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Minecraft SMP Servers

Rank Server Players Types

OakheartMC 25/70


online oakhe.art

25/70 SurvivalSpigotSMPDiscordEconomy
Citizens of Gaming

Citizens of Gaming 0/500

Citizens of Gaming

online play.citizensofgaming.net

0/500 PremiumTownyMCMMOEconomyPvPSpigotSMPAdventure
Dank Prison

Dank Prison 24/150

Dank Prison

online dankprison.com

24/150 PrisonEconomySpigotSurvivalSMPPvP
IllusiveMC Survival

IllusiveMC Survival 22/40

IllusiveMC Survival

online IllusiveMC.com

22/40 PremiumSurvivalSMPMCMMOEconomyVanillaDiscordPvP

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
WildPrison # 1

# 1 WildPrison 196/500


online play.wildprison.net

196/500 BedwarsPrisonParkourMini GamesSMPPokemonSquid Game
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 # 2
46/200 PremiumAdventureMini GamesRaidingVanillaTownySMPModded
OakheartMC # 3

# 3 OakheartMC 25/70


online oakhe.art

25/70 SurvivalSpigotSMPDiscordEconomy
Silly smp {towerdefense}  {setbounties} # 4
0/20 PremiumSMPEconomyMini GamesRaidingMCMMOFactionsKitPvP
Explorers Bay - 1.17.1 # 5

# 5 Explorers Bay - 1.17.1 6/100

Explorers Bay - 1.17.1

online play.explorersbay.com

6/100 EconomyMCMMOSurvivalDiscordSMP
Citizens of Gaming # 6

# 6 Citizens of Gaming 0/500

Citizens of Gaming

online play.citizensofgaming.net

0/500 PremiumTownyMCMMOEconomyPvPSpigotSMPAdventure
Cygen Network # 7

# 7 Cygen Network 1/1000

Cygen Network

online mc.cygen.network

1/1000 PremiumSurvivalNetworkSMPDiscord
IllusiveMC Survival # 8

# 8 IllusiveMC Survival 22/40

IllusiveMC Survival

online IllusiveMC.com

22/40 PremiumSurvivalSMPMCMMOEconomyVanillaDiscordPvP
SkyPixel 1.8 - 1.17! # 9

# 9 SkyPixel 1.8 - 1.17! 29/10000

SkyPixel 1.8 - 1.17!

online play.skypixelmc.xyz

29/10000 PremiumPvESMPCrackedPvPMini Games
OreoMc # 10

# 10 OreoMc 16/250


online play.oreo.gg

16/250 SurvivalSMPVanillaSkyblockSquid Game
XCraft Survival # 11

# 11 XCraft Survival 6/50

XCraft Survival

online play.xcsurvival.com

6/50 SurvivalEconomyMCMMOPvESMP
VanillaMC # 12

# 12 VanillaMC 10/11


online play.vanilla-mc.com

10/11 EconomyPvEDiscordSMPBedrock
PuffleCraft # 13

# 13 PuffleCraft 3/50


online play.pufflecraft.com

3/50 SurvivalSMPEconomyPvEDiscord
LxgxndSMP # 14

# 14 LxgxndSMP 1/100


online LxgxndSMP.mcalias.com

1/100 SurvivalDiscordSMPCracked
HighMc # 15

# 15 HighMc 0/0


offline play.HighMC.org

0/0 SMPSkyblockMini GamesSurvivalDiscord

# 16 KMC NETWORK 0/0



0/0 Mini GamesHardcoreSMPCrackedRoleplay
CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1] # 17

# 17 CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1] 42/43

CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1]

