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Minecraft KitPvP Servers

Rank Server Players Types

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
SGCraft # 1

# 1 SGCraft 89/420


online play.sgcraft.net

89/420 SurvivalSkyblockVanillaKitPvPCreative
DipCraft # 2

# 2 DipCraft 5/300


online play.DipCraft.ro

5/300 SurvivalKitPvPSkyblockEconomyCracked
Silly smp {towerdefense}  {setbounties} # 3
0/20 PremiumSMPEconomyMini GamesRaidingMCMMOFactionsKitPvP
Athios # 4

# 4 Athios 0/250


online play.athiosmc.com

0/250 KitPvPMini GamesPvPDiscord
Moonlit Adventures # 5

# 5 Moonlit Adventures 0/0

Moonlit Adventures

offline play.moonlitadventures.net

0/0 TownyCreativeSkyblockSkywarsKitPvPPvEDiscord
MysticDovah # 6

# 6 MysticDovah 7/250


online play.mysticdovah.com

7/250 EconomyKitPvPSurvival
World of Apollo Network # 7

# 7 World of Apollo Network 2/420

World of Apollo Network

online worldofapollo.com

2/420 SurvivalCreativeKitPvPBedwarsNetwork
EiRoSans # 8

# 8 EiRoSans 69/100


online play.eiromc.xyz

69/100 EconomyKitPvPRoleplayVanillaDiscord
GiganticPvP # 9

# 9 GiganticPvP 0/0


offline giganticpvp.net

0/0 KitPvPPvPSpigotDiscord
AccretionFactions # 10

# 10 AccretionFactions 0/0


offline accretion.ga

0/0 FactionsKitPvPPvPSurvivalRaiding
AllCraft # 11

# 11 AllCraft 0/0


offline AllCraft.sytes.net

0/0 EconomyKitPvPPvPSurvivalDiscord
AtomicMC # 12

# 12 AtomicMC 999/1000


online play.itsatomic.org

999/1000 FactionsKitPvPSurvival
Bearzky Games # 13

# 13 Bearzky Games 16/200

Bearzky Games

online mc.bearzky.com

16/200 SurvivalSkyblockVanillaKitPvP
Beast MC # 14

# 14 Beast MC 0/800

Beast MC

online beastmc.net

0/800 SurvivalPvPKitPvPFactionsPvE
Bmsmp # 15

# 15 Bmsmp 0/0


offline bmsmp.beast.me

0/0 KitPvPPvPSurvivalSkywarsSurvival Games
Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3 # 16

# 16 Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3 0/0

Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3

offline mc.bytegaming.xyz

0/0 PrisonFactionsSkyblockKitPvP
Cat-City # 17

# 17 Cat-City 0/1500


offline play.cat-city.xyz

0/1500 KitPvPMini GamesMCMMOBedwarsSkywars
CentrixPvP Network # 18

# 18 CentrixPvP Network 0/1000

CentrixPvP Network

online play.skybattle.net

0/1000 FactionsKitPvPNetworkPvP
ClassiCraft Towny # 19

# 19 ClassiCraft Towny 0/0

ClassiCraft Towny

offline join.classicraftmc.net

0/0 EconomyTownyPvPMCMMOKitPvP
CrusherNetwork # 20

# 20 CrusherNetwork 0/250


online play.crushernetwork.eu

0/250 SkywarsKitPvPSky FactoryPrison
CynicalMC # 21

# 21 CynicalMC 0/20


online play.cynicalmc.net

0/20 KitPvPSkyblockSurvival
Detrexia # 22

# 22 Detrexia 0/0


offline de13.falix.gg:57107

0/0 FactionsKitPvPSurvival
Distrito Memories # 23

# 23 Distrito Memories 0/0

Distrito Memories

offline mc.distritomemories.es

0/0 SurvivalKitPvPSkyblock
Domicraft Network # 24

# 24 Domicraft Network 4/150

Domicraft Network

online mc.domicraft.ml

4/150 KitPvPSkyblockSurvivalPrisonNetwork
DropKills Network # 25

# 25 DropKills Network 0/25

DropKills Network

online dropkills.net

0/25 KitPvPSkyblockPvP

Minecraft Servers | Details

Survival / Skyblock / Vanilla / KitPvP / Creative

Fancy a nice community for lots of exicting game modes? SGCraft is the place to be.
Features of the server:
Custom Monsters/Weapons/Dungeons Survival
Skyblock with Minions
Vanilla Survival
Factions on Earth Map

