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Rank Server Players Types
Atomic Dimension # 1

# 1 Atomic Dimension 0/200

Atomic Dimension

online atomicdimension.uk

0/200 PremiumFactionsHardcoreMCMMOSurvival
Lost Lands Anarchy / Crystal PVP # 2
0/666 AnarchyPvPHardcore
Valor # 3

# 3 Valor 0/250


online mc.valorserver.com

0/250 HardcoreFactionsDiscord
GoatLand # 4

# 4 GoatLand 1/200


online goatland.xyz

1/200 PrisonSurvivalEconomyHardcorePvP
EnderGOD Network # 5

# 5 EnderGOD Network 0/0

EnderGOD Network

online mc.endergod.net

0/0 CreativeFactionsHardcoreMini GamesDiscord
Flawless Hardcore Survival # 6

# 6 Flawless Hardcore Survival 0/1000

Flawless Hardcore Survival

offline FlawlessNetwork.net

0/1000 AnarchyHardcorePvPSurvivalPvE
Foxymaster # 7

# 7 Foxymaster 0/0


offline Twitch:foxymaster

0/0 HardcoreAdventureMCMMO
FracturedPvP # 8

# 8 FracturedPvP 0/100


offline play.fracturedpvp.com

0/100 FactionsHardcorePvEPvPRaiding
Havoc PVP # 9

# 9 Havoc PVP 0/100

Havoc PVP

online havocpvp.mcserv.me

0/100 FactionsHardcorePvPRaidingDiscord
LincolnSmp # 10

# 10 LincolnSmp 0/0


offline Lincoln.Io

0/0 SurvivalHardcorePvP
MatrixHCF # 11

# 11 MatrixHCF 0/1000


online matrixhcf.club

0/1000 FactionsPvPNetworkDiscordHardcore
NoBanMC # 12

# 12 NoBanMC 0/1000


offline Play.NoBanMc.com

0/1000 AnarchyVanillaRaidingPvPHardcore
Overclockedmc # 13

# 13 Overclockedmc 0/80


offline play.overclockedmc.com

0/80 FactionsEconomyPvPHardcoreSurvival
PeacefulVanilla [1.16.X] # 14

# 14 PeacefulVanilla [1.16.X] 0/35

PeacefulVanilla [1.16.X]

online play.peacefulvanilla.ml

0/35 VanillaSurvivalHardcore
Rede harmony # 15

# 15 Rede harmony 1/1000

Rede harmony

online jogar.redeharmony.com

1/1000 EconomyFactionsHardcore

Minecraft Servers | Details

Atomic Dimension
Factions / Hardcore / MCMMO / Survival

Atomic Dimension is a relatively small server suited for all kinds of people. With multiple worlds for enjoyment.
First off the original world in the server factions! You can challenge players, Wreck peoples stuff, and raid player bases.
Then there’s the hardcore world, Which is rough, tough, and challenging! Here you can run in to many hard mobs.
Last but not least, we have our SMP. Where you can chill with friends, and just generally relax.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip atomicdimension.uk

Server Details
Lost Lands Anarchy / Crystal PVP
Anarchy / PvP / Hardcore

Welcome to Lost Lands, a Minecraft network with no rules!

We've been waiting for your arrival...

Our brand new Crystal PVP is open and ready for players!

The anarchy server is almost 4 months old and has many active groups, bases, and a weekly fight club! Join now and start up your own base or attempt to earn the trust of current groups!

IP / website: lostlands.co (2b2t.lol if you're into that 😉)
Discord: invite.gg/lostlands

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip mc.lostlands.co

Server Details
Hardcore / Factions / Discord

Valor MC is launching season TWO of Hardcore Factions! A completely custom and unique take on HCF with RPG Elements! We're an established gaming community taking Minecraft by storm! Join us today!

We have dozens of unique elements and an established community. We've been operating game servers for over four years.

We're completely ground up custom with features such as staves, custom mobs, and tons of RPG elements. Perfectly balanced pvp and custom knockback.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip mc.valorserver.com

Server Details
Prison / Survival / Economy / Hardcore / PvP

Host 24/7
Java 1.8.0 - 1.8.9

✵ 20 Rankups (Cada rango con su respectiva mina y kit)
✵ Encantamientos EPICOS (Blindness, Poison, Slow, etc.)
✵ Nuevo sistema de economía (Perlas)✵ Economía equilibrada
✵ Menús interactivos
✵ Soporte de Bots
✵ Sistema de Tops (millonarios, invites, kills, asesinatos)
✵ Protecciones (Pequeña - Grande)
✵ Rangos VIP:
➛ Elite ➛ Gold ➛ Delta ➛ Goat
✵ Keys:
➛ Eventos ➛ Basic ➛ Supreme
✵ Sistema de clanes
✵ Warps ➛ MinaPVP ➛ Crates ➛ Comida y mas
✵Nuevo sistema de PVP
✵Colores de chat
✵Sistema de invitadores
✵Se busca equipo de STAFF y builders (Se hará su respectiva prueba)
DISCORD: discord.goatland.xyz
TIENDA: goatland.tebex.io
IP: goatland.xyz