online topmc.craftyourtown.com

42/43 TownySurvivalAdventureSMPSkyblockPixelmonPokemon
LifeSteal SMP # 18

# 18 LifeSteal SMP 0/0

LifeSteal SMP

offline LifeStealPublic.net

0/0 PvPSurvivalRaidingSMPAdventure
SMP Unlimited # 19

# 19 SMP Unlimited 12/100

SMP Unlimited

online smpultd.com

12/100 MCMMOSurvivalTownyEconomyParkourSMP
Blazeycraft # 20

# 20 Blazeycraft 0/50


online mc.blazeycraft.tk

0/50 SMPCrackedVanillaSurvivalPvP
Dank Prison # 21

# 21 Dank Prison 24/150

Dank Prison

online dankprison.com

24/150 PrisonEconomySpigotSurvivalSMPPvP
Heart Taker SMP # 22

# 22 Heart Taker SMP 0/0

Heart Taker SMP

online HeartTakerSMP95.aternos.me

0/0 SMPSurvivalPvP
Playblocks # 23

# 23 Playblocks 343/2000


online mc.playblocks.org

343/2000 SkyblockSurvivalBedrockSMPCreative
Vorps 1 # 24

# 24 Vorps 1 0/100

Vorps 1

online vorps1.secure.pebble.host

0/100 ModdedDiscordAdventurePvESMP
oasis # 25

# 25 oasis 0/0



0/0 Mini GamesPvPRoleplaySMPSkyblock

Minecraft Servers | Details

Bedwars / Prison / Parkour / Mini Games / SMP / Pokemon / Squid Game

Bringing a whole new OP Prison gameplay to reality, Wild Prison provides its players with the coolest custom features, making your journey easier and more entertaining by learning to use all the available perks and systems to your own advantage.

There are tokens, auto sell, upgradable pickaxes, lucky blocks and many more features you can unlock and use during your stay here, purchasing the greatest items available and exploring all those systems in order to prestige as fast as possible and start a new journey.

Since competivity is very important, there are daily events in which everyone can participate, with the chance to win some awesome rewards by proving your skills and ending up in the top places. You will also find frequent giveaways, where anyone can win free ranks and perk, increasing the fun you have here!

Join today, start your journey and explore the awesome community there, making new friends and proving yourself to everyone!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.wildprison.net

Server Details
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟
Adventure / Mini Games / Raiding / Vanilla / Towny / SMP / Modded

Discord: http://discord.advancius.net/

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network!

Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

We offer a 100% free rank and prestige system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: Factions, Creative Plots, Prison, Skyblock, Kingdoms, Semi-Vanilla Survival, several custom Minigames, and multiple events per month hosted by our staff!

Join Advancius today to find yourself immersed in addictive game-modes with a warm community ready to play, compete, and just have a good time. Be it fun, friends, or both, you are sure to find them in this ever-growing server!


Apply for Staff: https://www.advancius.net/apply

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip mc.advancius.net

Server Details
Survival / Spigot / SMP / Discord / Economy

Are you sick of servers with dictator staff? Do you ever feel like players aren't given a voice and feel ignored? Would you like to join a brand new community with a Player Council system that can influence real change on the server?

We are Oakheart - a survival server that promises you our absolute dedication to building the best community out there. We have the classic survival recipe of crates, economy, in-game ranks, homes... but also a bunch of gameplay twists that will spice up your community experience!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip oakhe.art

Server Details
Silly smp {towerdefense} {setbounties}
SMP / Economy / Mini Games / Raiding / MCMMO / Factions / KitPvP

This is a smp but with a lot of features to get your team up and fighting! Also people in the server are non toxic besides in war. There are minigames like

-kitpvp 1 map

-tower defense 6 maps

- survival games 1 map

- skywars 1 map

- tnt run 1 map

- tnt tag 1 map

You can create land and fight other lands after you go in war you get a shield like in clash of clans that make it so you do not get in wars after a war.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip sillysmp.apexmc.co

Server Details
Explorers Bay - 1.17.1
Economy / MCMMO / Survival / Discord / SMP

IP: play.explorersbay.com | Discord Link: https://discord.gg/d3kTuqR | Server Version: 1.17.1

Survival | SlimeFun | Quests | McMmo | and much more!

We provide an adventurous Minecraft experience with a relaxed and enjoyable environment, friendly community, and dedicated staff.

If you like to have fun and are looking for a casual game-play environment with events, fun and friends, then come check us out!

We are an economy based survival server that offers resetting resource worlds, quests, mcmmo, slimefun, jobs, ranks and levels, voting rewards, referral rewards and much more!

Come join us today!

Explorer's Bay Discord Invite Link: discord.gg/d3kTuqR

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.explorersbay.com

Server Details
Citizens of Gaming
Towny / MCMMO / Economy / PvP / Spigot / SMP / Adventure

Welcome to Citizens of Gaming! We're a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Towny, RTP, Set Homes, economy, and more!
[+] Free Fly Time
[+] LGBTQ* Friendly
[+] McMMO
[+] Multiple Sethomes
[+] Random Teleport
[+] Towny
[+] TPA / Player Teleport
[+] Free Ranks
[+] Economy Plugins
[+] Crates
[+] Shop
[+] Daily Rewards
[+] Always adding more to make it fun for players

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.citizensofgaming.net

Server Details
Cygen Network
Survival / Network / SMP / Discord

Welcome to Cygen Network!

