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Rank Server Players Types
Lost Lands Anarchy

Lost Lands Anarchy 0/69

Lost Lands Anarchy

online mc.lostlands.co

0/69 AnarchyPvPHardcore

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Rank Server Players Types
FracturedPvP # 1

# 1 FracturedPvP 0/100


online play.fracturedpvp.com

0/100 PremiumFactionsHardcorePvEPvPRaiding
Lost Lands Anarchy # 2

# 2 Lost Lands Anarchy 0/69

Lost Lands Anarchy

online mc.lostlands.co

0/69 AnarchyPvPHardcore
Rede harmony # 3

# 3 Rede harmony 382/1000

Rede harmony

online jogar.redeharmony.com

382/1000 EconomyFactionsHardcore
SuperMistMc # 4

# 4 SuperMistMc 0/100


online mc.supermistmc.com

0/100 SurvivalMini GamesHardcoreMCMMOParkour

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Factions / Hardcore / PvE / PvP / Raiding


Join FracturedPvP, a torn world that is overrun by two elements, Fire and Ice, a Fractured world. Start your Journey today and prepare for battle against Epic Monsters and other Factions who seek to take you down.

[+] Factions
[+] Faction Missions, Upgrades & Shop
[+] Spawner/Cane Economy
[+] Flawless Cannons
[+] Upgradable Mob Spawners
[+] Mob Grinding & MobCoins
[+] Custom Creeper Eggs
[+] Hoe Harvesters
[+] ChunkCollectors
[+] Gambling

IP Address: play.fracturedpvp.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ju4KXkY
Store: http://fracturedpvpmc.buycraft.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.fracturedpvp.com

Server Details
Lost Lands Anarchy
Anarchy / PvP / Hardcore

Welcome to the Lost Lands!

We've been awaiting your arrival. Now that you're here, make yourself a base and remember to be careful who you trust...you never know who may turn on you.

Clients 1.12.2-1.16.1 Supported

No Anti-Cheat – No Resets – /tpa enabled

Lost Lands is a 3-month-old Anarchy server with an active player base, multiple groups, and efforts to not only expand highways but add stops as well!

Cracked accounts are welcome as long as they are not using the username of an existing premium Minecraft account. A separate authentication server exists to ensure account spoofing and coordinate retrieval will not happen. Premium accounts will be automatically registered and logged in.

IP & website: lostlands.co (2b2t.lol if you're into that 😉)
Discord: discord.gg/RhrJhZs

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip mc.lostlands.co

Server Details
Rede harmony
Economy / Factions / Hardcore

Connect to this Minecraft server using the ip jogar.redeharmony.com

Server Details
Survival / Mini Games / Hardcore / MCMMO / Parkour

An awesome OP Survival Server has released for you to unravel a great journey and experience.

Awesome Custom Enchants
1.8 Combat Style
OP Boss Mobs
Super Minions
Special Spawners
Custom Crafting and Furnaces Recipes
Interesting Quests
Cool Rewards
Daily Challenges and Rewards
Player Warps
Chest Shops
Auto Sell Chests
Lottery, Coinflip and much more

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip mc.supermistmc.com

Server Details