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Minecraft Vanilla Servers

Rank Server Players Types
MineSeed - 1.18 Survival - FREE RANKS
56/300 PremiumSMPAdventureVanillaTownySurvivalRoleplay
TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival

TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival 192/300

TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival

online top.tulipsurvival.com

192/300 PremiumSMPVanillaTownySurvivalPvEParkourSquid Game

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival # 1

# 1 TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival 192/300

TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival

online top.tulipsurvival.com

192/300 PremiumSMPVanillaTownySurvivalPvEParkourSquid Game
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 # 2
29/200 PremiumAdventureMini GamesRaidingVanillaTownySMPModded
OreoMc # 3

# 3 OreoMc 56/250


online play.oreo.gg

56/250 SurvivalSMPVanillaSkyblockSquid GameBedrock
MineSeed - 1.18 Survival - FREE RANKS # 4
56/300 PremiumSMPAdventureVanillaTownySurvivalRoleplay
SGCraft # 5

# 5 SGCraft 15/420


online play.sgcraft.net

15/420 SurvivalSkyblockVanillaKitPvPCreative
IllusiveMC Survival # 6

# 6 IllusiveMC Survival 27/35

IllusiveMC Survival

online IllusiveMC.com

27/35 PremiumSurvivalSMPMCMMOEconomyVanillaDiscordPvP
Lifesteal SMP+ # 7

# 7 Lifesteal SMP+ 7/40

Lifesteal SMP+


7/40 PremiumSurvivalPvPFactionsPvEVanillaModdedSMP
Legions # 8

# 8 Legions 1/100


online mc.legions.me

1/100 SurvivalVanillaPvPRaidingFactionsDiscordSMP
AfriCraft Network # 9

# 9 AfriCraft Network 16/2021

AfriCraft Network

online play.AfriCraft.net

16/2021 SkyblockSurvivalVanillaBedwarsAmong Us
StellarMC # 10

# 10 StellarMC 8/500


online play.stellarmcnow.com

8/500 FactionsSkyblockSurvivalVanilla

# 11 KNIGHTWORLD 0/300


online play.knightworld.fr

0/300 EconomySurvivalDiscordPvPVanilla
ObiCraft Survival # 12

# 12 ObiCraft Survival 1/200

ObiCraft Survival

online MC.playobicraft.com

1/200 EconomyPvPVanillaTownySurvival
Amici In Game # 13

# 13 Amici In Game 0/100

Amici In Game

online AmiciInGame.mymc.cf

0/100 VanillaBedwarsMini GamesDiscordCracked



online mc.ynferno.com

11/500 SurvivalVanillaPvPEconomyCrackedSpigotNetwork
Pikouchu # 15

# 15 Pikouchu 0/1000


online play.pikouchu.com

0/1000 VanillaCreativePvPSurvivalMini Games
GloriousRealms # 16

# 16 GloriousRealms 1/150


online play.gloriousrealms.com

1/150 EconomyMCMMOPvESurvivalVanillaSMP
AbstractPvP # 17

# 17 AbstractPvP 0/500


online Play.AbstractPvP.net

0/500 FactionsVanillaEconomy
CatholicCraft # 18

# 18 CatholicCraft 5/250


online catholiccraft.net

5/250 VanillaSurvivalTownyPvEPvP
Vanilla Edge # 19

# 19 Vanilla Edge 44/420

Vanilla Edge

online vanillaedge.cf

44/420 VanillaSurvivalAnarchyFactionsCreative
Wolfx Survival # 20

# 20 Wolfx Survival 0/0

Wolfx Survival

online wolfxmc.org

0/0 EconomyMCMMOPvPSurvivalVanilla
[BobTopia] Strictly Towny # 21

# 21 [BobTopia] Strictly Towny 0/0

[BobTopia] Strictly Towny


0/0 TownyEconomySurvivalMCMMOPvPRoleplayVanilla
OGCraft # 22

# 22 OGCraft 0/50


online play.ogcraft.org

0/50 EconomyMCMMOPvESurvivalVanilla
💀 HalfastMC UHC Survival 💀 # 23

# 23 💀 HalfastMC UHC Survival 💀 24/25

💀 HalfastMC UHC Survival 💀

online play.halfastmc.com

24/25 HardcoreSurvivalDiscordVanilla
1.18 Creators SMP ┃VANILLA SMP # 24

# 24 1.18 Creators SMP ┃VANILLA SMP 5/50

1.18 Creators SMP ┃VANILLA SMP

online minecraftproject.com

5/50 SurvivalVanillaSMP
1.18 Survival Server - Creators SMP # 25
0/0 VanillaSurvivalSMP

Minecraft Servers | Details

TulipSurvival - 1.17.1 Survival
SMP / Vanilla / Towny / Survival / PvE / Parkour / Squid Game

TulipSurvival is a semi vanilla Minecraft Survival server with quality of life plugins to make your experience even better! You can play with your friends, make land claims, make towns, make player warps, buy & sell items to others and more!

