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Rank Server Players Types

Minecraft Creative Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Minefun # 1

# 1 Minefun 122/750


online tmc.minefun.org

122/750 CreativeSkyblockSurvivalFactionsParkour
Hollowtree 1.16 # 2

# 2 Hollowtree 1.16 4/100

Hollowtree 1.16

online play.hollowtree.net

4/100 PremiumCreativeMCMMOSurvivalNetworkBedwars
RonanCraft # 3

# 3 RonanCraft 0/256


online mc.ronancraft.net

0/256 PremiumSurvivalDiscordSkyblockCreative
RoyalMC # 4

# 4 RoyalMC 0/1000


online theroyalmc.net

0/1000 PremiumFactionsCreativeKitPvPSkyblockMCMMO



online play.petalogames.com

0/350 PremiumCreativeMini GamesSkywarsSurvivalDiscord
LunaCraft # 6

# 6 LunaCraft 0/100


online play.lunacraftmc.net

0/100 PremiumSurvivalCreativeMCMMOEconomyDiscord
Profitblock # 7

# 7 Profitblock 0/1


online mc.profitblock.net

0/1 PremiumSkyblockCreativeEconomy
MCVantage.Net # 8

# 8 MCVantage.Net 4/1000


online MCVantage.Net

4/1000 CreativeSurvivalSkyblockRoleplayPvP
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16 # 9

# 9 TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16 40/1

TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16

online play.thenrk.net

40/1 CreativeFactionsMini GamesSkyblockTowny
Erentia # 10

# 10 Erentia 1/30


online servidor.erentia.xyz

1/30 VanillaCreativeEconomy
City100 # 11

# 11 City100 0/0


offline 123456789

0/0 Survival GamesCreativePokemon
Angel-Gaming # 12

# 12 Angel-Gaming 999/1000


online play.angel-gaming.com

999/1000 CreativeMCMMOSurvivalNetworkDiscord
Craftshark Network # 13

# 13 Craftshark Network 0/1000

Craftshark Network

online play.craftshark.games

0/1000 CreativeSkyblockFactionsPvPRoleplay
Farlands # 14

# 14 Farlands 0/100



0/100 EconomyCreativeSkyblockSurvivalDiscord
FortuneMC ($375 FTOP PAYOUT BI-WEEKLY) # 15
8/1400 FactionsCreativePrisonSkyblockRaiding

Top Minecraft Servers

Creative / Skyblock / Survival / Factions / Parkour

Come join us on this 1.16 Survival, 1.16 Skyblock, & 1.8.8 Faction experience. Alot of features, friendly community, and active staff!

➥ Factions:
- Factions Upgrades
- Faction Alts
- Flawless Printer
- Custom Enchantments
- Daily LVS & KoTH
- Leaderboards
- Best Anti Cheat

➥ Skyblock:
- Cubes: Increase your Island's points by purchasing and placing Cubes
- Player Shops: Buy and sell items to players and become richer
- Player Warps: Set your own warps and let players come visit your creations
- Play Time Levels: Level up by just playing! Get claim blocks, island radius expansions, money and more
- Custom Enchantments
- Coinflips
- Auctions

➥ Survival
- Play on the latest version (1.16), New nether mobs & items!
- Guilds
- Claim your own land
- Set your own warps
- Play Time Levels
- Quests
and a lot more!

➥ Type the IP TMC.MINEFUN.ORG in your Minecraft launcher after you click "add server"

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip tmc.minefun.org

Server Details
Hollowtree 1.16
Creative / MCMMO / Survival / Network / Bedwars

Enter a whole new world of possibilities.

"Helltree" 1.16.1 no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
"Honeytree" 1.15.2 no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
Open world terrain Creative Server
Bedwars Server
Minigames worlds
And more coming soon!

At a glance: Ranks, events, pets crates, op gear and kits, economy, friendly, fun staff, flight, shops, Grief Prevention, Mcmmo, Jobs, auctions, random teleport, towns, much more.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.hollowtree.net

Server Details
Survival / Discord / Skyblock / Creative

Join our small community and help create a stronger bond between server and player!
A server cannot live without the player, so why don't you drop by and see how strong a server can really be!
We have a nice staff team and always looking at ways to improve.
IP: play.ronancraft.net
Link: http://ronancraft.net
Many progressive Ranks, custom plugins, become a member today!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip mc.ronancraft.net

Server Details
Factions / Creative / KitPvP / Skyblock / MCMMO


RoyalMC is a multi game mode server that has 6 exciting games for you to enjoy!

We support 1.8-1.16 to ensure everyone can have fun!

We have game modes ranging from Factions, Skyblock Creative, to Mining, Practice, and KitPvP.

The game modes are balanced, making sure that skill isn't the only factor to win.

Each game mode is always getting updates consistently trying to make it more enjoyable.
The staff are friendly and try to ensure the best playing experience on RoyalMC by banning rule breakers and fixing bugs.

RoyalMC also has some ranks to enhance your experience overall without it being unfair for the casual player!

If you are interested about buying a rank, or want more information about what each rank will add to your experience, you can find more information at https://store.theroyalmc.net/!.