We are a small community-based Minecraft network, we have more to come very soon! But, we host SMPs for some popular streamers that you can play alongside them. Our goal is to be a friendly welcoming community that you can be a part of.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip mc.cygen.network

Server Details
IllusiveMC Survival
Survival / SMP / MCMMO / Economy / Vanilla / Discord / PvP

IllusiveMC is a Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival Server. Our Server has features like MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more.

We are a community server, meaning that we take our member’s feedback to help improve the Server.

We support both Java Edition & Bedrock Edition, meaning our members can join on practically any platform. (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Console, you name it.)

The Server is also actively moderated by our staff team, so if you ever run into issues, whether it be with players on the server or with the server itself, they can help sort it out.

On top of that, the Server receives monthly updates that always bring something new & exciting, so you’ll never find yourself having nothing to do!

You can join our Discord Server to either learn more about the Server or interact with the Community.

Other Information:
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/hueBqTxhqz
Server Store - https://illusivemc.craftingstore.net/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Illusive_MC
Website - http://info.lllusivemc.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip IllusiveMC.com

Server Details
SkyPixel 1.8 - 1.17!
PvE / SMP / Cracked / PvP / Mini Games

Without hesitation, It's one of the best Minecraft Cracked Network with Special MiniGames !

• MLG RUSH | A Training Clutch and Bridging Game
• Knock FFA | A Training PVP, Clutch, and Bridging Game
• Arcade | 8 Arcade Games | Fun MiniGames
• Practice | Special and Smooth KB | Best Server to Train PVP
• GunsPixel | a FPS Best Game Experience

Version : 1.8x - 1.9x
Owners: Emb [ Walid ] - ItzTahaJxSpin [ Taha ] - Layin [ Peter ] - BranGamingMC [ Bran ]

Server Creator Location : Morocco
Server Actual Location : Germany

What are you waiting for to join our community ?
Join our server ip: ' play.skypixelmc.xyz '

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip play.skypixelmc.xyz

Server Details
Survival / SMP / Vanilla / Skyblock / Squid Game

🍪---OREOMC--- 🍪

OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience something that you cannot find anywhere else!

💻• Java And Bedrock support, we allow bedrock and java versions of Minecraft to connect to our server!

🌍• Survival SMP- Vehicles, World scale live map, clans, wars, claims, player shops

🍦•Vanilla SMP- plain survival, no claims, pvp,wars, clans

🚆• Tpa- allows you to teleport to friends.

💀• Death -Chests- Keeps your stuff safe from people stealing and your Stuff from de-spawning.

❌• NO RESETS- Your work is safe!

🌳• Spawn- We have a spawn full of activity; it includes shops,pvp,and a meeting place for all and its where you begin your adventure

🎮 •IP:play.oreo.gg PORT: 19132


Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.oreo.gg

Server Details
XCraft Survival
Survival / Economy / MCMMO / PvE / SMP

XCraft Survival is a server that seeks to recreate the feeling of an old-school community server with quality of life additions. We call these features Vanilla+, as they add changes to the game that do not require any wikis, resource packs, or difficult learning curves! Including tweaked crafting recipes, larger ender chests, custom enchants, and more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.xcsurvival.com

Server Details
Economy / PvE / Discord / SMP / Bedrock

- Survival create what you wont without the worry of the world being reset
- Grief Protection build without the worry of other player destroy what you have made
- Player Economy run your own shop and control the economy yourself
- Java Bedrock support play on any device you feel comfortable on all on the same server.