Come join our welcoming community :>

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip top.tulipsurvival.com

Server Details
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟
Adventure / Mini Games / Raiding / Vanilla / Towny / SMP / Modded

Discord: http://discord.advancius.net/

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network!

Our goal is to provide a quality experience and good-natured community to players of all interests.

We offer a 100% free rank and prestige system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: Factions, Creative Plots, Prison, Skyblock, Kingdoms, Semi-Vanilla Survival, several custom Minigames, and multiple events per month hosted by our staff!

Join Advancius today to find yourself immersed in addictive game-modes with a warm community ready to play, compete, and just have a good time. Be it fun, friends, or both, you are sure to find them in this ever-growing server!


Apply for Staff: https://www.advancius.net/apply

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip mc.advancius.net

Server Details
Survival / SMP / Vanilla / Skyblock / Squid Game / Bedrock

🍪---OREOMC--- 🍪

OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience something that you cannot find anywhere else!

💻• Java And Bedrock support, we allow bedrock and java versions of Minecraft to connect to our server!

🌍• Survival SMP- Vehicles, World scale live map, clans, wars, claims, player shops

🍦•Vanilla SMP- plain survival, no claims, pvp,wars, clans

🚆• Tpa- allows you to teleport to friends.

💀• Death -Chests- Keeps your stuff safe from people stealing and your Stuff from de-spawning.

❌• NO RESETS- Your work is safe!

🌳• Spawn- We have a spawn full of activity; it includes shops,pvp,and a meeting place for all and its where you begin your adventure

🎮 •IP:play.oreo.gg PORT: 19132


Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip play.oreo.gg

Server Details
MineSeed - 1.18 Survival - FREE RANKS
SMP / Adventure / Vanilla / Towny / Survival / Roleplay

Mineseed is a unique and vanilla survival experience.

-Grief Prevention
-1.18 Caves & Cliffs
-Unique Quests Daily
-Navigation menus
-Spawner Changes
-Optimized performance; no lag experienced
-Nice player base
-Emerald Shops


Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip fun.mineseed.org

Server Details
Survival / Skyblock / Vanilla / KitPvP / Creative

Fancy a nice community for lots of exicting game modes? SGCraft is the place to be.
Features of the server:
Custom Monsters/Weapons/Dungeons Survival
Skyblock with Minions
Vanilla Survival
Factions on Earth Map

Join our discord today! https://discord.sgcraft.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.sgcraft.net

Server Details
IllusiveMC Survival
Survival / SMP / MCMMO / Economy / Vanilla / Discord / PvP

The Server can play on 1.18 versions but we are still in 1.17.1.

IllusiveMC is a Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival Server. Our Server has features like MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more.

We are a community server, meaning that we take our member’s feedback to help improve the Server.

We support both Java Edition & Bedrock Edition, meaning our members can join on practically any platform. (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Console, you name it.)

The Server is also actively moderated by our staff team, so if you ever run into issues, whether it be with players on the server or with the server itself, they can help sort it out.

On top of that, the Server receives monthly updates that always bring something new & exciting, so you’ll never find yourself having nothing to do!

You can join our Discord Server to either learn more about the Server or interact with the Community.

Other Information:
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/hueBqTxhqz
Server Store - https://illusivemc.craftingstore.net/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Illusive_MC
Website - https://illusivemc.net/

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip IllusiveMC.com

Server Details
Lifesteal SMP+
Survival / PvP / Factions / PvE / Vanilla / Modded / SMP

New Lifesteal SMP. 24/7 Online

if you kill someone you steal their heart! Get stronger, Slay more noobs and defeat boss mobs for very exclusive items. The mobs have alot of damage and health, So Kill them in teams or steal hearts to be able to defeat these rare mobsThe dynamic is to be like an mmorpg with the same feel as a Lifesteal server and vanilla minecraft. Everyone can enjoy this server.

Features: 10K Border , Lifesteal, Clans, Mobbosses, Custom enchants, And more coming soon!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z3EgMJ7n

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip

Server Details
Survival / Vanilla / PvP / Raiding / Factions / Discord / SMP

Welcome to legions! We are a semi anarchy survival server with custom mobs, an anticheat, custom resource pack, teams, and much more! we are so glad you came to check out legions, where everyone is welcome! Enjoy the pure semi anarchy experience you've all been waiting for! join now!

