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Rank Server Players Types
World of Crunch # 1

# 1 World of Crunch 23/1000

World of Crunch

online play.worldofcrunch.co.uk

23/1000 TownySurvivalRoleplayPvEAdventure




8/2020 TownyMCMMOEconomyRoleplay
HcRaid # 3

# 3 HcRaid 0/2020


online overkill.hcraid.net

0/2020 PremiumFactionsPvPRaidingRoleplayDiscord
WelishCraft Advanced City RP # 4

# 4 WelishCraft Advanced City RP 0/100

WelishCraft Advanced City RP

online play.welishcraft.com

0/100 TownyRoleplayEconomy
Play.SleeplessMC.com # 5

# 5 Play.SleeplessMC.com 5/200


online play.Sleeplessmc.com

5/200 EconomyMCMMOSurvivalRoleplayDiscord

# 6 NYTRUX 0/99


online play.nytrux.xyz

0/99 AdventureRoleplayPvE
Exodus Realms Towny # 7

# 7 Exodus Realms Towny 6/150

Exodus Realms Towny

online Play.ExdsRealms.com

6/150 TownySurvivalPvERoleplayDiscord
MCVantage.Net # 8

# 8 MCVantage.Net 6/500


online MCVantage.Net

6/500 CreativeSurvivalSkyblockRoleplayPvP
Dio Braando # 9

# 9 Dio Braando 0/0

Dio Braando

online diobraando.minehut.gg

0/0 RoleplaySurvivalAdventure
BOND_SMP_S1 # 10

# 10 BOND_SMP_S1 0/0


online BOND_SMP_S1.aternos.me

0/0 Survival GamesPvPSurvivalRoleplay
Broken Mc # 11

# 11 Broken Mc 0/50

Broken Mc

online Play.brokenmc.xyz

0/50 EconomyMCMMODiscordRoleplay
ConquestMC # 12

# 12 ConquestMC 0/100


offline play.conquest-mc.net

0/100 TownyPvPRoleplay
CrackingMirror # 13

# 13 CrackingMirror 0/0



0/0 SurvivalRoleplayVanillaSkyblockAdventure
Craftshark Network # 14

# 14 Craftshark Network 1/1000

Craftshark Network

offline play.craftshark.games

1/1000 CreativeSkyblockFactionsPvPRoleplay
EconMine # 15

# 15 EconMine 0/1337



0/1337 EconomyTownySurvivalRoleplay

Top Minecraft Servers

World of Crunch
Towny / Survival / Roleplay / PvE / Adventure

The World of Crunch is a new peaceful and relaxed Towny RPG server that is designed for everyone to have fun, although there are wars it isnt forced on anyone and entirely optional.

Towny With McMMO, Jobs, Quests, Dungeons, Ranks and more!
A unique relic system for upgrading gear KeepInventory
In-Game Money Ranks - Ranks can be obtained with the ingame currency
Custom enchants
Many custom plugins
Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/HaVbAAy
Dynmap http://play.worldofcrunch.co.uk:8123/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.worldofcrunch.co.uk

Server Details
Towny / MCMMO / Economy / Roleplay

RPG PVE experience with massive amounts of grinding, leveling, legendary loot and upgrades to find!

Do you want to become a DeathKnight in search of glory and fame by leveling up against elite mobs
or custom boss's to grab the best loot in game? You can.

Do you want to become a priest, get married make a peaceful town and become a trader with player shops providing
much needed items for those battle hardened veterns? You can.

Do you want to just fish for ancient artifacts and create the most augmented great white shark catching
rod and win all our fishing tourneys? You can.

Do you want to mine and find ancient treasures while leveling up your mining skills and talents? You can.

Do you want to become the greatest swordsman who creates a nation to rule many towns and run a continent the way you choose? You can.

Do you want to be a mage that hunts Dragons to find legendary dragon eggs and treasure to share with your friends? You can.

play.MCDUNGEON.com - a relaxed, friendly, community based, PvE MMO experience.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip PLAY.MCDUNGEON.COM

Server Details
Factions / PvP / Raiding / Roleplay / Discord

HcRaid is BACK and better than ever! We strive to stay dedicated towards our playerbase. Were driven to give our players an enjoyable and safe experience. We have an active discord, so if you have any inquiries or just need some help please feel free to contact a staff member. Dont forget to have fun!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip overkill.hcraid.net

Server Details
WelishCraft Advanced City RP
Towny / Roleplay / Economy

Minecraft city server, cars guns, banks, jobs & much more!

