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Minecraft Network Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Smash Wizards

Smash Wizards 0/1

Smash Wizards

online play.smashwizards.net

0/1 PvPSkywarsNetwork

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
SurvivalMania ~ Fun and unique Survival # 1
25/370 SurvivalPvEAdventureNetworkDiscord
Craftico # 2

# 2 Craftico 0/1000


online play.craftico.xyz

0/1000 PremiumSkyblockSurvivalNetworkDiscordTowny
Charged Craft # 3

# 3 Charged Craft 0/1337

Charged Craft

offline Soon!

0/1337 PremiumSkyblockSurvivalVanillaNetworkMini Games
MetalMc # 4

# 4 MetalMc 2/1000


online play.metalmc.net

2/1000 PremiumCreativeMCMMOSurvivalDiscordNetwork
AjacentSMP # 5

# 5 AjacentSMP 17/1750


online mc.ajacentsmp.com

17/1750 PremiumDiscordSurvivalNetwork
CavernsMC # 6

# 6 CavernsMC 0/150


online play.cavernsmc.com

0/150 EconomyPvENetworkSurvivalParkour
Talesu Network # 7

# 7 Talesu Network 6/500

Talesu Network

online play.talesu.com

6/500 EconomyTownyMCMMONetworkDiscord
ClownerCraft: A Network for Building # 8
5/100 CreativeEconomyMini GamesSurvivalNetwork
Creeper Town # 9

# 9 Creeper Town 1/10000

Creeper Town

online play.creeper.town

1/10000 NetworkSkyblockMini GamesSurvival
Bananarine # 10

# 10 Bananarine 3/300


online mc.bananarine.net

3/300 FactionsMini GamesSurvivalDiscordNetwork
Smash Wizards # 11

# 11 Smash Wizards 0/1

Smash Wizards

online play.smashwizards.net

0/1 PvPSkywarsNetwork
SpaceCraft # 12

# 12 SpaceCraft 1/2021


online spacecraftmc.net

1/2021 SurvivalAdventureNetworkPvPPvE
OrientalMC # 13

# 13 OrientalMC 8/1


online play.orientalmc.net

8/1 EconomyPvESurvivalNetworkVanilla
MexaWorld # 14

# 14 MexaWorld 1/100


offline mc.mexaworld.com

1/100 NetworkSurvivalSkyblockVanilla
ApplePvP # 15

# 15 ApplePvP 0/500


online mc.applepvp.net

0/500 PvPCreativeDiscordNetwork
Celestial # 16

# 16 Celestial 0/200


online play.celestial-mc.com

0/200 TownySurvivalEconomyNetworkDiscord
TenguPvP # 17

# 17 TenguPvP 0/1000


online tengupvp.com

0/1000 HardcorePvPDiscordFactionsNetwork
bnnbtt network # 18

# 18 bnnbtt network 1/1337

bnnbtt network

online bnnbtt.apexmc.co

1/1337 NetworkSurvivalDiscord
Angel-Gaming # 19

# 19 Angel-Gaming 0/10000


offline play.angel-gaming.com

0/10000 CreativeMCMMOSurvivalNetworkDiscord
Anonimismp # 20

# 20 Anonimismp 0/0


offline Anonimismp.org

0/0 SurvivalNetworkVanilla
Arctic PvP # 21

# 21 Arctic PvP 0/0

Arctic PvP

offline play.arcticpvp.us

0/0 FactionsPvPNetwork
Astera Network # 22

# 22 Astera Network 0/100

Astera Network

online play.asteranetwork.vip

0/100 SkywarsSurvivalNetworkBedwarsAdventure
BedrockMC # 23

# 23 BedrockMC 1/500


online play.bedrockmc.net

1/500 NetworkSurvivalPrisonDiscord
Blujay Network # 24

# 24 Blujay Network 3/999

Blujay Network

online play.blujay.xyz

3/999 FactionsSkyblockSurvivalNetworkDiscord
BundaMc # 25

# 25 BundaMc 0/0


offline 245212457563245

0/0 PvENetworkDiscordVanilla

Minecraft Servers | Details

SurvivalMania ~ Fun and unique Survival
Survival / PvE / Adventure / Network / Discord

Fresh, Chill and friendly survival server !

Some of the things we offer:
- Player Economy (jobs,auctions,sell menu)
- Player Warps (Restaurants, parks...)
- Player Shops
- Cool Crates
- Unique Cosmetics
- Free rankups
- And much much more! View with /guide in-game.

What can I do on here?
Survive! We offer semi-vanilla experience with bunch of features
that just happen to enhance your stay! You can play with your friends,
build anything you wish and share it with others,
enjoy player economy system- and most importantly, have fun!

