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Top Minecraft Servers

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Rank Server Players Types
Lost Lands Anarchy / Crystal PVP

Lost Lands Anarchy / Crystal PVP 1/69

Lost Lands Anarchy / Crystal PVP

online mc.lostlands.co

1/69 AnarchyPvPHardcore

CalamityMC 33/500


online top.calamitymc.org

33/500 PremiumEconomyFactionsPvPSkyblockSurvival

Minecraft KitPvP Servers

Rank Server Players Types
CentrixPvP Network # 1

# 1 CentrixPvP Network 74/1000

CentrixPvP Network

online play.skybattle.net

74/1000 FactionsKitPvPNetworkPvP
DuckCraft # 2

# 2 DuckCraft 20/500


online mc.ducc.gg

20/500 SkyblockSurvivalEconomyPvPDrug
SinisterPrison # 3

# 3 SinisterPrison 8/2000


online sinisterprison.net

8/2000 PrisonEconomyKitPvPSurvival
CalamityMC # 4

# 4 CalamityMC 33/500


online top.calamitymc.org

33/500 PremiumEconomyFactionsPvPSkyblockSurvival
ViciousPvP # 5

# 5 ViciousPvP 75/1000


online play.viciouspvp.net

75/1000 FactionsRaidingMCMMOPvP
SkyCubia # 6

# 6 SkyCubia 9/100


online skycubia.net

9/100 PremiumSkyblockEconomyPvP
Sedex Skyblock # 7

# 7 Sedex Skyblock 30/300

Sedex Skyblock

online play2.sedexrsps.com

30/300 PremiumSkyblockPvPEconomy
Crafting Sword # 8

# 8 Crafting Sword 28/150

Crafting Sword

online jogar.craftingsword.com.br

28/150 SurvivalEconomyPvP
SimplicityMC # 9

# 9 SimplicityMC 3/60


online SimplicityMC.me

3/60 PvPPvESurvival
Prophecy Skyblock # 10

# 10 Prophecy Skyblock 12/100

Prophecy Skyblock

online prophecysb.com

12/100 PremiumEconomySkyblockPvPPvEDiscord
MercHub PH # 11

# 11 MercHub PH 2/45

MercHub PH

online merchubph.playmc.at

2/45 EconomyMCMMOPvEPvPSurvival
Ascended Prison # 12

# 12 Ascended Prison 2/100

Ascended Prison

offline play.ascendedprison.com

2/100 PrisonSurvivalPvP
Athios # 13

# 13 Athios 15/250


online play.athiosmc.com

15/250 KitPvPMini GamesPvPDiscord
Cross Networks # 14

# 14 Cross Networks 0/100

Cross Networks

online play.CrossNetwork.fun

0/100 PremiumSkyblockMCMMOPvP
NeatFactions # 15

# 15 NeatFactions 1/1000


online play.neatfactions.com

1/1000 PremiumFactionsPvPSurvivalRaiding

Top Minecraft Servers

CentrixPvP Network
Factions / KitPvP / Network / PvP

Welcome to CentrixPVP Network.

We are a PvP based Minecraft community with a lot of game modes.
Our goal is to give you the best Minecraft experience on our server.

We are constantly updating our server's and coming up with new ways to become unique for YOU!

These gamemodes are currently available on our network:
Murder Mystery

More Gamemodes will be added soon.

IP: [b] Play.skybattle.net [/b]
Site: http://www.centrixpvp.eu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentrixPVP
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/CentrixPlaysMC
Supported Minecraft versions: 1.8 /1.15.1 (1.16 supported)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.skybattle.net

Server Details
Skyblock / Survival / Economy / PvP / Drug

DuckCraft is a premium Minecraft server network with multiple game modes and servers. The network runs on powerful hardware to provide you with a virtually lag-free experience.

The official home of YouTuber Duckio

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip mc.ducc.gg

Server Details
Prison / Economy / KitPvP / Survival

SinisterPrison will be returning in Q4 2020 revolutionizing the Prison gamemode forever. Be ready.

Solo Competition with Weekly Payouts
Completely Unique Custom Features
Breathtaking Custom Builds
Much More.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip sinisterprison.net

Server Details
Economy / Factions / PvP / Skyblock / Survival

CalamityMC- Survival | Factions | Skyblock | 1.8-1.16.3

IP: hub.calamitymc.org

About Us:

CalamityMC is a growing player-driven community that opened in the Summer of 2020. We are a multiplayer java server crafted with a little bit for everyone! We are relatively new but constantly growing with weekly events and constant new content!

We value our players and their input and aim for a close-knitted community where you can relax and make new friends! Whether you're a hardcore Minecraft veteran, or completely new to the game, we have something for you!

Our server performs highly and we try our best to maintain a no lag server, with staff on hand to instantly jump to the aid if there are any issues with server performance or any in-game issues.

We are also currently looking for some dedicated and experienced players to join our staff team!