Discord: https://discord.me/legions

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip mc.legions.me

Server Details
AfriCraft Network
Skyblock / Survival / Vanilla / Bedwars / Among Us

Come join this Lit server!

We have Fun Gamemodes,
- Survival
- SkyBlock
- Vanilla
- Bedwars
- AmongUs
- More coming soon!

Come and see how lit this server actually is lol

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.5 server using the ip play.AfriCraft.net

Server Details
Factions / Skyblock / Survival / Vanilla

StellarMC (StellarMCNow)

Website: http://www.stellarmcnow.com
Discord: http://discord.stellarmcnow.com
IP: play.stellarmcnow.com

Here on StellarMC we provide quality gameplay. We are for sure a smally community.
But we have one of the best community out there.
We now support crossplay between Bedrock and Java!

We are currently running the following game modes.

Survival [1.17.1]
Unique Stellar Survival with lots of cool plugins. Such as: Petblocks, MyPets
Disguises, McMMO Rankups, Shop and Many more.
One of the best survival server out here.
Anti P2W

PvP Minigames [1.8.8 - 1.17.1]
Free for all, Survival Games, Skywars, SkyPvP.

TNT Games [1.8.8 - 1.17.1]
TNT Tag, TNT Run, TNT Lobbers

Knockback FFA [1.8.8 - 1.17.1]
Just jump and survive!

Practice PvP [1.8.8 - 1.17.1]
Multiple duel PvP modes to practice and improve your PvP skills.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip play.stellarmcnow.com

Server Details
Economy / Survival / Discord / PvP / Vanilla

Serveur survie 1.17 avec différents Warp (survie, spawn, pvp, nether, casino, farm), Staff à l'écoute. UN UPRANK PAR MOIS !! Rejoins nous !

🛡 - LandClaim (2000 Blocs de claim au départ)
⛏ - Spawner (Pioche à spawner + Spawner shop)
💲 - Economie (2500 Coins au départ)
📥 - Shop (Acheter des items contre des coins)
📝 - HDV (Vente entre joueurs)
📤 - Vente (Vendre des items contre des coins)
🎉 - UPRANK (un joueur aléatoire gagne un grade aléatoire une fois par mois)
🏆 - VoteParty (Event PVP + PerteStuffOff + DropItem + VoteBox)
🎁 - VoteBox (Spawner, Minerais, Coins, Gems, Blocs de claim, Key...)
💸 - Casino (Crate/Loterie/BoxKey/CoinsKey)
🌐 - Warp (Casino Event Farm Nether Rtp)
📣 - Warp Farm (exemple de Farm/Trieur acceptant les limites)
⚔ - PVP 1.8 (En survie ON entre 10h et 22h/Toujours ON au nether)
🔱 - Grade (Youtube Twitch Mythique Hero Elite Guide Sponsor)
⚒ - Kit (Mythique Hero Elite Guide Survie Claim)
⚠️ - Staff (Admin Membre.Staff Helper)
💰 - LivreurChest (vendeur automatique)
💳 - Store (Spawner rare, Skill, Key, LivreurChest, CommandeBonus, AutoCraft)
💳 - Boutique (Grade, ClaimBonus, Gems)

📛 A savoir! Tout avantage achetable à la Boutique ou au Store est obtenable dans les VoteBox et Grade obtenable durant des events en plus d'un UPRANK par mois. 📛

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip play.knightworld.fr

Server Details
ObiCraft Survival
Economy / PvP / Vanilla / Towny / Survival

ObiCraft is a CUSTOM SMP that strives to put its best foot forward and provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all of its players. ObiCraft strives to not only do this but to also provide an active and responsive staff team. We love to accept community suggestions and feedback too! Whether it's our custom items and armor that intrigues you or our ranks, come join us at mc.playobicraft.com! For more information, you can come visit our website: https://store.playobicraft.com/ and join our Discord community!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip MC.playobicraft.com

Server Details
Amici In Game
Vanilla / Bedwars / Mini Games / Discord / Cracked

Il server nasce con l'intento di dare agli appassionati di Minecraft già presenti sul nostro DISCORD ufficiale un posto dove poter giocare tutti insieme, in armonia e serenità! Un posto dove svagarsi con gli "Amici" in un clima quasi familiare... Il server da noi offerto, utilizza dei plugin per tutelare tutte le costruzioni del server da eventuali grief e/o problemi di altra natura che potrebbero distruggere o danneggiare il lavoro dei player del server...

