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Minecraft Anarchy Servers

Rank Server Players Types
PanNation # 1

# 1 PanNation 0/100


online Pannation.net

0/100 AnarchyCreativeEconomy
stormheart.net # 2

# 2 stormheart.net 0/20


online stormheart.net

0/20 AnarchyVanillaSurvivalPvPPvE

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Anarchy / Creative / Economy

PanNation is an OG KitPvP server with ultra high performance! We aim to bring back the old school KitPvP vibes and test your skill! Drop down into the arena and fight to the death. But be careful though, if you die you lose your items. Quickly gather loot and make it back to spawn! NPCs roam the map to make sure you don't try to enchant in their territory! Players can store their items in their player vault, /PV
*Besides our FFA Arena, we also have Duels to take on those trash talkers that think they're better!
*Found inside the arena are hidden parkours that lead to our LEGENDARY items at the end of them!
*Set bounties on players and make sure they are assassinated!
*Sell items in /Auction to earn more money.
*Trade items and $ with /Trade
*Vote for the server and gain more rewards and prizes!
*Earn enough money and purchase your very own plot to show off your building skills!
*Come join us today and be apart of this unique KitPvP server! :'D

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip Pannation.net

Server Details
Anarchy / Vanilla / Survival / PvP / PvE

stormheart is a gaming community based around the Minecraft server stormheart.net. Our community allows players to engage with developers during the creation process of the project. Within our server, we have documentation, notes, and channels designated for upcoming discussions about features ready to be implemented or modifications to existing packs. Our server features a gigantic 20,000 x 20,000 custom terrain with many biomes and trees which are carefully crafted for stormheart. Outside of the custom map to the north and west vanilla chunks spawn and we have a world border beyond set to 40,000 blocks. We plan to create a custom nether and end biome to further the adventure. We have so much anticipated and are excited to have others share the journey with us and wish all new players happy mining in the world we have created.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip stormheart.net

Server Details