*** Bedrock users: play.vanilla-mc.com:19132

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip play.vanilla-mc.com

Server Details
Survival / SMP / Economy / PvE / Discord

PuffleCraft is a Community based Survival Server based on Ranks and Land Claims with a bunch of other goodies thrown in!
We Have Earnable Ranks that can be gotten by getting Money, Building Great Builds or Making Redstone Machines!
We are also looking for experienced volunteer staff with kind hearts!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.pufflecraft.com

Server Details
Survival / Discord / SMP / Cracked

Lxgxnd SMP

➥ Our created Smp with one goal in mind, to become the best one of the best smp server

What Do We Offer?
➞│Tons of Roles To Assign For
➞ │Easy Partnership
➞ │A Friendly Community
➞ │Free Self-Promotion
➞ │Professional Staff Members

What we're are looking for
➞ │Staff , Managers
➞ │Server Boosters
➞ │Community Members
➞ │Active Community Members

What are u looking for?

Join us:https://discord.gg/BaNMZGSnkV

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip LxgxndSMP.mcalias.com

Server Details
SMP / Skyblock / Mini Games / Survival / Discord

HighMC is a fresh, new skyblock server. We are proudly NON P2W.

We are always looking for new players to join us and have some fun. We have created this server as we believe the minecraft experience should be equal across the board. Not influenced by how much money you can throw at the game to give you an edge over the other player.

Minions - Set up a little buddy to mine, kill or farm for you!
Crates and pouches - Get rewarded for voting or completing quests
Mob Arena - Fight mobs in teams of 2 or 4 for in game rewards
Reward Token and crates - Get rewarded by spending your tokens
Quests - Complete quests for reward tokens to spend at the trader!
Ore Generator - Generate ores in your cobble gen
Auction house - Buy or sell rare or hard to get items

If you are interested, stop in and say Hi. we look forward to seeing you around!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.HighMC.org

Server Details
Mini Games / Hardcore / SMP / Cracked / Roleplay

Play and enjoy
This server lanunch in 20/10/2021
Please support us play withus also

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip KMC.PLAY-MINIGAMES.COM

Server Details
CraftYourTown - Towny [1.17.1]
Towny / Survival / Adventure / SMP / Skyblock / Pixelmon / Pokemon

What makes us unique?
🌎 Earth Map & Regular Overworld (Take your pick!)
🔋 Slimefun (Exactly like a modpack, but serverside, no downloads required!)
💸 Player-based Economy
⛏ Custom Items and abilities
🗺️ Dynmap Live Map (Virtual Map)
🧟 Custom Mobs (Custom Mobs will roam the wild!)
📗 Custom Enchantments
👿 The Demon Tower (Custom boss fights with armor upgrades as rewards!)
🙌 Daily Pinata Party event! (Punch the pinata for rewards!)
🔮 Player Warps and advertising slots
✔️ Custom Texture/Resource Pack
🤑 Custom Lottery
🏦 Custom Bank with interest (Free money!)
💷 Balanced Economy
👷 Balanced Jobs
🌆 Many Beautiful Towns to join
🗓️ Weekly Minigame Events for in-game rewards
🙌 Community Orientated (Have your say!)
🔫 Tons of Slimefun Add-ons (More mod-pack items!)
✨ Tiered Armor (Armor with rarities and enchants based on this)
⚒️ Custom Lucky Blocks with rarities (Achieved from breaking blocks, rewards based off rarity!)
🛒 Tons of Player Shops (Buy anything you may need!)
🏆 Leaderboard Room (Show the best of the best off at spawn!)
🐄 Golden Lasso (Lasso mobs into their respective egg form! Keeps all metadata)
🎄 Seasonal Serverwide Events
📚 A fully fledged Wiki with all the answers you need!
.. and that's just Towny. Skyblock will release later this year.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip topmc.craftyourtown.com

Server Details
LifeSteal SMP
PvP / Survival / Raiding / SMP / Adventure

The life steal smp, where you can steal people's hearts by killing them. Have fun trying to survive.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip LifeStealPublic.net

Server Details
SMP Unlimited
MCMMO / Survival / Towny / Economy / Parkour / SMP

One Beautiful World

We have a fully rendered custom generated world that will bring Towny and player creativity to new heights. No client-side lag, and no server-side lag. The most beautiful beaches you have ever seen, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and brought to life with lush forests to get lost in. All while still feeling like a Minecraft world.

Rethinking the Economy

The players drive the economy. No Admin shop, no P2W features. However, there is another, very important, agent in Advanced-Kind’s economy. The cities themselves. Towns will be able to choose from a variety of production centers to build and upgrade over time as their population grows.

An Open Community

We have a large and helpful community!


