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Rank Server Players Types

Minecraft Servers

Rank Server Players Types
FearlessCraft # 1

# 1 FearlessCraft 0/100


online play.fearlesscraft.us

0/100 PremiumFactionsPvPRaidingDiscordHardcore
LunityMC Pixelmon # 2

# 2 LunityMC Pixelmon 9/1000

LunityMC Pixelmon

online play.lunitymc.com

9/1000 PokemonModdedAdventureSurvivalEconomy
PokeClash - Pixelmon # 3

# 3 PokeClash - Pixelmon 4/75

PokeClash - Pixelmon

offline play.pokeclash.com

4/75 PixelmonSurvivalMCMMOEconomyPokemon
Vuhx | Minecraft # 4

# 4 Vuhx | Minecraft 0/100

Vuhx | Minecraft

online Vuhx.net

0/100 PremiumNetworkPrisonPvEPvP
AnarchyNuke # 5

# 5 AnarchyNuke 0/25


online anarchynuke.net

0/25 AnarchySurvivalVanillaAdventureDiscord
OrbitMC # 6

# 6 OrbitMC 0/250


online play.orbitmc.net

0/250 PrisonPvPRoleplay
PokeLand # 7

# 7 PokeLand 208/209


online mc.pokeland.world

208/209 PixelmonSurvivalPokemon
AWPCraft [1.12.2 - 1.16.5] # 8

# 8 AWPCraft [1.12.2 - 1.16.5] 0/75

AWPCraft [1.12.2 - 1.16.5]


0/75 SkyblockSurvivalDiscord
AccretionFactions # 9

# 9 AccretionFactions 3/30


offline accretion.ga

3/30 FactionsKitPvPPvPSurvivalRaiding
Amazing SkyBlock # 10

# 10 Amazing SkyBlock 0/4

Amazing SkyBlock


0/4 SkyblockDiscordRaidingPvPPvE
Astrea # 11

# 11 Astrea 0/0


online astrea.tk

0/0 Mini GamesSkyblockSkywarsDiscord
AtlasPrison # 12

# 12 AtlasPrison 0/50



0/50 PrisonPvPParkourSurvival
Bapcraft # 13

# 13 Bapcraft 0/512


online bapcraf.tk

0/512 VanillaSurvivalTownyCreativeAnarchy
Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3 # 14