On Welishcraft you can embark on journey and make businesses buy hopes, make friends, play games and much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.welishcraft.com

Server Details
Economy / MCMMO / Survival / Roleplay / Discord

SleeplessMC is a server that is 100% FREE TO PLAY. We currently offer 20 ranks that are all purchased with in-game currency. Swing by to become part of our server. Bring your family and friends and have a good time on SleeplessMC. Enjoy the free server features and play Minecraft the way it was always meant to be played-free and unrestricted!
If you are not satisfied with your experience, take part in our public surveys! We value our players' opinions and hand out surveys almost constantly

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.Sleeplessmc.com

Server Details
Adventure / Roleplay / PvE

Nytrux is a unique server focused around the concept of dungeon crawlers. It features plenty of extraordinary features including housing plots, quests, unique monsters, custom items, interactive pets, boss fights, duels and more.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.nytrux.xyz

Server Details
Exodus Realms Towny
Towny / Survival / PvE / Roleplay / Discord

Towny Survival + More!

Exodus Realms is a Minecraft Survival server bursting with amazing features, striving to be one of the top servers! We combine all the best elements of Survival with RPG Skills and progression into an enjoyable and expansive Towny Server. Exodus Realms offers custom ed Dungeons, Events, Quests, Items and more to add to the overall experience of Minecraft and give players a fully engaging feel to gameplay. In combination with Survival, Farming and Towny War, you can create your own adventure!

Towny Survival
Custom Abilities and Skills
Custom Items Socket Gems
McMMO Leveling + Jobs
Competitive RPG Dungeons
Events Giveaways
Daily Rewards
Much More!

We Hope To See You Online :
IP: Play.ExdsRealms.com

Join our Discord

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Play.ExdsRealms.com

Server Details
Creative / Survival / Skyblock / Roleplay / PvP

MCVantage is a game-changer for players. We give as much freedom as possible for the best experience. We are a friendly, relaxed community, and quickly growing!

- CREATIVE: Free WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Schematics
- Skyblock
- Disneyland
- 1.8 PVP
- City
- Minigames coming soon!
IP: MCVantage.Net
Website: MCVantage.US
Discord: Discord.MCVantage.Us

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip MCVantage.Net

Server Details
Dio Braando
Roleplay / Survival / Adventure

DioBraando is a Semi-RP Minecraft server with custom items, stats and features. It is owned by Totolapin (JoJo'bik#2009) and was created in mid-July, 2020. It has custom stats, weapons, items and mobs.

Stats: Strength (increases attack damage), resistance (decreases attack damage done on the player), speed (increases walk/sprint speed), archery (increases bow power and amount of arrows), magic (decreases cooldown time for spells and known spells)

Items: Custom weapons (e. g. bludgeon) and materials (e. g. mithril, mithril sword)

Mobs: Werewolf

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip diobraando.minehut.gg

Server Details
Survival Games / PvP / Survival / Roleplay

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip BOND_SMP_S1.aternos.me

Server Details
Broken Mc
Economy / MCMMO / Discord / Roleplay

Welcome to Broken Mc We are a Survival server will loads of cool feature made to enhance your experience. Here with the aim to make the best playing experience for all players. We strive on making a community so please join in will at chats and discord.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip Play.brokenmc.xyz

Server Details
Towny / PvP / Roleplay

ConquestMC is a medieval based semi-RP towny server with lore, active staff, plugins, politics and war!

Our towny ruleset aims for a middle ground between factions and vanilla towny. It has a lot of MMORPG elements to it that are further supported by our rules!

You can forge your own adventure in ConquestMC as a Bandit seeking treasure, Peasant seeking a peaceful life on the fringes of a kingdom, a brutal warrior tearing through the countryside, a noble king conquering the land, and much much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.13 server using the ip play.conquest-mc.net

Server Details
Survival / Roleplay / Vanilla / Skyblock / Adventure

Hello! I only plan on making this server for my friends and I. We were currently desperate on trying to create free Minecraft servers. If anyone wants to join us, feel free!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip

Server Details
Craftshark Network
Creative / Skyblock / Factions / PvP / Roleplay

Craftshark Network!
Join with an version between
1.8 - 1.16

Current gamemode:


Join today!
IP: play.craftshark.games
Website: www.craftshark.games

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip play.craftshark.games

Server Details
Economy / Towny / Survival / Roleplay

EconMine is a rpg server like no other. Allowing you to pursue just about any means of making money you want. Some simple ways are to mine resources or farm and sell them to shops. But it doesn't stop there you can craft and sell drugs for a hefty profit. Alternatively, you could work for the police force and attempt to put an end to the drug rings of the server. You can also enjoy the perks of being a congressman/woman or even the president if you play your cards right with server elections you have a chance to make decisions that will actually affect the server and gameplay. You have the ability to create massive cities that don't require massive funds to start! These cities can be used for industrial purposes or residential purposes as you can charge your residents taxes for living in your town as well as set ranks and per rank perms. The government is always looking for public services so if you can fit a niche that will help the server the government will pay you a hefty salary!! The possibilities are endless!

come check us out:

Connect to this Minecraft 1.15 server using the ip

Server Details