Bloated and impossible to navigate webpages/forums are a thing of the past. Enjoy the best elements of the community from the comfort of our Discord Server. Useful information, server-chat integration, public moderation record, ticketing system, fun minigames, and much more!

Our mission!

SMP Unlimited was envisioned by Minecraft veterans. We strive to provide an enjoyable SMP Community for people of all ages!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip smpultd.com

Server Details
SMP / Cracked / Vanilla / Survival / PvP

{ Blazeycraft }

Want a Brand New Minecraft Server with no block claiming? Well, I have what you're looking for!

---Server Information---
‣The server is running on Paper.
‣We have several plugins but don't worry, they are cool.
‣There will be no reset but cant guarantee that.

‣Good Discord Community
‣Corruption Free
‣Less Lag
‣Griefing is not allowed but stealing is allowed
‣Stealing is allowed (but not near spawn)
‣Trapping is allowed (but not near spawn)
‣No hacks
‣No Block Claiming
‣All ages
‣No Bad Word
‣Cool Semi-Anarchy Server
‣Spam Free Chat
‣More Features [Coming Soon]

Most importantly join the discord for more info in details.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip mc.blazeycraft.tk

Server Details
Dank Prison
Prison / Economy / Spigot / Survival / SMP / PvP

Dank Prison was Released January 1st 2018. I set out on a quest to create the best prison server possible. Realizing there was no good plugins I could just download I started creating my own. I work on server daily to improve existing code and implement new code to provide the Best Prison Experience

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip dankprison.com

Server Details
Heart Taker SMP
SMP / Survival / PvP

Life Steal is enabled on this server join if you think it would be FUN. Take hearts off people. Lose hearts.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip HeartTakerSMP95.aternos.me

Server Details
Skyblock / Survival / Bedrock / SMP / Creative

- A 1:500 replica of Planet Earth in Minecraft.
- A live map of the server map viewable online by clicking here.
- Upgradable tier rankups with perk rewards.
- 15 different skills to learn and upgrade.
- Over 900+ quests to explore and complete.
- 12 different jobs to work for and earn in-game cash.
- Earn in-game cash by selling items to villagers at our spawn marketplace.
- Sell your items to other players in the auction house.
- Enhance armor and tool efficiency by getting custom enchants with experience.
- Create your own shops in your land.
- Show off your creations to players in-game by making a player warp.
- Teleport to other continents by using our continental warp system.
- A brand new currency called PlayCoins that players can use to purchase crate keys and different in-game cosmetics. Playcoins are obtainable by supporting the server via donation.
- 6 amazing ranks that are obtainable by supporting the server via donation. 1 of those ranks can be secretly obtained...
...and so much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip mc.playblocks.org

Server Details
Vorps 1
Modded / Discord / Adventure / PvE / SMP

Are you looking for a new Minecraft experience?

Vorps is a Medieval Age/ High Renaissance-based pack with magic and tech elements, centered around MineFantasyII's creation of Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

MineFantasy II is an interactive alternative to Tinker's Construct.

Please make sure to read through the MineFantasy 2 Research Book, namely the "Getting Started" button that looks like a Book for more information about how to proceed.

Tech Advancement through the pack is utilizing MineFantasyII itself, Immersive Engineering, Forestry, Ancient Warfare 2, and other mods.

Magic Advancement is through ArcanaRPG, Thaumcraft, Project E, Witchery, Electoblob's Wizardry, and Blood Magic.

The player can also explore with MineFantasy II, delving into Ancient Forges, Ancient Altars, and Dwarven Strongholds, as well as Doomlike Dungeons, Roguelike Dungeons, and Better Dungeons (also known as Chocolate Quest).

Mobs such as zombies/ skeletons/ nether pigs have more chances to be wearing/ using MFII weapons and armor.

To those that have played Runescape, some of our users have remarked it has that feel to it, and it also feels a little bit like Life is Feudal.

A Whitelist is currently in place.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip vorps1.secure.pebble.host

Server Details
Mini Games / PvP / Roleplay / SMP / Skyblock

so this is a super fun minecraft server called oasis we have everything minigames roleplay big city duels parkour maze we just started only we keep working on it till we fall asleep so if you want to join our server you can if you want you can also help with the server if you want so join if you want and if you join you will have a nice time here at the oasis bdw server version now is 1.16.4 you can use minecraft versions from 1.7 to 1.17.1

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip

Server Details