Oltre al semplice Vanilla Puro, offriamo anche alcuni minigame (Per adesso abbiamo le BedWars, TNTGame e PaintBall, ma in futuro aggiungeremo altri minigame ;))

Se vi ho incuriosito, vi invito a raggiungerci sul SERVER!

L' IP è: AmiciInGame.mymc.cf
(per diversi motivi, il server NON rimarrà aperto costantemente... In oltre, per poter entrare è necessario entrare prima nel nostro SERVER DISCORD (che trovate qui sotto) così da farvi aggiungere in white list)


Nome Server: Amici In Game
IP Server: AmiciInGame.mymc.cf
Sito Web: [www.amiciingame.ga]
Discord Ufficiale: [https://discord.gg/hgXpdPnNAD]
Tipo Server: Vanilla/MiniGame
Versione Server: 1.17.1
Slot Massimi: 100
Modalità di gioco: Vanilla, BedWars, TNTGame, PaintBall, SquidGames, MurderMystery
Richiede gioco originale?: No, il server è per tutti, premium e non...

In caso di problemi contattami pure su discord: Francesco#7844


Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip AmiciInGame.mymc.cf

Server Details
Survival / Vanilla / PvP / Economy / Cracked / Spigot / Network

YNFERNO es una Network no-premium y premium inaugurada en agosto del 2021 con futuros planes de crecer y convertirse en una Network líder.

-Survival 1.17.1

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip mc.ynferno.com

Server Details
Vanilla / Creative / PvP / Survival / Mini Games

Pikouchu is a small and a simple Server with a good community, join and you will see 😄

🗿 - Build Battle
🛕 - Creative
🔪 - Murder Mystery
💎 - Vanilla

✅ - Cracked version accepted

📍 play.pikouchu.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip play.pikouchu.com

Server Details
Economy / MCMMO / PvE / Survival / Vanilla / SMP

1.17 SURVIVAL Free Fly, Ranks, and a crate key on join! Hey user! Welcome to GloriousRealms 1.17.X Survival! Themed to the Aztecs, this server has it all. This server is one of the best survival setups out right now, featuring » Custom Map » Land Claiming (No Griefing!) » Custom Plugins » Free Ranks » Custom Optional Texture Pack » Loving and Friendly Community If you are interested, check us out by joining the server at play.gloriousrealms.com or the discord at https://discord.gloriousrealms.com/ Thank you, and I can't wait to see you all online!

IP: play.gloriousrealms.com
Store: https://store.gloriousrealms.com

Land Claim
Player Shops
Free Fly
Free Ranks
Toggle PvP
Auction House
Silk Touch Spawners

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.gloriousrealms.com

Server Details
Factions / Vanilla / Economy

AbstractPvP is a classic factions server that has balanced economy, custom enchants, rankup process, cactus, melon, sugarcane, spawner and unique tree eco. Come join now to experience the AbstractPvP feeling and have fun with your mates

Connect to this Minecraft 1.8 server using the ip Play.AbstractPvP.net

Server Details
Vanilla / Survival / Towny / PvE / PvP

Welcome to CatholicCraft, the best Catholic Minecraft server out there!

Why you should join:

You should join because currently, we are a small community of all types of Christians and non-Christians, not just Catholic-Christians! Over 1000 people across the globe have joined this server already in five months of being up. Don't worry about not being a Catholic or a Christian; all types of people are allowed to join this server.

Now there is a disclaimer that has to be said. The server is a vanilla server but it does have plugins. The plugins that are on the server are to help it run lag free and also keep griefers/trollers from ruining a players experience by destroying one's builds, trying to use inappropriate language, etc. We also have ranks for players who decide they want to donate to the CatholicCraft server to help keep it running, improve hardware, or to even go beyond just a survival server and maybe even transform it into a server with multiple game modes. Right now we are very limited with resources since our team is still very small.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip catholiccraft.net

Server Details
Vanilla Edge
Vanilla / Survival / Anarchy / Factions / Creative

⛏ Both Java & Bedrock crossplay can join:

💎 IP: vanillaedge.cf | 🎁 Port: 25661
📃 We are a Long-term PURE Vanilla Survival server on good hardware. It's just Minecraft, the
way Mojang intended it to be played. Unlike all other vanilla survival servers, you actually
won't find any gameplay-changing plugins here!

