchants
- Active Staff
- Interactive spawn with a lot of secrets
- Skills and special abilities which you have to grind for
- 16 Tiers each more expensive but with more commands you can use
- Frequent updates
- Friendly Community
- 24/7 Server activity and player service
- Frequent Events
- A server that can hold alot of players but still have no lag

We are a new network that offers alot and in return we just want you guys to have fun.

Ip: play.cubemania.net
Website: store.cubemania.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.cubemania.net

Server Details
Adventure / Roleplay / Vanilla

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip hi

Server Details
Survival / Survival Games / Adventure

AbsoluteZero currently has multiple types of servers, such as module service, air Island service, pure service, construction service, etc. It includes 1.7.10 ~ 1.15.2 versions, which can meet the needs of all kinds of players.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip www.McAZero.com

Server Details
Anarchy / Survival / PvP / Adventure

Anarchy server-meaning no rules!! Grief builds, make builds , destroy spawn!! Version 1.16.3 !!
Join now before spawn is destroyed by others!!!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip anarchycraft.skynode.host

Server Details
Ancestral Craft
Survival / Towny / Adventure

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.ancestral-craft.net

Server Details
Anonymous Server
Survival / Discord / Vanilla / Adventure

Server langage: Traditional Chinese.
You can FLY in server.
Simple rule: Not steal, Not destroy
Please visit : https://amssv.club/rule-en to read more rule.

Have fun!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip amssv.club

Server Details
Survival / Economy / Adventure


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.Arcmania.net

Server Details
Astera Network
Skywars / Survival / Network / Bedwars / Adventure

Un servidor nuevo con muchas misiones, nuevos mundos, dungeons, drogas, alcohol, mascotas nuevos crafteos y nuevos encantos

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.asteranetwork.vip

Server Details
Vanilla / Survival / PvE / PvP / Adventure

Welcome to AugmentedMC! To get you started let me tell you about the server. We are a vanilla survival server with a twist that focuses on nothing more than playing the game that was developed for us.

We have an online map that you can use by typing the domain http://www.augmentedmc.net/map/ into your browser or just click the link in chat.

We also utilize a system of Waypoints, which help users travel from town to town. You must first travel to a town and unlock that waypoint by right clicking the waypoint's monument signs to teleport there. If you have a town and want a waypoint, ask an admin or mod to see if you qualify for one.

Since griefing is a serious issue we are concerned about we do have a rollback and grief protection system that can be utilized if you are griefed. Just ask a mod or admin for assistance.

To get more claim blocks faster you can vote everyday with /voteforserver. Every vote is an extra 100 claim blocks.

To get to a random place in the world you can type /wild to be teleported to a area to start your life.

We also have PVP enabled in the world, but you have the ability to toggle that with /pvp .

Don't like the time of day being night or the the weather being rainy do /vote .

Have things you want to sell, learn how to create a shop with the /createshop command.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.augmentedmc.net

Server Details
Averstymc Survival 1.16.4
Economy / PvE / PvP / Survival / Adventure

Averstymc goal is to create a friendly server with fun and lots of adventure.
The server has different quests and even challenges and reguraly added updates to make the server more fun.

I hope you will give the server a try and join today!

Server is english only!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.averstymc.com

Server Details
Survival / Economy / PvP / Adventure

BCraft™, es un servidor de Minecraft dedicado al Survival. En nuestro servidor podrás encontrar un staff muy amigable, como también una gran comunidad donde podrás hacer nuevos amigos.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip jugar.bcraft.cl

Server Details