Join our discord today! https://discord.sgcraft.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.sgcraft.net

Server Details
Survival / KitPvP / Skyblock / Economy / Cracked

Join and play chill on our community. Enjoy a realxing custom survival with custom enchants and unique fishing experience. Play some slots or coinflip game for fun time to time, enjoy a drink at our in-game Bar!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.DipCraft.ro

Server Details
Silly smp {towerdefense} {setbounties}
SMP / Economy / Mini Games / Raiding / MCMMO / Factions / KitPvP

This is a smp but with a lot of features to get your team up and fighting! Also people in the server are non toxic besides in war. There are minigames like

-kitpvp 1 map

-tower defense 6 maps

- survival games 1 map

- skywars 1 map

- tnt run 1 map

- tnt tag 1 map

You can create land and fight other lands after you go in war you get a shield like in clash of clans that make it so you do not get in wars after a war.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip sillysmp.apexmc.co

Server Details
KitPvP / Mini Games / PvP / Discord

Unique gamemode SEARCH AND DESTROY
2 Teams! 1.8 PVP
Loads of kits to choose!
Unique maps!
Achievements, cosmetics, and more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.athiosmc.com

Server Details
Moonlit Adventures
Towny / Creative / Skyblock / Skywars / KitPvP / PvE / Discord

We’re an Australian server with multiple game modes to enjoy, including Towny, Skyblock, Creative, Kit PvP, and Skywars!

Best of all we support CROSS-PLAY between Java and Bedrock (Console, Switch, mobile etc) editions of the game!

We have over 75 plugins in total to make our server unique, ranging from a Jukebox that plays atmospheric music at spawns, tree-felling animations, Mob Arena, interactive NPCs, Armour stand editors, a server map, pets, heads, NPCs, and so much more!

Join us today at play.moonlitadventures.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.moonlitadventures.net

Server Details
Economy / KitPvP / Survival

MysticDovah Survival Server | IP: play.mysticdovah.com

We are a new Minecraft Survival server, here to welcome you into our custom world gens and exciting plugins for you to enjoy! MysticDovah has a friendly community and experienced staff who are ready to help you with anything and everything you’ll need in your time on our server.

Our GameModes Include:
- Survival
- Skyblock
- Skypvp
- Bedwars
- Skywars
- Murder Mystery
- Village Defense
- Build Battle

Our server hosts versions 1.8 - 1.16.3!

IP: play.mysticdovah.com
Website: www.mysticdovah.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CWTQek5frf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysticDovah
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MysticDovah/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MysticDovah
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSFDTmSPm-68OJ2zTKsjqQ?view_as

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.mysticdovah.com

Server Details
World of Apollo Network
Survival / Creative / KitPvP / Bedwars / Network

The World of Apollo has been a active Minecraft community for over 8 years and we are proud to say that many Members have called use home for 5 years or longer,
We use a Guest system anyone may connect and take a tour chat with our community in order to begin play you must submit a application.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip worldofapollo.com