We hope to see you soon!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip top.calamitymc.org

Server Details
Factions / Raiding / MCMMO / PvP

For those not aware, we are a brand new Faction server that specialises in player enjoyment.

Join us today and experience Factions as we see it!

Featuring many cool things such as;

• $1500 F TOP Payout
• Gen Buckets
• Good hit detection
• Printer Mode
• Vicious Runes

Interested to see what we have featured on our brand new Drought Realm? Read up on our changelog today! - https://bit.ly/DroughtRealm

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.viciouspvp.net

Server Details
Skyblock / Economy / PvP

SkyCubia - 1.9+

SkyCubia is a brand new Skyblock Minecraft Server.

IP: skycubia.net
Store: store.skycubia.net
Discord: discord.me/skycubia

SkyCubia currently offers the following:

» Dedicated Staff
» Many Giveaways
» Latest Version Support
» Custom Builds
» & much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip skycubia.net

Server Details
Sedex Skyblock
Skyblock / PvP / Economy

Cracked Skyblock server with tons to offer! We have a range of activities from Bedwars events, to plugins to encourage automation on islands. Create an island on your own or with a friend. Rank up and unlock cool new features like custom enchantment or spawners. Try to reach the top by leveling up your island or by becoming the richest! There is a casino for those that are feeling lucky and Mob-Arena for those that crave danger! Come join this tight-knit community!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play2.sedexrsps.com

Server Details
Crafting Sword
Survival / Economy / PvP

Crafting Sword - 1.10 a 1.16

** Servidor 100% survival - Para quem gosta de Minecraft raiz!

+Sobre o servidor:

Disponível para jogar 24/7
Sistema de proteção de terrenos simples e fácil (usando /casa)
Construções livres em qualquer local do mapa.
Sistema de lojas
Sistema de economia (Média)
Sistema de leilões.
Sistema de clans
Sistema de Habilidades.
Recompensas por tempo jogado.
Recompensas por caixas.
Minigames para descontrair (Mundo RPG e Survival Games)
Eventos automáticos o dia todo.
PvP livre.
Sistema anti x-ray
Sistema anti-hack
Player TOP's em destaque no Spawn/Site
Sistema VIP balanceado.
Spawn com diversas funcionalidades.
Staff competente.
Aceitamos sugestões/criticas.

Entre em nosso servidor e se divirta.
IP: jogar.craftingsword.com.br

Connect to this Minecraft 1.10 server using the ip jogar.craftingsword.com.br

Server Details
PvP / PvE / Survival

Just a simple minecraft server.
VR friendly.
PvP enabled.

Just a simple minecraft server.
VR friendly.
PvP enabled.

Just a simple minecraft server.
VR friendly.
PvP enabled.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip SimplicityMC.me

Server Details
Prophecy Skyblock
Economy / Skyblock / PvP / PvE / Discord


Minecraft 1.16.3 Skyblock Server IP!

Prophecy Skyblock is a new custom Skyblock server with endless features! Join today for the following:

- Custom Minions!
- Skygrid
- Crates
- Auction House
- Unique Shop & Economy
- Friendly Staff Team!
- Upgradeable Islands!
- The best ranks! (store.prophecysb.com)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip prophecysb.com

Server Details
MercHub PH
Economy / MCMMO / PvE / PvP / Survival

Welcome to MercHub, a 1.16.1 Philippine server that all different languages are welcome, made by our Owner KledHyper and Kaeskie26, a developing survival server which has different kind of events, from bosses to cool customized items, we have daily crate and dont forget, staffs are always on your side, server is always on 24/7 online no matter what, join the server and you will have a great adventure with us! Always read the rules for safety regulations.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip merchubph.playmc.at

Server Details
Ascended Prison
Prison / Survival / PvP

Welcome to Ascended Prison, a new OP Prison server that strives to innovate on the prison genre of servers!

We have many features to offer you, as well as upcoming features!

Current Features Include
- Autosell with multipliers
- Prestige rewards!
- PvP Arena
- Cosmetics!
- Auction house!

Upcoming Features
- Dungeon world where you can fight bosses for loot!
- Custom drops in PvP
- Our own unique twist on custom enchants
- Custom generated wilderness

Come join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/EAXTgrs for information about our welcome events and updates!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip play.ascendedprison.com

Server Details
KitPvP / Mini Games / PvP / Discord

Unique gamemode SEARCH AND DESTROY
2 Teams! 1.8 PVP
Loads of kits to choose!
Unique maps!
Achievements, cosmetics, and more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.athiosmc.com

Server Details
Cross Networks
Skyblock / MCMMO / PvP

☺☺☺☺ Cross Networks! ☺☺☺☺

A Brand new skyblock server,
Hiring new staff
Custom Plugins
and Custom Islands!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.CrossNetwork.fun

Server Details
Factions / PvP / Survival / Raiding

NeatFactions is an established factions server, recently overhauled!

-Player markets
-Balanced economy
-And more!

Join now on 1.16.2

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.neatfactions.com

Server Details