Minecraft Roleplay Servers | Minecraft Server List

Minecraft Roleplay Servers

Rank Server Players Types

BattleWar 53/1500


online play.battlewar.net

53/1500 PremiumMCMMOFactionsPvPRoleplayRaidingSquid GameAdventure

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
Lush Survival # 1

# 1 Lush Survival 58/100

Lush Survival

online join.lushsurvival.net

58/100 EconomySurvivalMCMMOPvETownyRoleplayAdventure
StrongCraft # 2

# 2 StrongCraft 11/1000


online play.strongcraft.org

11/1000 CreativePrisonSkyblockSurvivalFactionsRoleplayNetwork
ExtremeCraft # 3

# 3 ExtremeCraft 93/5000


online play.extremecraft.net

93/5000 Mini GamesPrisonSkyblockSurvivalFactionsRoleplaySkywars
Crafting Sword - Survival 1.16 # 4

# 4 Crafting Sword - Survival 1.16 23/300

Crafting Sword - Survival 1.16

online jogar.craftingsword.net

23/300 SurvivalEconomyPvPMCMMORoleplayPvE
BattleWar # 5

# 5 BattleWar 53/1500


online play.battlewar.net

53/1500 PremiumMCMMOFactionsPvPRoleplayRaidingSquid GameAdventure
ProSky # 6

# 6 ProSky 0/150


online game.proskymc.com

0/150 PremiumPvPRoleplaySkyblockSurvival
Minetopia RPG Survival # 7

# 7 Minetopia RPG Survival 3/50

Minetopia RPG Survival


3/50 PremiumSurvivalPvPPvERoleplayMCMMO
Kelentyr - Fantasy Kingdoms Roleplay # 8
0/1337 TownySurvivalRoleplayPvEAdventure
HelloMiners - Bedrock/Java Crossplay # 9