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip goatland.xyz

Server Details
EnderGOD Network
Creative / Factions / Hardcore / Mini Games / Discord

EndeRGoD NETWORK the first Bulgarian minecraft factions that is now Network server with a lot of games and funny things! Staff is friendly,Online everytime!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip mc.endergod.net

Server Details
Flawless Hardcore Survival
Anarchy / Hardcore / PvP / Survival / PvE

Hey and welcome to our new take on the Hardcore Minecraft!

PVP and GRIEF is allowed everywhere with a catch.
If you die, you will be banned for a certain amount of time unless you kill others or gain "Lives" by playing a certain amount of time.
You start with 1 Life, if you die you will be banned from 2-50 hours,.

Here the mobs and creatures are brutal, and there is a lot of variety of different things that can happen with you, for example you are mining coal and suddenly the coal vein explodes out of nowhere.

Be careful when you first spawn in, you only start with 1 life!
if you die, you need to wait a long time before you will be unbanned again!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip FlawlessNetwork.net

Server Details
Hardcore / Adventure / MCMMO

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Twitch:foxymaster

Server Details
Factions / Hardcore / PvE / PvP / Raiding


Join FracturedPvP, a torn world that is overrun by two elements, Fire and Ice, a Fractured world. Start your Journey today and prepare for battle against Epic Monsters and other Factions who seek to take you down.

[+] Factions
[+] Faction Missions, Upgrades & Shop
[+] Spawner/Cane Economy
[+] Flawless Cannons
[+] Upgradable Mob Spawners
[+] Mob Grinding & MobCoins
[+] Custom Creeper Eggs
[+] Hoe Harvesters
[+] ChunkCollectors
[+] Gambling

IP Address: play.fracturedpvp.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ju4KXkY
Store: http://fracturedpvpmc.buycraft.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.fracturedpvp.com

Server Details
Havoc PVP
Factions / Hardcore / PvP / Raiding / Discord

Simple Minecraft hardcore faction server with original faction and pvp elements dedicated to invoke a sense of nostalgia
from the old days or when you were younger playing your favorite faction pvp server where things like an unfair paid
advantage (P2W) didn't exist, and the measure of your skill was based off of hard, satisfying, work.

A rather bare bones faction server that wont help you with ridiculous kits, donator ranks, or voter rewards.
No unfair economy as the economy is made up of gold and is player based
Take advantage of quality of life commands and plugins such as default 5 sethomes, /f warps, soup heal, mobcatcher, silkspawners, and obsidian breaker.
No ridiculous OP items like iron golem spawners, nor any custom enchants.
This server won't hold your hand
Original PVP mechanics
Soft deathban
Working on adding KOTH's
World border is 7k x 7k

ip: havocpvp.mcserv.me

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip havocpvp.mcserv.me

Server Details
Survival / Hardcore / PvP


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Lincoln.Io

Server Details
Factions / PvP / Network / Discord / Hardcore

Matrix is an HCF server that has been up for about 2 years. It is on the versions 1.7 and 1.8. The current gamemodes that are up right now are Kitmap and practice but we are expanding rapidly with many more updates to come

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip matrixhcf.club

Server Details
Anarchy / Vanilla / Raiding / PvP / Hardcore

NoBanMc is a no-rules server thats on hard difficulty with buffed mobs. Getting banned in this server is impossible hence the name NO BAN MC. There are commands available for use to fully maximize your player experience. In addition to a Free Rank and 32k weapons given out on start.

/Upgrade to enchant weapons all the way up to LV 32767
/Dupe spawns items to meet one stack in your hand
/Enchant for vanilla level enchantments
/Fly for flying on the server
/Condense to turn ingots into blocks
Also Chestsorting and trading with /trade


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Play.NoBanMc.com

Server Details
Factions / Economy / PvP / Hardcore / Survival

(1.8.8+)A new Factions Server with Paypal Payout for FTOP. We feature a premium factions experience with a gui Based server , including Custom Enchants,Abilities,Special Mask, Perected Cannoining with little to no TPS drop and so much more Come check us today

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.overclockedmc.com

Server Details
PeacefulVanilla [1.16.X]
Vanilla / Survival / Hardcore

A peaceful vanilla server where nobody hacks and grief, play together to build a friendly community and build nice houses. No hacks are allowed on this server. Now bedrock players are able to join!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.peacefulvanilla.ml

Server Details
Rede harmony
Economy / Factions / Hardcore

Connect to this Minecraft server using the ip jogar.redeharmony.com

Server Details