Server Details
Economy / KitPvP / Roleplay / Vanilla / Discord


Haii, Aku Mau Bagi Tau Nih
Ada Server Minecraft Yang Wajib Banget Kalian *JOIN*~🍀

```dan kalian di Server ini bisa mabar dengan player Java juga lho!, Yang player MCPE, bisa Join juga kok!🐥 + Kalian Bisa RolePlay Bareng Temen Kalian juga lhoo!🕊️ ```

_🦋Keterangan Server Bisa Lanjut Kalian Baca DiBawah Sinih Okey!, Jangan Lupa DiSave Ip&Port-Nya Biar Kita Bisa Mabar, Dan Jangan Lupa Ajak Teman Kamu Yahh~_

\ _Server Info_ /
_➳ IP: Silahkan Join Grup Kami Terlebih Dahulu Yah^^_🧾
_➳ Port MCPE: 19132 (Default)🧾_
_➳ Port JAVA: -🧾_

꒰ 🐥 ꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔*:・゚

📝/ _For *MCPE*: 1.16.200 - 1.16.210_

📝/ _For *JAVA*: 1.8 - 1.16.5_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
🎞️• ```Fitur :```
↳ _BPK SMP⛓️_
↳ _PVP ⚔️_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
• ```Fast Link :```
↳ _WhatsApp : https://wa.eiromc.xyz 📞_
↳ _Discord : https://discord.eiromc.xyz📟_
↳ _Vote : https://vote.eiromc.xyz 🖲️_
↳ _Server Status : https://uptime.eiromc.xyz📊_
↳ _Website : https://website.eiromc.xyz🍪_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
↳ _Need support?, Contact [email protected] 🔊_


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.eiromc.xyz

Server Details
KitPvP / PvP / Spigot / Discord

♦GiganticPvP♦ IMG

         KitPvPOnly| 140Kits+| Custom Abilities | Upgrades

"KitPvP Gigantic" 1.8.8 Only

- Jump n Run
- KitPvP Only
- English Language
- Custom Kits
- Ultimate Abilities
- Events
- New Content Weekly!
- Upgrades
- Fun
- Kill-Effects
- Friendly Staff
- over 140 abilities
- no repetitive kits
- explosion and particle physics
- stats menu
- team system
- kit market were you sell your kits
- KitBoxes to unlock new kits
- killstreaks
- Bounties

New updates every week! (Coming soon: Duels, PvPBot Practice!)

Choose from a pre-set category of kits (140), each with their own unique
items and abilities. They use these kits to fight against each other,
earning points and climb up the elo rating.

"Derstine (Admin) : Fights look awesome (due to the edited explosion
effects, like block spread on explosions and many characters that have
cool looking abilities the fights look really really good!"

If you want to stay up to date, join our Discord server, where you can discuss requests or improvements with the team. You can also
exchange ideas with others and see our server logs. If we have piqued
your interest, we would be delighted if you would stop by our server.

There will be regular events on our server where we will raffle different items, such as:Coupons, Gold, Discord Nitro, etc. If you have goo

We're just getting started. Much more will come in the future.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip giganticpvp.net

Server Details
Factions / KitPvP / PvP / Survival / Raiding

Here at Accretion Factions we have recreated the Faction experience and have dedicated a server for OG players too enjoy OP Factions like the good old days and it will also be a inviting experience for new players to enjoy and create there own adventure here at Accretion Network!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip accretion.ga

Server Details
Economy / KitPvP / PvP / Survival / Discord

This is a Server that has Survival and KitPvP, we have friendly staff, a discord server, and more Gamemodes coming soon!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip AllCraft.sytes.net

Server Details
Factions / KitPvP / Survival

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.itsatomic.org

Server Details
Bearzky Games
Survival / Skyblock / Vanilla / KitPvP

Nuestra comunidad Bearzky nació para que pases momentos agradables disfrutando de nuestras modalidades y servicios que ofrecemos, día a día, trabajamos con un gran esfuerzo y dedicación para ello, ¡Si realmente estás convencido, no dudes en visitarnos! ¡Te esperamos!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.bearzky.com

Server Details
Beast MC
Survival / PvP / KitPvP / Factions / PvE

Beast Mc
Practice Server
Kit PvP
Weekly Events
Discord Server: www.beastmc.net/discord
We are also looking for staff members that are experienced, apply on our website!
Website: BeastMc.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip beastmc.net

Server Details
KitPvP / PvP / Survival / Skywars / Survival Games

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip bmsmp.beast.me

Server Details
Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3
Prison / Factions / Skyblock / KitPvP

Byte Gaming is a unique Gaming network with multiple different game styles!

Some of the unique features:
- Skyblock
- OP-Prison
- OP-Factions
- Survival
- Annihilation

And much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip mc.bytegaming.xyz

Server Details
KitPvP / Mini Games / MCMMO / Bedwars / Skywars

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.cat-city.xyz

Server Details
CentrixPvP Network
Factions / KitPvP / Network / PvP

Welcome to CentrixPVP Network.

We are a PvP based Minecraft community with a lot of game modes.
Our goal is to give you the best Minecraft experience on our server.

We are constantly updating our server's and coming up with new ways to become unique for YOU!