# 9 HelloMiners - Bedrock/Java Crossplay 2/60

HelloMiners - Bedrock/Java Crossplay

online play.hellominers.com

2/60 EconomyMini GamesPvESurvivalRoleplay
Total Freedom # 10

# 10 Total Freedom 10/75

Total Freedom

online play.totalfreedom.me

10/75 CreativeSurvivalRoleplayPvPMini Games

# 11 KMC NETWORK 0/0



0/0 Mini GamesHardcoreSMPCrackedRoleplay
MagmaCraft # 12

# 12 MagmaCraft 0/0


offline magma-craft.ddns.net

0/0 SurvivalRoleplayEconomy
HcRaid # 13

# 13 HcRaid 21/600


online play.hcraid.net

21/600 FactionsPvPRaidingRoleplayEconomy
EiRoSans # 14

# 14 EiRoSans 69/100


online play.eiromc.xyz

69/100 EconomyKitPvPRoleplayVanillaDiscord




0/2020 TownyMCMMOEconomyRoleplay



offline play.theskyworld.xyz

0/0 EconomyRoleplaySurvivalSurvival Games
oasis # 17

# 17 oasis 0/0



0/0 Mini GamesPvPRoleplaySMPSkyblock
 CubeMania # 18

# 18 CubeMania 0/1


offline play.cubemania.net

0/1 SurvivalMCMMOEconomyRoleplayAdventure
Ascae Classic Prison # 19

# 19 Ascae Classic Prison 0/0

Ascae Classic Prison

offline mc.ascae.io

0/0 PrisonMCMMOPvPRoleplayDrug
AtlasRealms # 20

# 20 AtlasRealms 0/0


offline play.atlasrealms.com

0/0 SurvivalMCMMOEconomyRoleplayPvE
AtomMC # 21

# 21 AtomMC 0/0


offline play.atommc.org

0/0 PrisonEconomyPvPRoleplay
BlueDream Valhelsia 3 # 22

# 22 BlueDream Valhelsia 3 0/0

BlueDream Valhelsia 3

online valhelsia.bluedream.host

0/0 ModdedSurvivalPvERoleplay
Broken Mc # 23

# 23 Broken Mc 0/0

Broken Mc

offline Play.brokenmc.xyz

0/0 EconomyMCMMODiscordRoleplay

# 24 CRAFTHOLE 0/0


offline play.crafthole.net

0/0 SurvivalRoleplayPvPAdventureEconomyDiscord
Cloud Network # 25

# 25 Cloud Network 2/20

Cloud Network

online play.cloudsynetwork.com

2/20 EconomyRoleplaySurvivalNetwork

Minecraft Servers | Details

Lush Survival
Economy / Survival / MCMMO / PvE / Towny / Roleplay / Adventure

Lush Survival is a unique server that is anti-Pay-to-win. We provide an equal experience for all built with the new technology and design of today. Using a human-centered design methodology, we can guarantee an amazing experience from the ground up. Experience daily updates, user experience improvements, and design thinking that you have never seen on other servers. Don't listen to me though, check out our reviews. You don't want to miss out on the best survival server of 2021!

IP: play.lushsurvival.net
Store: https://store.lushsurvival.net/

🏡 Land Claim
🌲 Trees Fall When Cut
🏪 Player Shops
💎 Diamond Based Economy
🐦 Fly in claims
⚔️ Toggle PvP
❌ No Crates
🛒 Auction House
📦 Chest, Inventory, & Hotbar Auto-Sorting
⛏️ mcMMO
🤸🏽 Custom Armor Stands
🌤️ Vote For Time & Weather
🤏 Silk Touch Spawners
✔️ EULA Compliant (Not Pay to Win)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip join.lushsurvival.net

Server Details
Creative / Prison / Skyblock / Survival / Factions / Roleplay / Network

Survival with GriefPrevention and McMMO, SkyBlock with IS TOP, Factions McMMO, raiding, FTOP, Generators and more, Creative huge plots and more - 24/7, LAG-FREE!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.strongcraft.org

Server Details
Mini Games / Prison / Skyblock / Survival / Factions / Roleplay / Skywars

Join ExtremeCraft.net for new and classic entertaining game modes!

Website and forums: www.extremecraft.net

Servers: Acidisland, Anarchy, Bedwars, Creative, Eggwars, Factions, Hideandseek, Lobby, Opfactions, Opskyblock, Opsurvival, Prison, Pvp, Rpg, Skyblock, Skygrid, Skywars, Survival, Survivalgames

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.extremecraft.net

Server Details
Crafting Sword - Survival 1.16
Survival / Economy / PvP / MCMMO / Roleplay / PvE

Crafting Sword - 1.16

Servidor 100% survival

+Sobre o servidor:

Disponível para jogar 24/7
Proteção de terrenos simples e fácil (usando /terreno)
Construções livres em qualquer local do mapa.
Sistema de lojas.
Sistema de economia. (difícil)
Sistema de leilões. (/leilao)
Sistema de clans (/clan)
Sistema de Habilidades. (/habilidades)
Sistema de trocas (Sistema totalmente genuíno /trocas)
Recompensas por tempo jogado.
Recompensas por caixas.
Recompensar por troca de de itens. (/trocas)
Trocas de créditos por permissões temporárias (/trocas)
RPG - Para se aventurar em um mundo repleto de Mobs.
Evento no The End
PvP livre.
Sistema anti x-ray
Sistema anti-hack
Sistema VIP balanceado.
Spawn com diversas funcionalidades.
Staff competente.
Aceitamos sugestões/criticas.

Entre em nosso servidor e se divirta.

IP: jogar.craftingsword.net

Site: https://craftingsword.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip jogar.craftingsword.net

Server Details
MCMMO / Factions / PvP / Roleplay / Raiding / Squid Game / Adventure

BattleWar is a Trending Minecraft network that has been established in 2021.