➡️Discord: discord.SurvivalMania.net
➡️IP: SurvivalMania.net
➡️Store: store.SurvivalMania.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip SurvivalMania.net

Server Details
Skyblock / Survival / Network / Discord / Towny

Our Custom Survival will leave you haunted with great memories, it is by far the toughest survival you will find on minecraft. When we say this is the toughest, we mean it! This server features custom mobs, custom terrain, real life based nutrition, Everything is custom! You will never forget the great time you have here.

Come join us for an amazing new experience. You will never be bored again, our custom map spawn and increased difficulty will always give you a thrill and keep you on your toes. Our factions will be the most enjoyable time of your life.

Come play our new Skyblock gamemode with custom islands, auctions and spawnershops! Have you ever wanted to experience the greatest and most amusing skyblock playtime? You've come to the right place, our skyblock is unique and like every other gamemode, there are unique twists and turns. You wont just be left expanding your island, you will compete with other players to become the richest, its always a competition around here.

Join us now for an amazing experience!!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.craftico.xyz

Server Details
Charged Craft
Skyblock / Survival / Vanilla / Network / Mini Games

Charged Craft



Charged Craft is currently under construction, and looking for looking for staff, builders, or developers!
if you're instrested in any of these positions, please dm me (Jonathan Palor#0001) in order to apply.


Gamemodes that will be added:

- Skyblock
- Adventures (Custom survival gamemode, with quests, custom shops, and more!)
- KitPVP / Minigames (Depends on some things)



There will be a story involved with the server, this story will be about a kingdom (Hence why there's a Adventure Gamemode)..
The entirety of the server will be themed after that story.



Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Soon!

Server Details
Creative / MCMMO / Survival / Discord / Network

Hey, we are an up and coming minecraft server developed by 2 friends with currently 2 modes, you can choose between SMP & Creative. Both of which are heavily customised to make a more entertaining experience. We are open to any and all suggestions which you believe will improve your experience!

we are planning on expanding

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.metalmc.net

Server Details
Discord / Survival / Network

AjacentSMP is a up and coming SMP with a friendly community to engage with and find new opportunities for meeting new people! The SMP consists of a lot of fun features to explore and an active staff team to assist you when needed. Read the rules to prevent unforeseen punishments and join our fun little community for a great journey!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.ajacentsmp.com

Server Details
Economy / PvE / Network / Survival / Parkour

The CavernsMC Network is a friendly place for crafters to experience Minecraft as it was meant to be, without paywalls. In our network, we have a semi-vanilla survival server, a parkour server, and an upcoming duels/PVP server, each with their own unique features. Our pledge is to remain as fair as possible, while still being able to fund the server, and add new and exciting features. Our server is ever-expanding and always improving, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see in our community discord. You can join our discord by heading to https://cavernsmc.com/discord and our server is available at play.cavernsmc.com so feel free to join both.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.cavernsmc.com

Server Details
Talesu Network
Economy / Towny / MCMMO / Network / Discord

Hello! We are a brand new CUSTOM Towny server looking for serious players!


Server Version ---> 1.16.x

The Talesu Network is made by old Towny players with the playerbase in mind.
It contains:
- DeepStorage
- Back Packs
- BlackMarket
- Custom Player Portals
- Custom Bosses
- Custom Weapons & Tools
- Jobs
- Custom Enchants
- Events
- Dynmap (50k x 50k)
- Resource Worlds
And much more coming soon!

We are a quickly growing community who are eager to make new friends and achieve big things!

With frequent updates and actively adding new features to the server we can ensure you that this server has a lot to offer.

We are still in Open Beta, but we will soon go FULL RELEASE!

If you wish to join or see what's up you can always join our Discord server!
Infinite Link: https://discord.gg/tUuTnKS
See you there!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.talesu.com

Server Details
ClownerCraft: A Network for Building
Creative / Economy / Mini Games / Survival / Network

We are a family friendly minecraft network, rooted in the creativity of building in minecraft. We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity.

✪ Our main servers feature a unique building based rankup system,
where each rank earns you more perks to help make your next project even better than the last!

✪ Our Survival Servers have no PVP
So you're safe to go ahead and build whatever you want with no fears of other players ruining your fun!

✪ Survival and Creative feature multiple building worlds
Whether you want to build in a flat plot, vanilla terrain, custom terrain we have a world for you!

✪ Survival has separate worlds for resources
We have extra worlds which we can reset more regularly, so theres always access to resources without the need to reset everyone's builds!

✪ We run regular contests and other events
Including community building projects, and a variety of themed build contests. You can see upcoming events on our events calendar page

✪ We've existed for over six years!
ClownerCraft was started back in 2013.
We don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip clownercraft.net

Server Details
Creeper Town
Network / Skyblock / Mini Games / Survival

A new survival server with $35 payout where you can claim land, wage wars, make player shops and have fun! Our first server launched and apart from the occasional game of bedwars, we play survival. A lot of survival.