# 14 Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3 4/1000

Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3

offline mc.bytegaming.xyz

4/1000 PrisonFactionsSkyblockKitPvP
ByteMC - OP Prison # 15

# 15 ByteMC - OP Prison 4/1000

ByteMC - OP Prison

offline play.bytemc.net

4/1000 PrisonEconomyPvEPvP
Cat-City # 16

# 16 Cat-City 0/1500


online play.cat-city.xyz

0/1500 KitPvPMini GamesMCMMOBedwarsSkywars
CrusherNetwork # 17

# 17 CrusherNetwork 1/250


online play.crushernetwork.eu

1/250 SkywarsKitPvPSky FactoryPrison
Cryptoxia # 18

# 18 Cryptoxia 0/100


offline Cryptoxia.serv.gs

0/100 EconomyPvEPvPSkyblockDiscord

# 19 DELUSION 0/16


offline play.delusion.tk

0/16 EconomyPrisonHardcore
DragonCloud # 20

# 20 DragonCloud 0/1


online dragoncloud.mc.gg

0/1 PrisonEconomyPvP
EnderGamers # 21

# 21 EnderGamers 0/100


offline play.endergamers.com

0/100 SkyblockPrisonNetworkDiscordPvE
Endrium # 22

# 22 Endrium 0/0


offline play.endrium.fr

0/0 FactionsPvPDiscordEconomy
EnvisiEarth # 23

# 23 EnvisiEarth 0/100



0/100 TownyRoleplayEconomySurvival
Escape from Tarkraft # 24

# 24 Escape from Tarkraft 0/500

Escape from Tarkraft

online play.escapefromtarkraft.com

0/500 PvPNetworkMCMMOMini Games
Evolution Craft # 25

# 25 Evolution Craft 0/0

Evolution Craft


0/0 PixelmonEconomyPokemonDiscord

Minecraft Servers | Details

Factions / PvP / Raiding / Discord / Hardcore

FearlessCraft Factions is a cracked server in BETA, we have several classic plugins and custom ones too!
MC Versions:
you can connect with:
Recomended version: 1.12.2
* Combat:
We have a great combat tagging system
If a donor is flying, they will drop to ground if flagged too!
* Ranks:
We offer several free in-game ranks you can buy with in-game money with /rankup. We also offer paid ranks to help the server.
* Auction House:
Sell items to other players
* Spawners:(in-game rank mortal and above)
Mine with silktouch or explode them for 30% chance drop
* GenBuckets:(in-game rank king and above)
Builds walls for you for in-game $
* Crate Keys:
You can earn common keys by mining stone!
* Mines:
You can mine cool ores at /warp mine
* Custom Tools and items!
* BOSSES you kill them for keys
* Chunk Hoppers
* Raiding:
Obsidian: 10 durability
Bedrock: 20 durability
* Warps:
Mine,Nether,Boss1,Boss2,Boss3,Boss4,Boss5,Shop,Spawn,Rankup,Enchant,End,PvP,DShop,Vote, Info and more!
Other Info:
mobs/spawners: they will stack, if a stack of mobs is insta killed the whole stack dies

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.fearlesscraft.us

Server Details
LunityMC Pixelmon
Pokemon / Modded / Adventure / Survival / Economy

LunityMC is a friendly Pixelmon community that provides a modern and authentic Pokémon world to explore and begin your adventure as a Pokémon master. Your destiny is in your hands….
The easiest way to get started is by installing our Technic Pack here:
Server IP: play.lunitymc.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/3Q3yNBva
Website: www.lunitymc.com
- Friendly Community
- Naturally-spawning Shiny and Boss Pokémon
- A multitude of shiny and normal starters
- Level Up Tower Training Zone
- Pokemon Boss Raids [Solo and Team-based battles]
- Defeat Gym Leaders to get exclusive badges and rewards
- Type based Gym Leaders [NPCs Leaders/Bosses]
- Trivia [Answer Pokémon related questions for amazing rewards]
- Galarian area with boosted boss spawn rates and exclusive privileges!
- Pokédex Rewards
- Purchasable in-game Ranks, Cosmetics and Currency
- Sell Pokemon & Items to other players on a GTS system
- Buy Pokémon modifications with in-game Lunarites!
- Boosted EV Training Arenas

LunityMC offers all of these features and more!
Begin your adventure now with the IP: play.lunitymc.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.lunitymc.com

Server Details
PokeClash - Pixelmon
Pixelmon / Survival / MCMMO / Economy / Pokemon

Join us today for an awesome, unique Pixelmon experience!

We have things such as:

Custom Form Pixelmon!
Professionally created Custom Skins!
Custom Rankup system with Prestige!
Gifts menu to store and customize your Pixelmon!
Diverse Casino with INSANE Rewards!
Raid Bosses with CRAZY Drops.
Mini Games - Spleef, Crane Game, etc.
Daily Drop Parties
LuckyCapture - Each Pokemon you catch has a chance at turning shiny, having its HA or both!
Jobs with custom Missions updated daily!
Competitive Matchmaking with Elo Shop.
Legend Trade - Trade one of your legends away for a random one every 6 hours!
PokeCollector - Turn in a shiny that the collector is looking for for rewards!
Auction and GTS!
Catch Rewards!
Custom Achievements!
Custom Gyms
GriefDefender with almost 80k earnable claimblocks

Great, close knit community
and so much more!

You can find us on Technic: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pokeodyssey-official.1487880
Or on our Discord!: https://discord.gg/7ytcJb8

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.pokeclash.com

Server Details
Vuhx | Minecraft
Network / Prison / PvE / PvP

An upcoming Minecraft network with a multitude of game modes for the enjoyment of all types of Minecraft players. From casual game play to hardcore competitiveness, we have it all!
Our first server "Prison" [ver 1.12x - 1.16x] is currently in it's Beta Map release, lasting until June 4th, with it's official release date set on June 6th. Come join us as we release amazing features including a few never seen before custom enchantments, custom mobs and custom worlds!
Vuhx's Prison server has loads of content, including but not limited to:
* 500 levels
* Custom enchantments
* Pickaxe Levels
* Auto Miner
* Custom Mobs w/ custom loot drops
* Custom Worlds w/ their own story line, custom mobs and objectives.
* Balanced economy
* Sell Multipliers w/ custom item called multiplier shards which can be used to purchase better sell multipliers!
* Pickaxe Boosters w/ custom item called pickaxe booster powder which can be used to purchase better pickaxe boosters!
* End of season rewards for all participants. (Two payout types; one for users who've spent money on the server, one for users who haven't spent a penny on the server.)
* Much, much more! This is only a fraction of what we have to offer to our players.
* Prison is currently undergoing maintenance until April 16 to prepare for a large content release *