• MMO RPG Factions
• Prison (Coming Soon)
• Towny (Coming Soon)
• Skyblock (Coming Soon)
• Kitpvp (Coming Soon)
• Much More

IP Address: play.battlewar.net
Website: https://www.battlewar.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/tm2tnuGQ
Store: https://store.battlewar.net/

-- Join our community today to prove your role on the server!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.battlewar.net

Server Details
PvP / Roleplay / Skyblock / Survival

Enter the Elysium Space Station and teleport yourself down to the world and start to colonize it. Sometimes a black hole appears, and you can compete in making a valuable island in the space.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip game.proskymc.com

Server Details
Minetopia RPG Survival
Survival / PvP / PvE / Roleplay / MCMMO

Mintopia Survival

Mintopia is Survival Minecraft Server with RPG Elements. We are on the latest 1.17 version. We're a server built of Community and are constantly adding new features to keep things fresh

We also offer a Cash Reward Programm Invite 10 friends and recive $5 via Paypal


- Roleplay
- Surival SMP
- Quests
- Daily Rewards
- Custom Jobs such as Police Officer, Mobster and President
- Anarchy in Nether/End,
- Events
- Custom Enchants

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXbAvNxhiB0

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip

Server Details
Kelentyr - Fantasy Kingdoms Roleplay
Towny / Survival / Roleplay / PvE / Adventure

Join at kelentyr.apexmc.co

Kelentyr is a casual roleplay server with a fantasy theme and a relaxed atmosphere. There are several worlds, including towny, green and resource, Towny and Green use different land claiming plugins so it is possible to live alone in the green world.

There is also an adventure world, full of exciting content, dungeons, quests, boss fights. We use a unique relic system for upgrading gear, these relics are found in the adventure world and by completing daily objectives.

Forums https://kelentyr.enjin.com/

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/TayYg9eUBe

Dynmap http://kelentyr.apexmc.co:8123/

Join at kelentyr.apexmc.co

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip kelentyr.apexmc.co

Server Details
HelloMiners - Bedrock/Java Crossplay
Economy / Mini Games / PvE / Survival / Roleplay

HelloMiners is a modern city economy server started in 2011, one of the oldest communities in Minecraft. Our community is completely unique, there are few communities in Minecraft that are as close-knit as ours!

On HelloMiners, you may become a business owner, running a large, successful business with many properties and employees; a famous architect renowned for their designs across the map; a city mayor known for creating a vast, beautiful city; a shop owner, running a frequently visited shop that serves everyone in the community; a government official, who helps enforce rules and keeps the community running smoothly; the possibilities are endless.

You start out with nothing but some cash and some tools and food, and where you go from there is only as limited as your imagination!

Join the community at play.hellominers.com to explore our vast world, and to check out some of the marvelous builds that have been completed over the years! To join on Bedrock Edition, make sure the port is 19132.

Also, join our Discord at bit.ly/discordhm for the best server experience.

If you would like to check us out on other platforms, check us out on:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hellominers
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mchellominers
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mchellominers
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mchellominers

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.hellominers.com

Server Details
Total Freedom
Creative / Survival / Roleplay / PvP / Mini Games

Total Freedom is a decade-old server where players are free to explore, build, and chat with each other in a free-choice environment. All players have access to a variety of plugins including WorldEdit, Guilds, and Bending! We also use our own custom plugin, TotalFreedomMod, to allow all players permissions usually restricted for operators, such as changing gamemodes and giving unlimited items.

Want to switch to survival for a PvP match? Go for it. Feel like free building with your friends? That's encouraged. And whatever you decide to do, you don't have to separate yourself from other players. You can build in creative in the same world as people who are PvPing! We offer a plot world for people who prefer a more organized approach to their fun, as well other maps you can freely switch between. Our oldest world, a map full of creations made over several years is free for all players to explore and interact with!

