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Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Mineark Network # 1

# 1 Mineark Network 0/20

Mineark Network

online play.mineark.net

0/20 PremiumSkyblockSurvival GamesBedwarsSkywarsKitPvP
PikyCraft # 2

# 2 PikyCraft 0/555


online play.pikycraft.cf

0/555 PremiumMini GamesParkourPvPSkyblockBedwars
Minecraftowo # 3

# 3 Minecraftowo 0/0


offline s42.crafthost.pl

0/0 Mini GamesBedwarsDiscordSurvivalAdventure
Hollowtree 1.16 # 4

# 4 Hollowtree 1.16 1/200

Hollowtree 1.16

online play.hollowtree.net

1/200 CreativeMCMMOSurvivalNetworkBedwars
NovaGames # 5

# 5 NovaGames 0/0


offline play.nvoagames.ml

0/0 Mini GamesPvPNetworkBedwarsDiscord
SandyLands # 6

# 6 SandyLands 0/0


online SandyLands.aternos.me

0/0 SurvivalBedwarsSkyblock
Astera Network # 7

# 7 Astera Network 0/100

Astera Network

online play.asteranetwork.vip

0/100 SkywarsSurvivalNetworkBedwarsAdventure
BloomNetwork # 8

# 8 BloomNetwork 0/10000


online play.bloomnetwork.net

0/10000 BedwarsSkywarsSkyblockSurvivalMini Games
Cat-City # 9

# 9 Cat-City 0/1500


offline play.cat-city.xyz

0/1500 KitPvPMini GamesMCMMOBedwarsSkywars
Detox Network # 10

# 10 Detox Network 48/500

Detox Network

online mc.detox.gg

48/500 EconomyMCMMOSurvivalAdventureBedwars
FantasyLand # 11

# 11 FantasyLand 0/1


online mc.fantasyland.live

0/1 SkyblockSurvivalSkywarsVanillaBedwars
GlitzMC Network # 12

# 12 GlitzMC Network 0/0

GlitzMC Network

online play.glitzmc.uk

0/0 PvPSkywarsBedwarsSurvival GamesMini Games
GwGamerSmP # 13

# 13 GwGamerSmP 0/0


offline gwhuntermc.aternos.me.aternos.

0/0 BedwarsSkywarsSkyblock
JuiceMC # 14

# 14 JuiceMC 0/0


offline play.JuiceMC.com

0/0 Mini GamesSkywarsBedwarsSurvival GamesKitPvP
Midlands # 15

# 15 Midlands 0/100


online play.mid-lands.net

0/100 SurvivalEconomyMini GamesPvPBedwars

Minecraft Servers | Details

Mineark Network
Skyblock / Survival Games / Bedwars / Skywars / KitPvP

We're thrilled to have you here with us on dominating our game modes.

Mineark proudly host * BedWars * Survival Games * Arcade * SkyBlock * CTF * SkyPVP * Warzone *

Mineark is not released to the public.
We're going to release one game mode at a time as a soft launch.
You may join in on the fun only if you're preapproved.

We will publish one game mode at a time to eliminate all bugs. Plus, any suggestions will much be appreciated and might end up in the game mode.

Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BJKDJ32

Alpha Tester Application: https://forms.gle/LnuAptP2D6DASLRA7

After all game modes have been tested, we will have our real soft launch of the full server open. The actual opening of the server will consist of popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers!

Stay tuned for updates as we will be rolling out fast and heavy!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.mineark.net

Server Details
Mini Games / Parkour / PvP / Skyblock / Bedwars

PikyCraft is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players.
Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed for all.

- Skyblock
- Bedwars
- KitPVP

IP: play.pikycraft.cf
Discord: dsc.gg/pikycraft

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip play.pikycraft.cf

Server Details
Mini Games / Bedwars / Discord / Survival / Adventure

Minecraftowo - serwer dla Ciebie i Twoich przyjaciół! Minecraftowo to survival z działkami, na wersji Minecraft 1.16.4 (obecnie, ale zawsze robimy sezony na aktualną wersję) Serwer zawiera plugin-y. Jest to piąta edycja serwera. Adres serwera to mc.mcraftowo.pl - bez portu

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip s42.crafthost.pl

Server Details
Hollowtree 1.16
Creative / MCMMO / Survival / Network / Bedwars

Enter a whole new world of possibilities.