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip Vuhx.net

Server Details
Anarchy / Survival / Vanilla / Adventure / Discord

AnarchyNuke is a pure Anarchy Server with no /tpa and /sethome.
The server will have no resets in the future.
On AnarchyNuke you can:
- Hack
- Cheat
- Lie
- Steal
and more!
AnarchyNuke is a server that does not take any vanilla feature out of the game. We allow elytra's, dupes (ones not patched by nocheatplus) and other features of the game that do not work on some other anarchy servers.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip anarchynuke.net

Server Details
Prison / PvP / Roleplay

The best minecraft prison experience. Get ready to explore the cosmos join now @ play.orbitmc.net

Our server is full of custom features like minebombs, orbitupgrades, gangs ,cells and much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.orbitmc.net

Server Details
Pixelmon / Survival / Pokemon

Welcome to pokeland!
This is the most competitive pokemon server you will ever see!
Daily events !
We have player gyms,
elite 4,
paid tournaments
, and many more!
We also offer a lot of survival perks! You can make your own
player shops,
you can make your own towns
and more!

Come and stop by on mc.pokeland.world ! Have a great day !

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip mc.pokeland.world

Server Details
AWPCraft [1.12.2 - 1.16.5]
Skyblock / Survival / Discord

|| SPACE THEMED SKYBLOCK || CHEAP RANKS || OWNER IS YOUTUBER || NICE STAFF || 1.12.2 - 1.16+ || FUN || 99% CUSTOM CODED!! || /discord /store AND MORE ||

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip

Server Details
Factions / KitPvP / PvP / Survival / Raiding

Here at Accretion Factions we have recreated the Faction experience and have dedicated a server for OG players too enjoy OP Factions like the good old days and it will also be a inviting experience for new players to enjoy and create there own adventure here at Accretion Network!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip accretion.ga

Server Details
Amazing SkyBlock
Skyblock / Discord / Raiding / PvP / PvE

[EU] Skyblock – Avaloncs.group by G-portal.com

DDoS protection (serverlist slow refresh)
3 types of island
Island menu
Island skills
Market & shop
Fallen treasures

Visit our:
WEB: http://www.avaloncs.group
TS: ts3.avaloncs.group
DS: https://discord.gg/nDuNTC6

Best regards your Avaloncs team.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip

Server Details
Mini Games / Skyblock / Skywars / Discord

Şuanlık Açılmadık Yakında Açılacağız Discord Sunucumuza Gelmeyi Unutmayın Aşağıya Bakmayın

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip astrea.tk

Server Details
Prison / PvP / Parkour / Survival

Hello! We are a new Gaming Company that also has 2 Rust servers! Make sure to join the discord for a fun time!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip

Server Details
Vanilla / Survival / Towny / Creative / Anarchy

Experience a mostly-vanilla Survival, Creative and Anarchy Survival gameplay on Bapcraft. We're a small 1.12 server with 1.8 compatibility, minimal rules, and no Microsoft account required. Build, farm, adventure, PVP and chat with friends. Whether you're building a city, cultivating a massive farm, battling it out with other players or just hanging out, Bapcraft might be the perfect place for you!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip bapcraf.tk

Server Details
Byte Gaming 1.8 - 1.16.3
Prison / Factions / Skyblock / KitPvP

Byte Gaming is a unique Gaming network with multiple different game styles!

Some of the unique features:
- Skyblock
- OP-Prison
- OP-Factions
- Survival
- Annihilation

And much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip mc.bytegaming.xyz

Server Details
ByteMC - OP Prison
Prison / Economy / PvE / PvP

ByteMC is a unique prison server with multiple different ways to rank up besides mining!