TotalFreedom has been online since November of 2010, making it one of the oldest servers in the entire Minecraft community. Come join us. You get the choice of what you want to do here. Whether you want to build, chat, fight, use hacked clients, or anything else, it's fair game. Want to play survival instead? We also have an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) if you prefer a more difficult survival adventure!

You have the Freedom. If that's something you would enjoy, then fire up Minecraft and join us! Our IP is play.totalfreedom.me - we can't wait to see you!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.totalfreedom.me

Server Details
Mini Games / Hardcore / SMP / Cracked / Roleplay

Play and enjoy
This server lanunch in 20/10/2021
Please support us play withus also

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip KMC.PLAY-MINIGAMES.COM

Server Details
Survival / Roleplay / Economy







`Entra Y disfrútalo :)`

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip magma-craft.ddns.net

Server Details
Factions / PvP / Raiding / Roleplay / Economy

HcRaid is BACK and better than ever! We strive to stay dedicated towards our playerbase. Were driven to give our players an enjoyable and safe experience. We have an active discord, so if you have any inquiries or just need some help please feel free to contact a staff member. Dont forget to have fun!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.hcraid.net

Server Details
Economy / KitPvP / Roleplay / Vanilla / Discord


Haii, Aku Mau Bagi Tau Nih
Ada Server Minecraft Yang Wajib Banget Kalian *JOIN*~🍀

```dan kalian di Server ini bisa mabar dengan player Java juga lho!, Yang player MCPE, bisa Join juga kok!🐥 + Kalian Bisa RolePlay Bareng Temen Kalian juga lhoo!🕊️ ```

_🦋Keterangan Server Bisa Lanjut Kalian Baca DiBawah Sinih Okey!, Jangan Lupa DiSave Ip&Port-Nya Biar Kita Bisa Mabar, Dan Jangan Lupa Ajak Teman Kamu Yahh~_

\ _Server Info_ /
_➳ IP: Silahkan Join Grup Kami Terlebih Dahulu Yah^^_🧾
_➳ Port MCPE: 19132 (Default)🧾_
_➳ Port JAVA: -🧾_

꒰ 🐥 ꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔*:・゚

📝/ _For *MCPE*: 1.16.200 - 1.16.210_

📝/ _For *JAVA*: 1.8 - 1.16.5_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
🎞️• ```Fitur :```
↳ _BPK SMP⛓️_
↳ _PVP ⚔️_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
• ```Fast Link :```
↳ _WhatsApp : https://wa.eiromc.xyz 📞_
↳ _Discord : https://discord.eiromc.xyz📟_
↳ _Vote : https://vote.eiromc.xyz 🖲️_
↳ _Server Status : https://uptime.eiromc.xyz📊_
↳ _Website : https://website.eiromc.xyz🍪_

-ˋ༻❁༺ ˊ-
↳ _Need support?, Contact [email protected] 🔊_


Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.eiromc.xyz

Server Details
Towny / MCMMO / Economy / Roleplay

RPG PVE experience with massive amounts of grinding, leveling, legendary loot and upgrades to find!

Do you want to become a DeathKnight in search of glory and fame by leveling up against elite mobs
or custom boss's to grab the best loot in game? You can.

Do you want to become a priest, get married make a peaceful town and become a trader with player shops providing
much needed items for those battle hardened veterns? You can.

Do you want to just fish for ancient artifacts and create the most augmented great white shark catching
rod and win all our fishing tourneys? You can.

Do you want to mine and find ancient treasures while leveling up your mining skills and talents? You can.

Do you want to become the greatest swordsman who creates a nation to rule many towns and run a continent the way you choose? You can.

Do you want to be a mage that hunts Dragons to find legendary dragon eggs and treasure to share with your friends? You can.

play.MCDUNGEON.com - a relaxed, friendly, community based, PvE MMO experience.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip PLAY.MCDUNGEON.COM

Server Details
Economy / Roleplay / Survival / Survival Games

Biggest 24/7 Survival Multiplayer server for both JAVA and BEDROCK version in India . Join our Server Now also invite your friend !! Join our Discord server for any kind of help !!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.theskyworld.xyz