"Helltree" 1.16 hard no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
"Honeytree" 1.16 Easy no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
Open world terrain 1.16 Creative Server
Bedwars Server
Minigames server coming soon!

At a glance: Ranks, events, pets crates, op gear and kits, economy, friendly, fun staff, flight, shops, Grief Prevention, Mcmmo, Jobs, auctions, random teleport, towns, much more.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.hollowtree.net

Server Details
Mini Games / PvP / Network / Bedwars / Discord

A small Java server in Alpha Mode!
We currently have BedWars KBFFA and Practice online since we are in Alpha.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.nvoagames.ml

Server Details
Survival / Bedwars / Skyblock

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip SandyLands.aternos.me

Server Details
Astera Network
Skywars / Survival / Network / Bedwars / Adventure

Un servidor nuevo con muchas misiones, nuevos mundos, dungeons, drogas, alcohol, mascotas nuevos crafteos y nuevos encantos

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.asteranetwork.vip

Server Details
Bedwars / Skywars / Skyblock / Survival / Mini Games

An extensive minigame-based network with BedWars, SkyWars, Duels, Hunger Games, Turf Wars, BuildBattle, SkyBlock, and Survival. We support Bedrock edition through the IP pe.bnforum.net, port 19132 default. We have a growing community and a Discord server, which can be joined with this link https://www.bloomnetwork.net/discordinv.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.bloomnetwork.net

Server Details
KitPvP / Mini Games / MCMMO / Bedwars / Skywars

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.cat-city.xyz

Server Details
Detox Network
Economy / MCMMO / Survival / Adventure / Bedwars

We are a fun community which aims to offer the most enjoyable Survival experience in Minecraft. The main focus of the server is our economy which has been tweaked and balanced to allow players to sell almost any item in the game! This allows for thousands of ways to earn money, which you can use to purchase in-game ranks, perks and more!

Supports 1.8 - 1.15
No Lag Survival Experience
No Griefing
Custom Economy with Balanced Prices
Rentable Player Shops
Safe Trading
Casino Betting
Old Combat Mechanics for Better PvP
Custom Plugins

Discord: https://discord.gg/v9H2445
Website: detox.gg

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip mc.detox.gg

Server Details
Skyblock / Survival / Skywars / Vanilla / Bedwars

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip mc.fantasyland.live

Server Details
GlitzMC Network
PvP / Skywars / Bedwars / Survival Games / Mini Games

     GlitzMC Network | For the players, by the players.
Welcome to the GlitzMC Network.
We offer a large variety of large PvP gamemodes for casual
gameplay, and for competitive gameplay, protected by the
worlds best server-side anticheat software. Client side
protection is available however not required to play on the

Minigames >
| SkyWars
| BedWars
| Survival Games
FFAs >
| KitPvP
| SkyPvP
| CavePvP
Competitive Games >
| The Bridge
| PracticePvP
| HCTeams

We hope to see you all online!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip play.glitzmc.uk

Server Details
Bedwars / Skywars / Skyblock

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip gwhuntermc.aternos.me.aternos.

Server Details
Mini Games / Skywars / Bedwars / Survival Games / KitPvP

play.juiceMC.com . join please to play minigames/SKY WARS /BEDWARS/KIT PVP/SKY BLOCK/CREATIVE/SURVIVAL GAMES/PVP

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip play.JuiceMC.com

Server Details
Survival / Economy / Mini Games / PvP / Bedwars

**MidLands | Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Survival **[1.16.2]

║ We now support **1.16.2!**

║ No non Survival Items
║ Daily Events
║ Friendly Community
║ Small Minigame Challenges for Fun

║ New type of "minecraft genera" in construction! open to community approx: 1 mouth +

**Join now at:** play.mid-lands.net
**or Join our Discord!** https://discord.gg/D99KwwJ
*images:* https://imgur.com/a/lN7n9PT

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.mid-lands.net

Server Details