Some of the unique features:
- Auto-Miner
- Custom Gangs
- Custom Enchants
- Dungeons
- Lucky Blocks
- Crystals
- Re-Roll Crates
- Fishing

And much more!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.bytemc.net

Server Details
KitPvP / Mini Games / MCMMO / Bedwars / Skywars

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.cat-city.xyz

Server Details
Skywars / KitPvP / Sky Factory / Prison

Crusher network

- = GameModes = -

Prison RP
a nice nice prison server but not your typical mine prison it is a real prison here you can fish, love to earn money you get higher in the corridors and also try to escape yourself

Not your typical skyblock server we are using generatos to create items minions, Mobcoins, Bosses, And a totally custom feature. they are not just mobs

This is also not your standard kitpvp server we have custom kits with custom enchant ments kill people and get xp on your items too enchant it is also possible to get kits if you kill people every kill has a chance to drop something good

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.crushernetwork.eu

Server Details
Economy / PvE / PvP / Skyblock / Discord

Skyblock Server with Slimefun and custom plugins. Trying to grow, come check us out if you have the time!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip Cryptoxia.serv.gs

Server Details
Economy / Prison / Hardcore

Delusion is a Minecraft Prison Server. We pride ourselves in providing a fair and balanced experience to our players.
Our online store offers balanced upgrades like Crate keys & Ranks Packs. We also have lots of fancy cosmetic Pets.
If you really want to support the server you can purchase Ranks, pets, crate keys, Feel free to explore the store
via the navigation bar at the top of this page. We hope you have a pleasant experience!

-Hope to see you in-game soon!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.delusion.tk

Server Details
Prison / Economy / PvP

Welcome to DragonCloud! We are an OP Prison server with many features such as:
- Custom enchantments
- Crates
- Cosmetic Items
- Plots
And much more!
Think you can get to the very top and reach freedom? Then come try at dragoncloud.mc.gg now!

We look forward to having you join us!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip dragoncloud.mc.gg

Server Details
Skyblock / Prison / Network / Discord / PvE

EnderGamers Network
SkyBlock / Prison
Cash prizes per month
Family friendly

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.endergamers.com

Server Details
Factions / PvP / Discord / Economy

Endrium est un PvP Faction moddé avec des particularité inédite tels que des ingrédients, minerais, stuff unique à Endrium. Une communauté agréable et grandissante. Un système d'économie avec des différents shops, des nouvelles façon d'attaquer les ennemies et bien d'autres surprises !

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.endrium.fr

Server Details
Towny / Roleplay / Economy / Survival

Qu’est ce que Envisiearth ?

Envisiearth est un serveur minecraft où tu peux vivre une expérience unique en vivant sur la terre.

Tu peux créer ta propre ville ou même ton pays pour devenir une des plus grandes puissances, déclarer la guerre aux autres, piloter des avions, des voitures et bien plus ! Si tu en as envie, tu peux même partir dans l’espace !

Nous laissons libre cours à l’imagination des joueurs pour leur permettre la meilleure expérience possible.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip

Server Details
Escape from Tarkraft
PvP / Network / MCMMO / Mini Games

An Escape from Tarkov experience built to perfection for your raiding pleasure. We have 1:1 Scales of real Escape from Tarkov maps which currently include Factory, Resort from Shoreline and Interchange (WIP-35%) with all other locations on the roadmap! Along with our amazing maps we also bring you an amazing server to go along with it. We have guns, explosives, and more all at your fingertips when you play ESCAPE FROM TARKRAFT! Inside the server you can go into a raid solo or with a squad, but remember, if you die in raid, all your items in your inventory are LOST and you will go back to your hideout where you can gear up for your next raid. If you escape your raid you will be able to keep ALL items you got whilst scavenging, which you can bring back to your hideout for safe keeping. We have custom plugins, mods and maps to make the experience one of a kind. So, what are you waiting for? Download this pack and join on in! The Scavs are waiting for yah! ;)

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip play.escapefromtarkraft.com

Server Details
Evolution Craft
Pixelmon / Economy / Pokemon / Discord

Welcome to Evolution craft. We are a newly formed server having another shot at creating an amazing Pokemon community. Our specialised team are catered to be able to help you out in your journey and ensure you have the best possible time with us. Alongside the server we have a discord server where you can communicate and bond with our community as well as getting in closer touch to get any help needed. While we strive to keep our server under constant improvement and renovation to keep it in top condition we are looking to take on board player input as players themselves are what we value most here at Evolution craft and we hope you can join us as part of our family here.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.12 server using the ip

Server Details