Server Details
Mini Games / PvP / Roleplay / SMP / Skyblock

so this is a super fun minecraft server called oasis we have everything minigames roleplay big city duels parkour maze we just started only we keep working on it till we fall asleep so if you want to join our server you can if you want you can also help with the server if you want so join if you want and if you join you will have a nice time here at the oasis bdw server version now is 1.16.4 you can use minecraft versions from 1.7 to 1.17.1

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip

Server Details
Survival / MCMMO / Economy / Roleplay / Adventure

If you are looking for a survival server that is out of the ordinary, CubeMania has got your back! We are a really
fun and friendly community.

We Offer:
- 200+ Enchants
- Active Staff
- Interactive spawn with a lot of secrets
- Skills and special abilities which you have to grind for
- 16 Tiers each more expensive but with more commands you can use
- Frequent updates
- Friendly Community
- 24/7 Server activity and player service
- Frequent Events
- A server that can hold alot of players but still have no lag

We are a new network that offers alot and in return we just want you guys to have fun.

Ip: play.cubemania.net
Website: store.cubemania.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.cubemania.net

Server Details
Ascae Classic Prison
Prison / MCMMO / PvP / Roleplay / Drug

Classic Prison / Free steam keys / Gangs / Guards & Wardens / Fresh economy / Drugs / PvP

Join our discord to stay updated: http://discord.ascae.io

Free Steam keys for everyone who plays

It's simple: you play and you get free steam keys, this is temporary to celebrate our launch.
You can claim 1 key every week, in return for 10 000 Tokens (easily obtainable if you play on the server).
You are guaranteed a key, but some games are more fun than others!
Join our discord for a full list of games and more information.

Our features:

- Classic grinding experience (with more diversity if you want it)
- Focus on PvP
- Social Endgame (Become a Guard or join a gang and take over the entire Prison)

Join our discord to stay updated: http://discord.ascae.io

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip mc.ascae.io

Server Details
Survival / MCMMO / Economy / Roleplay / PvE

AtlasRealms is a 1.16.5 survival network with weekly events, daily quests, MCMMO, a balanced economy, and a great community! Come be apart of the fun!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.atlasrealms.com

Server Details
Prison / Economy / PvP / Roleplay

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.atommc.org

Server Details
BlueDream Valhelsia 3
Modded / Survival / PvE / Roleplay

The Mod pack currently doesn't have the mods needed to properly run a public server.

In order to properly run this server we require you to download extra mods and copy them on Valhesia 3 mod pack folder. A updated list of the mods required is on our discord.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip valhelsia.bluedream.host

Server Details
Broken Mc
Economy / MCMMO / Discord / Roleplay

Welcome to Broken Mc We are a Survival server will loads of cool feature made to enhance your experience. Here with the aim to make the best playing experience for all players. We strive on making a community so please join in will at chats and discord.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Play.brokenmc.xyz

Server Details
Survival / Roleplay / PvP / Adventure / Economy / Discord


IP: play.crafthole.net
Versión: 1.16.5 (Java)
No Premium
Server 24/7 🌐
Tráiler: https://youtu.be/9lem17_jze4
Servidor de discord: https://discord.gg/HXjtSsMKbA
🔰PVP ⚔️
🔰Survival con sistema de Economía 💸💵
🔰Warps 📜 
🔰Cajas Misteriosas 🎰
🔰Kits ⚔️
🔰Duelos (1v1) ⚔️
🔰Mobs personalizados
🔰Puedes montar tu propia tienda en el mercado general
🔰Menas de Protección 🧧 ⚒️
🔰Mascotas 🦖🐼🐻🐺🐷🐉
🔰Y muchos más.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.crafthole.net

Server Details
Cloud Network
Economy / Roleplay / Survival / Network

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.cloudsynetwork.com

Server Details