These gamemodes are currently available on our network:
Murder Mystery

More Gamemodes will be added soon.

IP: [b] Play.skybattle.net [/b]
Site: http://www.centrixpvp.eu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentrixPVP
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/CentrixPlaysMC
Supported Minecraft versions: 1.8 /1.15.1 (1.16 supported)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.skybattle.net

Server Details
ClassiCraft Towny
Economy / Towny / PvP / MCMMO / KitPvP

Venture back to the time of the Roman Empire to witness its beauty and grandeur! Explore the architecture and walk the streets, purchase your own shop in the great marketplace, or even battle it out inside the legendary Colosseum! Carve out your path and build your community in this one of a kind Towny experience!


IP - join.classicraftmc.net
Website - https://www.classicraftmc.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip join.classicraftmc.net

Server Details
Skywars / KitPvP / Sky Factory / Prison

Crusher network

- = GameModes = -

Prison RP
a nice nice prison server but not your typical mine prison it is a real prison here you can fish, love to earn money you get higher in the corridors and also try to escape yourself

Not your typical skyblock server we are using generatos to create items minions, Mobcoins, Bosses, And a totally custom feature. they are not just mobs

This is also not your standard kitpvp server we have custom kits with custom enchant ments kill people and get xp on your items too enchant it is also possible to get kits if you kill people every kill has a chance to drop something good

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.crushernetwork.eu

Server Details
KitPvP / Skyblock / Survival

Join Today: play.cynicalmc.neet
Reach us on forums: www.cynicalmc.net

CynicalMC is a fast expanding Minecraft network since 2017. We offer a safe and fun network to play on for all ages!

CynicalMC currently offers:

Join today and start your adventure with our friendly professional staff team. join us and we promise you that you will have fun on our network! Invite your friends to make your new adventure fun for yourself and for your friends! See you soon.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.cynicalmc.net

Server Details
Factions / KitPvP / Survival

`||:wave: Hey, tu connais detrexia ? Non ? Alors laisse moi te le présenter.

C'est un serveur minecraft pvp faction / survival / pvp-kit avec 3 minage pour le serveur faction. Il y aura une boutique des factions et plein d'autre choses !
Je te laisse avec une carte des réseaux sociaux et des informations du serveur discord du serveur et si tu as envie de partir à l'aventure, rejoint nous ! :wink:

- Partie du serveur discord :
:speech_balloon: - Une partie écrite
:microphone2: - Une partie vocal
:necktie: - des staff à votre disposition

- Créateur du serveur :

- Invitation discord :

N'hésite pas à nous rejoindre !

PS : On recherche du staff de tout type, alors venez on vous attend.`||

version [ 1.8x - 1.17 ]

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip de13.falix.gg:57107

Server Details
Distrito Memories
Survival / KitPvP / Skyblock

Un servidor soporte 1.7-1.16, Con 3 modalidades activas (Survival, Skyblock, KitPvP) y 2 en mantenimiento que muy pronto se abrirán (Practice y SkyWars), con buen hit detection, conexión y tiendas interactivas, sistema de registro semipremium, te esperamos :3

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip mc.distritomemories.es

Server Details
Domicraft Network
KitPvP / Skyblock / Survival / Prison / Network

IP: mc.domicraft.ml
Tienda: tienda.domicraft.ml
Discord: https://discord.gg/UydqUEX

¡Somos una Network hispano hablante conocida por bastantes personas!
Podrás jugar a diferentes modalidades con plugins customizados, compras de rangos globales, y diferentes items muy útiles no muy comunes en otros servidores.

Nuestras modalidades:
Survival: ¿Lograrás sobrevivir a los malvados protegiendo tus cosas con una protección? ¿O les tienes miedo y prefieres usar una parcela? ¿Lograrás mantener tu clan con vida y ser el mejor clan? ¿Cuál es tu tipo?
¡Entra y descúbrelo!

Skyblock: Estás solo en un vacío, tu, tu isla y unos pocos materiales, ¿lograrás sobrevivir al tenebroso vacío y las maldades que esconde?
¡Entra y descúbrelo!

Kit-PvP: Disfruta con tus amigos y las demás personas de un pvp limpio en la arena, o si tienes malos gráficos (FPS) en la arena anti-lag.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip mc.domicraft.ml

Server Details
DropKills Network
KitPvP / Skyblock / PvP

DropKills is a Minecraft server were you can play gamemodes such as Skyblock, Kit PvP, and many more to come. On DropKills we value a great community, supportive staff members, and players. We are ALWAYS open to suggestions and would be happy to make whatever our players want into a reality. We are looking for new staff members, you can visit our website to submit an application. We hope our players have the best experience possible playing on our server. Thank you for playing on DropKills!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip dropkills.net

Server Details