We have custom enchantments, 800+ advancements and the people that get them all first, will get real money in return!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.creeper.town

Server Details
Factions / Mini Games / Survival / Discord / Network

Welcome to Bananarine! The Server of Dreams owned by youtuber mlgHwnT.

Home to the best factions server you've ever seen (probably not) and a bunch of planned future minigames!

Point your client to: mc.bananarine.net

Website: www.bananarine.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.bananarine.net

Server Details
Smash Wizards
PvP / Skywars / Network

Smash Wizards is a fully custom, unique, and exciting magic brawl where you equip your spells and battle other wizards in one of our thrilling game modes. Whether you want to unlock new spells & cloaks, partake in our seasonally Ranked FFA, or team up with friends in a league, Smash Wizards has it all!

We currently offer a variety of FFA and Team based game modes, including Ranked, Capture Points, 1v1 Duels, and more! Besides our games, we provide many additional community features, persistent leagues (guilds), parties, friends, achievements, leaderboards, and many magical items to unlock!

For more information, check out our website: https://smashwizards.net/

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.smashwizards.net

Server Details
Survival / Adventure / Network / PvP / PvE

Les damos la bienvenida a este nuevo proyecto del equipo de Flare Company , SpaceCraft Network, el cual será un servidor de Minecraft y se encontrará en línea (fase beta) a inicios de abril del 2021.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip spacecraftmc.net

Server Details
Economy / PvE / Survival / Network / Vanilla

[​Java x Bedrock crossplay]

OrientalMC is a crossplatform server, supporting all bedrock and java players from 1.8 - 1.16.

Our current gamemode is a RPG Survival on a fully custom world map with Jobs, Quests, Mobarenas and much more!

Come join us today @ play.orientalmc.net

Or join our discord @ https://discord.gg/q5wt4xPB8n

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.orientalmc.net

Server Details
Network / Survival / Skyblock / Vanilla

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip mc.mexaworld.com

Server Details
PvP / Creative / Discord / Network

ApplePvP is a Minecraft server with game modes like Duels, where you can fight your friends or someone else on the server. And then there's IslandPlot where you can relax and build something.

You can join the server at mc.applepvp.net using Minecraft versions 1.8-1.16

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.applepvp.net

Server Details
Towny / Survival / Economy / Network / Discord

Celestial is a server network that strives to put its best foot forward and provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all of its players. We aim to be open for all ages and so does our community!

Celestial strives to not only do this but to also provide non-pay-2-win gameplay and an active and responsive staff team. We love to accept community suggestions and feedback too!

Whether it's our custom Towny server with custom world generation, ranks, and quests, or our brand new Skyblock, which we are working on creating a custom and fun experience, come join us at play.celestial-mc.com! For more information, you can come visit our website: https://celestial-mc.com/ and join our Discord community!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.celestial-mc.com

Server Details
Hardcore / PvP / Discord / Factions / Network

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip tengupvp.com

Server Details
bnnbtt network
Network / Survival / Discord

We offer survival and skyblock coming soon we have on our survival an encomny cosmetics and land claiming

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip bnnbtt.apexmc.co

Server Details
Creative / MCMMO / Survival / Network / Discord

Angel-Gaming Minecraft Server

Join us for the epic relaunch of Angel-Gaming! Launching with 3 servers available more to come soon!

Survival: Adventure to distant lands, raid your enemy's, or become your own king, and start a kingdom the choice is yours!

Creative: Plot based creative worlds, build to your hearts desire!

Tierra: MCMMO Survival World!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.angel-gaming.com

Server Details
Survival / Network / Vanilla

this is anonimiyt SMP if u like to eneter please neter i need very bed but not now u know Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Anonimismp.org

Server Details
Arctic PvP
Factions / PvP / Network

Arctic PVP is a upcoming competitive factions server. We currently have all custom features and custom server side development, to ensure the best experience for our players. Our main interests is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for our members. Can't wait to see you out there.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.arcticpvp.us

Server Details
Astera Network
Skywars / Survival / Network / Bedwars / Adventure

Un servidor nuevo con muchas misiones, nuevos mundos, dungeons, drogas, alcohol, mascotas nuevos crafteos y nuevos encantos

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.asteranetwork.vip

Server Details
Network / Survival / Prison / Discord

We are a small network with different game modes for everyone. We have several game modes that we are working on to release later on.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.bedrockmc.net

Server Details
Blujay Network
Factions / Skyblock / Survival / Network / Discord

Works on Java and Bedrock!

The Blujay Network is a small server network with a growing community!

Our servers include No-Grief Survival, Factions, and Skyblock!

Come join us and make new friends at on the blujay network

Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/EUPQwAm

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.blujay.xyz

Server Details
PvE / Network / Discord / Vanilla

A server for everyone to enjoy, PvE, Adventure and much more! Work together to defeat the ender dragon build a community and fight of all the mobs that may stand in your way in this newly made minecraft server!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.9 server using the ip 245212457563245

Server Details