If you would like to discuss the server, you can join our discord or forums! https://forums.theroyalmc.net/ https://discord.theroyalmc.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip theroyalmc.net

Server Details
Creative / Mini Games / Skywars / Survival / Discord

IP: play.petalogames.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip play.petalogames.com

Server Details
Survival / Creative / MCMMO / Economy / Discord

LunaCraft is running on version 1.16.1. We do not have a world border in the Overworld, Nether, or End, so you can explore and build as far as you’d like! The server is mostly survival, but there is a free-build Creative world and a world with games, like FreezeTag and TNT Tag.

We have plugins that add to the game, without ruining the Minecraft experience, including mcMMO, Jobs, Protection Stones, and some plugins custom coded by the server owner, unique to LunaCraft. We also have grief protection plugins and a friendly, helpful staff team.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.lunacraftmc.net

Server Details
Skyblock / Creative / Economy

Play on ProfitBlock, an up to date Minecraft SkyBlock server. Start an island in a collaborative effort with your friends. IP: Mc.ProfitBlock.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip mc.profitblock.net

Server Details
Creative / Survival / Skyblock / Roleplay / PvP

MCVantage is a game-changer for players. We give as much freedom as possible for the best experience. We are a friendly, relaxed community, and quickly growing!

- CREATIVE: Free WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Schematics
- Skyblock
- Disneyland
- 1.8 PVP
- City
- Minigames coming soon!
IP: MCVantage.Net
Website: MCVantage.US
Discord: Discord.MCVantage.Us

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip MCVantage.Net

Server Details
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16
Creative / Factions / Mini Games / Skyblock / Towny

TheNRKNetwork (1.7 - 1.16)About the server:TheNRK is the server that offers something that no other server brings, but offers uniqueness to its name. TheNRK is notorious, and has a variety of excitement and fun things to give. Not only to bring excitement on first join, but to bring happiness for a great server. Factions: You'll be brought into a world, where there is no OP or unfair starter kits when you first join. You will be brought into a fairplay community, who will maybe conquer you later in the server. So be prepared to bring your A game and fight for glory, cause this server will be your server to come out on top! Creative: Welcome to the world of Creative, get to be creative with your builds and have many fun things!! Get to choose to build in 3 different sized plot categories, 68 x 68, 100 x 100 or 150 x 150. Also to use cosmetics on the side to have fun with worldedit, pets and cool gadgets!Towny: Come and join the peaceful custom server with a beautiful scenery and amazing biomes. We want you to feel free of anything PVP and in peace in the world of Towny.Bending: Like the cartoon series, become the mighty bender of the 4 elements to show up your opponents on how skilled and powerful you are!Survival: Like classic plain survival? No Factions or Towny functions? Want to enjoy just the basics? Well come into the world of survival, where you are given a chest to claim a nice huge chunk of land. And build all you want in a peaceful serenity.Skyblock: Play on a beauti

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.thenrk.net

Server Details
Vanilla / Creative / Economy

¡Bienvenidxs a la comunidad del servidor de Minecraft, Erentia!
Erentia es un servidor de Minecraft (premium) basado en el survival/vanilla.
Aquí podrás construir tu propia ciudad, crear edificios increibles, y, lo más importante de todo, conocer a gente muy amable que quiere pasar el rato jugando con compañeros como tú.

¡Actualmente el servidor está abierto!
Queremos hacer que todxs estén lo más cómodo posible, así que si quieres empezar a conocer a más gente con ganas de jugar como tu... ¡Erentia es tu sitio!

Lo mejor de todo es que tenemos servidor de Discord, así que si quieres conocernos y ver los avances del servidor antes que nadie, haz click en el enlace que tendrás aquí abajo.
¡También puedes seguirnos en Twitter!

Discord: https://discord.gg/hJfX6rP
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ErentiaMC
IP: servidor.erentia.xyz

¡Gracias y nos vemos dentro!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip servidor.erentia.xyz

Server Details
Survival Games / Creative / Pokemon

Connect to this Minecraft server using the ip 123456789

Server Details
Creative / MCMMO / Survival / Network / Discord

Angel-Gaming Minecraft Server

Join us for the epic relaunch of Angel-Gaming! Launching with 3 servers available more to come soon!

Survival: Adventure to distant lands, raid your enemy's, or become your own king, and start a kingdom the choice is yours!

Creative: Plot based creative worlds, build to your hearts desire!

Tierra: MCMMO Survival World!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.angel-gaming.com

Server Details
Craftshark Network
Creative / Skyblock / Factions / PvP / Roleplay

Craftshark Network!
Join with an version between
1.8 - 1.16

Current gamemode:


Join today!
IP: play.craftshark.games
Website: www.craftshark.games

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.craftshark.games

Server Details
Economy / Creative / Skyblock / Survival / Discord

Farlanders Java Edition
Java Edition 1.16.1
Survival,creative, More Coming Soon
Plugins to help gameplay
Friendly and Active Staff!
Consider joining and giving our community a shot, I can assure you that you won`t regret it

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip

Server Details
Factions / Creative / Prison / Skyblock / Raiding

Who are we?
FortuneMC is a 1.7 - 1.15.2 custom Skyblock and Factions server. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, memorable and exciting Minecraft experience. This is supported by a passionate staffing team, top-tier server hardware and a plethora of daily events to keep you busy!

What do we offer?
- WildStacker
- CrazyCrates
- Custom enchants
- In-game ranking system
- Gen buckets
- Passes

But most importantly... we offer seasonal 15 days 375 Factions F Top Payouts.
So what are you waiting for? Come join us now at play.fortune-mc.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip play.fortune-mc.com

Server Details