• No p2w plugins

• No claims

• No resets

• No rules

• No Cheats

• Latest Version ALWAYS

💜 Join our Discord for memes and funnies: https://discord.gg/9QzHkQx

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip vanillaedge.cf

Server Details
Wolfx Survival
Economy / MCMMO / PvP / Survival / Vanilla

Wolfx Survival server
Server IP: WolfxMC.org
Support version: 1.12.2-1.18
Server website: https://wolfx.jp
*There are few rules and no OP

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip wolfxmc.org

Server Details
[BobTopia] Strictly Towny
Towny / Economy / Survival / MCMMO / PvP / Roleplay / Vanilla

BobTopia Towny/Anarchy

I made this server for players to do whatever they want, if they want to grief and explore then do so if they want to build together and team up then do so. I want this server to be your new home server come hang out and chill or come hang out and not chill. The server is hosted in Hawaii on a 64GB machine so there shouldn't be any server lag unless you are super far from us and have bad internet.

Founded 11-21-21



Main Features
Limited rules for a fun experience and roleplay
Anti Cheat
A balanced economy where players don't make millions in weeks
Role play plugins
Balanced MCMMO
Auction House
Staff who like suggestions

Fun Plugins

Quick Shop (Chest Shops)
Gsit (/Crawl, /lay, /sit)
Auction House

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17.1 server using the ip

Server Details
Economy / MCMMO / PvE / Survival / Vanilla

OGCraft is a BRAND NEW free-build survival server with toggle PvP!
The server features its own Player Market system, balanced McMMo, land claims and more!
The creators of OGCraft have known each other for over 5 years and have collectively over 30 years of Minecraft experience! OGCraft is centered around 3 main aspects which are building, farms, and player shops. These 3 aspects make a fun and enjoyable community and network of player engagement.

The server is heavily centered around what the community wants and is constantly updated with new features. That means the server always feels fresh!

Join now at IP: play.OGCraft.org

Join OGCrafts discord: https://discord.gg/uMNHtUK

Connect to this Minecraft 1.17 server using the ip play.ogcraft.org

Server Details
💀 HalfastMC UHC Survival 💀
Hardcore / Survival / Discord / Vanilla

The average player will NOT SURVIVE playing 5 minutes on THIS server!

The Minecraft server HalfastMC is an Ultra Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft Server - Hard Mode Survival with no natural regeneration. Players have to use potions, beacons, apples, etc to regenerate health. Monsters spawn more often and hit much harder.

Unlike other servers, players won’t be banned from the server after death. Commands like teleport are very limited, to add more of a challenge to your experience. The server is also very strongly against pay to win, so you won’t see any premium packages for overpowered items.

HalfastMC has a semi-active community, filled with people who have been active for many years, and some players that joined very recently. Most of the community is a mature audience, so join and chat at your own discretion. HalfastMC is the perfect place for players who love survival Minecraft but think it’s way too easy.

The server just started a fresh new map on update 1.17, so it’s worth checking out. Join the Discord community using this link: https://discord.gg/REGwfwRe6d , or play on the server now using the IP address play.halfastmc.com , or visit our website at www.halfastmc.com.

(This server is a direct descendant of DRAGONHOLLOW / Dragon Hollow - If you used to play there, we play here now!)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.7 server using the ip play.halfastmc.com

Server Details
1.18 Creators SMP ┃VANILLA SMP
Survival / Vanilla / SMP

1.18 Vanilla SMP Server | Vanilla Hermit Style Server | Vanilla Dream SMP Server | Vanilla Survival Server | hermitcraft seed server | 1.18 vanilla survivalMinecraft Private Vanilla 1.18+Currently PublicServer is less than a month oldMature, Mostly adult CommunityExtremely Vanilla & Geniuine feeling SMP experienceBasic anticheat/antigreif pluginsNo pay to win donation perks - All perks were voted in by communitysolid community, this is the home server for many of our players who come and go as they please, work on projects as they please, build farms and redstone as they pleasetnt duplication based redstone is ALLOWED (it is vanilla after all)Everything vanilla you are supposed to do in survival minecraft you can do on this server!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip minecraftproject.com

Server Details
1.18 Survival Server - Creators SMP
Vanilla / Survival / SMP

1.18 Vanilla SMP Server | Vanilla Hermit Style Server | Vanilla Dream SMP Server | Vanilla Survival Server | hermitcraft seed server | 1.18 vanilla survival
Minecraft Private Vanilla 1.18+
Currently Public
Server is less than a month old
Mature, Mostly adult Community
Extremely Vanilla & Geniuine feeling SMP experience
Basic anticheat/antigreif plugins
No pay to win donation perks - All perks were voted in by community
solid community, this is the home server for many of our players who come and go as they please, work on projects as they please, build farms and redstone as they please
tnt duplication based redstone is ALLOWED (it is vanilla after all)
Everything vanilla you are supposed to do in survival minecraft you can do on this server!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using the ip

Server Details